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  • OTM SIG Election Results

    2023 Board of Directors Election Results Announced
    The OTM SIG Board consists of elected directors and Oracle Liaisons from around the world, split in two regions: 10 positions for Americas and 10 for EMEA/APAC. Board Members represent OTM Clients, and the Board Chair is chosen by the Board Members for both regions. Associate Board Members represent OTM Consultants and Technology Partners.

    Thank you to all who participated in the 2023 OTM SIG Board election as candidates and as voters in the election that concluded earlier this month.
    Congratulations to the 2023 Board of Directors:

    Americas Client Board Members
    Just elected:
    • Carrie Kaup, Land O'Lakes Inc. (through 2025)
    • Malcolm Goodfellow, Ruan Transportation (through 2025)
    • Rick Devore, Darigold, Inc (through 2025)

    Returning (mid-term):
    • Donna Lyle, General Motors (through 2023)
    • Misha Lulla, Western Digital Corporation (through 2024)
    • Chirag Patel, Penske Logistics (through 2023)
    • Ruchir Srivastava, Starbucks Coffee Company (through 2024)
    • Ryan Troutman, Kuehne Nagel (through 2023)
    • Travis M. Ward, MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc. (through 2024)

    Americas Partner/Consultancy Board Member
    Just elected:
    • Jai Shahpuri, KSAP Technologies (through 2025)

    Returning (mid-term):
    • Manoj Turlapati, Accelalpha (through 2024)
    • Pam Vivio, Inspirage (through 2023)

    Americas Technology Board Member
    Just elected:
    • Heather Lee Brown, Freight Verify (through 2025)

    EMEA/APAC Client Board Members
    Just elected:
    • Dirk-Jan de Ruiter, Unilever (through 2025)

    Returning (mid-term):
    • Genevieve Collyn, Kuehne Nagel (through 2023)
    • Vladimir Teterev, Russian Post (through 2023)

    EMEA/APAC Partner/Consultancy Board Member
    Just elected:
    • Chris Turley, Flo Group (through 2025)

    Returning (mid-term):
    • Giovanni Lovo, Oracle Consulting (through 2023)
    • Nikhil Gupta, Inspirage (through 2024)

    EMEA/APAC Technology Board Member
    Just elected:
    • Robert Recknagel, flexis (through 2025)

    Board Oracle Liaison
    • Chris Peckham (Americas)
    • Lourens Andriesse (EMEA/APAC