Bylaws (version November 2014)


The OTM SIG abides by OATUG’s bylaws and policies. The articles below describe the specific bylaws for the OTM SIG.


Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) SIG

  • Membership: Includes a variety of client and consultancy participants.  The dynamic nature of the tool enables various modes and methods of transportation.  Clients include shippers, 3PL and 4PL, and Freight Forwarders.
  • OTM SIG information will be posted to the OATUG OTM SIG website and available for all members to download and post to their individual sites.
  • A resources tab will be available on the OATUG OTM SIG website that has a link to all forums that meet specified guidelines as determined by the board.
  • The board shall appoint an individual board member to be the contact person for all consulting company issues or concerns
  • The bylaws will be reviewed and updated at the end of each term.

OTM SIG Board Organization

  • The OTM SIG Board positions were revised as of November 2018, reflect the following available board seats to include: 9  Client positions, 3  Partner/Consultancy positions, 1 Technology Partner position, 1 Oracle Americas Liaison, 9 APAC/EMEA Client positions, 3 APAC/EMEA Partner/Consultancy positions, 1 APAC/EMEA Technology Partner position, 1 Oracle Regional Liaison
  • Board Chair is elected by the OTM SIG board following each election.  Preference will be given to a board member that has served at least one year.  In the best interest of the OTM SIG and in order to maintain the focus of the user based community, the chair role is limited to client candidates.
  • APAC/European positions will be mentored to begin an outreach in the APAC/European regions in order to gain a global presence with the OTM SIG.

OTM SIG Board Guidelines

  • Both Partner/Consultancy and Oracle Liaison role are non-voting positions.
  • Oracle liaison will assist the board as requested.
  • Board meetings will normally be held each Friday at 11:00 pm eastern standard time.
  • Board positions are granted to an individual not a company and may not be substituted by individual board members.
  • In the event the chair is unable to meet specified requirements, the board will appoint a new chair to fulfill those requirements through the end of the term.
  • In the event a board member is unable to hold their position the voting results will be consulted and the person for the vacated role with the next highest results will be invited to join the board.
  • In the event board member transitions to a new company; the board member will have 90 days from the time of vacating their company to secure a position that meets the board member criteria.  If a new position is not secured, the voting results will be consulted and the person for the vacated role with the next highest results will be invited to join the board.  The balance of client/consultancy must be maintained at all times.

Electoral Process

  • The electoral process will follow the guidelines set by OATUG; Elections to be held every year with alternating expiring seats.  The election process will be fully managed by OATUG in compliance with OATUG bylaws.
  • Elections will be held annually with– 3 client seats and 1 partner/consultancy seat will become available annually in each region. Every 3 years – 1 technology seat per region will become available.
  • Partners/Consultancies may hold only 1 seat per legal entity per region
  • Clients may hold a maximum of 1 seat per legal entity per region
  • Client end-users of OTM are eligible to vote and must be an OTM SIG member through OATUG before elections to receive a ballot.
  • Oracle will have one liaison present on the board to be appointed by the Oracle OTM Product Leadership team per region.