Board of Directors

Board of Directors



  • Lead Direction of GEO
  • Recruit Leadership Team
  • Schedule Leader Meetings / Publish Meeting Minutes
  • Coordinate and Assist Volunteers

PSFT SIG Coordinator

Co-Geo/SIG User Group Liaisons

Ganesh Kumaran, IQVIA

Board Members-At-Large



Get Involved

There is no shortage of opportunities for you to get involved – just jump right in!

    • Attend Geo/SIG Events
    • Volunteer
    • Suggest
      • Oracle Product Enhancements
      • SIG Enhancements
        • What would you like to see from the group?
        • Topics for conferences call
        • Topics for Web Based Product Presentations

        Suggestions? E-Mail Us

Domain Leads

Meet Your Domain Leads

Our DOMAIN LEADS provide a strong combination of product expertise as well as deep practical knowledge of the value behind the solutions that the SIG users have in place. As part of the OATUG SIG team, they are our "go to" resources when it comes to their respective specialty. Whether its a matter of approving content, providing content, or sharing feedback, these folks are in place to step up on an as needed basis. We're excited and proud to have this team affiliated with our SIG.

Shanker Kundeti
EBS Financials and India Localizations Specialist

Krishna Mohan
EBS Projects Specialist with EPC Domain

Naresh Edupuganti 
EBS Techno Functional Specialist in Developer Suite, FMW, OAF/ADF

P V Rao
EBS Techno Functional in Developer Suite, OAF/ADF and India Localizations