About the India OATUG


Our mission is to represent the interests of Oracle Applications Users in India in securing the optimum use and ongoing development of the Oracle Applications products, in particular:

  • To provide a forum for the sharing of information and experience on the selection, implementation, and effective use of Oracle Applications products.
  • To maintain a mechanism for establishing, and communicating to Oracle Corporation, users' collective priorities for the future development direction and enhancement of Oracle Applications products, with the objective of ensuring their continuous improvement.
  • To maintain a robust and effective worldwide communications channel with Oracle Corporation regarding the Applications.
  • To promote the optimum benefit-in-use of Oracle Applications by supporting education and training programs and events associated with their use; and through conferences, publications, and electronic meeting places dedicated to the Oracle Applications products.
  • To have a specific focus for India Localization provided in Oracle Applications Products.


Article I: Name of Organization

The India Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group, also known as IndiaOATUG, is a not-for-profit organization.

Article II: Purpose & Objectives

General Purpose: The general purpose of India OATUG is to create a community of Oracle Applications users in India who desire to have effective and efficient usage of Oracle Applications and India Localization features and seek continuous improvements in their investments in Oracle Applications.

Specific Purposes: Within the context of the general purpose, the organization shall provide an organized environment to -

  • Influence future development, direction and enhancement of Applications and India Localization Functionalities
  • Disseminate Oracle’s news, plans and intentions on Oracle Applications and India Localization
  • Exchange ideas, solutions, knowledge and experience

Article III:


Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Oracle EBS with no dues for membership.

Article IV: OATUG Affiliation In order to maintain its affiliation with the OATUG in good standing, India OATUG will:

  • Provide the OATUG with properly filled-up Group Affiliation Forms on an annual basis, or as required.
  • Subscribe to the OATUG Geo/SIG Membership Application so that OATUG can obtain members list directly or alternately provide an updated members list on an annual basis.
  • Promote OATUG Membership and ongoing relationship development between group members and OATUG.
  • Conduct at least two meetings per year with at least 10 members present.
  • Maintain group records and meeting minutes in accordance to by-laws.Article V: Elected Officers

IndiaOATUG will be led by a Board of three (3) members, who will be elected by the general membership.  

Chair and Co-Chair (Group Coordinators)

The Chair and Co-Chair would represent India OATUG. The Chair and Co-Chair are responsible for developing and implementing by-laws for the group.  In this capacity, they are expected to follow all OATUG Policies and Procedures and ensure that the group maintains their good standing with the OATUG.  Additionally, the Chair and Co-Chair would be responsible for developing volunteers for the group as we as general group administration and maintenance.  The Chair and Co-Chair must be an OATUG member.

Other Board Members

Other Board Members may be assigned specific roles by the Chair and Co-Chair. For example, in the role of Treasurer, one would oversee receipt, maintenance, and disbursement of all funds of the group. The Secretary would be recording and documenting information discussed and decided upon at all meetings, publishing meeting minutes, managing the action item list, and maintaining the membership lists. The Communications Manager would manage external communication on behalf of the IndiaOATUG including maintenance of the web site, newsletter and other channels.

Article VI: Board Member Policies and Contingencies

[a] In the event of a vacancy on the Board for any reason, the said position shall be filled by appointment of the Chair and Co-Chair for the balance of the term.

[b] The Board will comprise of users of Oracle Applications and/or consultants providing services around Oracle Applications.

[c] Each member will be fully responsible for upholding the OATUG rules