About Us

About Oracle’s OTM (Previously G-Log’s GC3)

Bbout the Orale Transportation Management SIG

The combination of Oracle and G-Log’s respective products is expected to enable a Logistics Hub solution— an integrated offering, helping customers in all industries address critical logistics and information requirements across global supply chains. G-Log’s proven transportation management solutions combined with Oracle’s leading technology infrastructure and existing ERP and supply chain applications, provides the  seamless solution necessary for the lean enterprise.

Prior to the acquisition, G-Log’s flagship product GC3 (Global Command and Control Center) was a recognized leader in global logistics software. GC3 is a best-in class solution for complex logistics networks with multiple tiers, business units, geographies, modes, logistics service providers and large transaction volumes. GC3 enables new levels of collaboration for shippers, consignees, third-party logistics providers, carriers, and freight forwarders who need to manage freight operations in a multi-client environment – across the country or around the world. GC3 represents an advanced logistics management solution with its powerful union of technology innovation and infrastructure.

Our Strategy

bronner strategy graphic2The OTM SIG has developed a unique forum to incorporate the strength of the TMS tool and the knowledge base of our diverse business groups. Together we will share configuration ideas and promote an opportunity for independent success and growth.

Our Goal is to Help Each Other

  • Enhance their skills by sharing technical and functional ideas – created for users by users.
  • Increase the technical advantage of their business or organization
  • Boost their individual marketability
  • Gain access to a growing network of peers for collaboration and information exchange
  • Collectively voice opinions to Oracle about their products, services and policies.

Information and Education

Collective Brainpowergoal
By sharing our success and failures, we will find solutions for one another. Initially, we anticipate monthly meetings via the phone or web. Meetings will begin with specific subject scope; however we will conclude each meeting with an open forum for hot issues of follow up questions


  • Member Directory – We are building a community of support.
  • Discussion and Forums – Post a question and get FREE help and feedback from your peers.
  • Global Community – Strategically, we are a team of users from around the world.
  • Meet the Expert – We will open the forum to Oracle associates for updates and learning sessions.