Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Liz Hahn - President, Secretary

President | Tait Corporation

Charity Burrell - VP & Web Development

Business Process Manager | Bergelectric Corp.

Lawson James - Vice Chair

Managing Partner | Horizon Projects Consulting Group

Rob Kennedy - Coordinator

Co-Founder of Rapid Rec | Director of PASO Consulting

Yugwan Mittal - Coordinator

Managing Partner | Projects Expert

Wendy Lamar - Coordinator

Senior Consultant | Project Partners

Ming He - Coordinator

Principal Consultant | MillerIT Inc.

Oracle Contacts|

Craig Rawnsley 

Support Contact

Duties include interacting with board members to improve SIG member’s knowledge of tools and tips for improving the support experience.

Timothy Hricko

Development Contact

Duties include working with the Development Liaison to ensure ERs are correctly handled by Oracle development.