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Meeting Frequency

Meetings will be convened as follows: At a minimum, a meeting of the Oracle Projects SIG will be held at each annual Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group COLLABORATE conference. In addition, SIG meetings may be held at each annual Oracle OpenWorld conference. Geographical or special topic meetings may be held outside of the annual conferences. These meetings must be coordinated and sanctioned by the elected officers of the Projects SIG.

Meeting Goals

Promote networking among Oracle Projects implementers/users. Use panels to introduce topic, but provide ample time for audience questions, comments, and answers by panel members.

Our Next Meeting

Our next SIG Meeting will be held at COLLABORATE20. Details on Calendar & News page.

Oracle Communities

Whether you're a customer, a developer, a partner, or just someone who's interested in Oracle products and technology, Oracle offers you a range of ways to get involved and be heard. Explore Oracle's well-known global communities,including OTN, OPN, and Oracle User Groups—as well as newer fast-growing communities based on social media including the new Oracle Wiki and Oracle Mix. Click here to get started.

My Oracle Support Communities

To find out more about Oracle Projects or other Oracle Applications, visit the My Oracle Support Communities Page. My Oracle Support trusted community can help you get answers and advice quickly and efficiently from a variety of business and technical perspectives.

The discussions are monitored by Oracle Experts to ensure that you are getting the right information and that the information is complete.

To gain access, you just need to go to or click here.Create an account if you don't already have one and then click on the link above to go directly to the communities page.

Oracle Technology Network

Oracle Technology Network is the world's largest community of developers, admins, and architects using industry-standard technologies in combination with Oracle products. You can download software that includes JDeveloper tools, Java Clients, the Oracle Database, etc. from this site. You also can download documentation and Critical Patch Updates.

Click on the link above and explore what is at your fingertips.