OTM User Conference APAC

2019 OTM User Conference APAC


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Gittoes.jpg Derek Gittoes
VP Logistics Product Development, Oracle
diego-pantajo-navajas-75px.jpg Diego Pantoja-Navajas
VP WMS Product Development, Oracle
srini-rajagopal-75px.jpg Srini Rajagopal
Sr. Director Logistics Development, Oracle
jim-mooney-75px.jpg Jim Mooney
VP Logistics Development, Oracle
sunil-bansal-75px.jpgSunil Bansal
IT Solutions Manager, Keysight Technologies
person.png Yatin Raval
Project Manager, Tetra Pak
ruchee-seth-75px.jpg Ruchee Seth
Business Project Manager, Apollo Tyres
sayed-al-sayed-75px.jpgSayed Al-Sayed
Supply Chain Manager, Nahdi Medical
anushila-guha-75px.jpgAnushila Guha
suhel-md-75px.jpgMohammed Suhel
veerendra-patil-75px.jpgVeerendra Patil
Schneider Electric
bhima-sonti-75px.jpgBhima Sankaram Sonti
GE Power
ashok-mishra-75px.jpgAshok Mishra
GE Power
person.pngSaravana Kumar
GE Power
person.pngDevaraju Holenarasipur
Raghuram.jpgKrishna Mohan Raghuram
ashok-kalidindi-75px.jpgAshok Kalidindi
muthu-bala-75px.jpgMuthu Bala
robert-recknagel-75px.jpg Robert Recknagel
VP Manufacturing & Logistics, flexis
indraneel-chakraborty.jpg Indraneel Chakraborty
Sr. Solutions Manager, Inspirage
sachin-jonda-75px.jpg Sachin Jonda
Sr. Technical Support Engineer, HERE
lalit-balwani-75px.jpg Lalit Balwani
Sr. Principal Consultant, Inspirage
shivendra-singh-75px.jpgShivendra Singh
Technical Support Manager, HERE
pabitra-pradhan-75px.jpg Pabitra Pradhan
OTM Consultant, Infosys
lakshmi-padileti-75px.jpg Lakshmi Padileti
Founder, Srujan Technologies
kamal-gupta-75px.jpg Kamal Gupta
Sr. Principal Consultant, Accelalpha
chinmaya-das-75px.jpg Chinmaya Das
Practice Director, Accelalpha
nishant-kumar2-75px.png Nishant Kumar
lokanadhachari-75px.jpg LokanadhaChari Kattamanchi
Tech Mahindra
shan-muthuvelu-75px.jpg Shan Muthuvelu
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2019-apac-sig-promo-video-thumbnail.pngThe OTM SIG Board proudly organises the OTM User Conference APAC on September 4-6, 2019. Key representatives from OTM and WMS Strategy and Development will attend this conference, and various partners in OTM’s ecosystem will sponsor. This conference is an addition to the yearly OTM User Conferences in Philadelphia, and Amsterdam. Please note that there will not be an OTM Conference in Singapore in 2019.

The event is designed to bring together users and potential users of the OTM and WMS software to share knowledge, ideas and experiences. With an expected attendance of more than 150 people, this event will be the perfect place to find answers to your questions, meet with Oracle representatives and collaborate on ideas for future upgrades.

Companies that are expected to attend are: Mahindra Logistics, Asian Paints, Allanasons, Apollo Tyres, Bharti Airtel, Cummins, GSK, Hindustan Coca Cola, Jubilant Food, Star Cement, Kirloskar Pneumatics, Reckitt Benckiser, Indus Towers, Marico, Mondelez, Unilever, GE Digital, GE Appliances, Kuehne + Nagel, TVS, Autobindo Pharma, Accelalpha, HERE, Flo Group, Inspirage, Infinite, Infosys, KPIT, Srujan, KSAP, Tech Mahindra.

Please visit the websites of our 2018 APAC Conferences in Singapore and Bangalore.

Please contact us on boardadmin@otmsig.com



 5:00 PM: Opening Reception
Please register at the OTM SIG Conference desk. You may be asked to show your registration confirmation email.


8:00 AM: Registration
Please register at the OTM SIG Conference desk. You may be asked to show your registration confirmation email.

9:00 AM: Conference Opening by OTM SIG Board (Paritosh Mangrulkar)
Official opening of the OTM SIG Conference in India.

  9:10 AM: Platinum Sponsor Presentations by ITOrizons

9:20 AM: OTM / GTM Product Release Update by Jim Mooney (Oracle)
This session will provide an overview of the key features provided in the latest releases of Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) and Global Trade Management (GTM) Cloud. This session will also cover release timing, Cloud process changes and updates to OTM / GTM technology.

  10:10 AM: Platinum Sponsor Presentations by Srujan Technologies

10:30 AM: Mid Morning Networking Break
Break takes places in the Exhibit Hall

10:50 AM: Successful migration from Amber Road to GTM Cloud and the benefits by Sunil Bansal (Keysight Technologies) and TBD (Accelalpha)
Trade compliance for the global enterprise has never been more challenging than it is today. Learn how Keysight technologies has achieved significant benefits by replacing their legacy on-premise trade compliance application with Oracle GTM Cloud. Some examples of benefits achieved are: reduced cost of ownership, improved user experience, elimination of painful upgrades, and improved performance. Keysight's GTM Cloud implementation is complex, enterprise-wide, and is used to manage compliance, content, and customs. It includes integration with AES, EU reporting, brokers, Oracle EBS, and a number of Keysight boundary applications.

10:50 AM: HERE Platform for Oracle Transportation Management by Sachin Jonda & Shivendra Singh (HERE)
HERE is the only supplier of current, off-the-shelf global content that provides geographic data conforming to Oracle standards for geocoding, mapping and routing. It uses Oracle Spatial & Graph for managing and processing the HERE Map data. HERE Location Services come preconfigured and pre-integrated into Oracle Transportation Management (End user/integrator adds license keys, URLs). Can be used with OTM Cloud or OTM On premise.

11:35 AM: Break
Break takes places in the Exhibit Hall

11:40 AM: Shipment planning Simulator by Mohammed Suhel (Unilever)
It is a continuous effort to reduce the gap between plan shipment vs actual shipment executed. So we in Unilever come up with a custom tool for doing “what-if” scenarios before planning to facilitate No-touch planning ambition. Every region has different expectation from TMS to meet their business requirement. This will empower our planner to take decision based on utilization, cost, number of trucks, route and service time.

11:40 AM: Logistics 4.0 – getting the extra value out of transport logistics by integrating advanced optimization techniques into decision processes by Robert Recknagel (FLEXIS AG)
In the past, the optimization of transport logistics has been highly segmented. Where strategic, tactical, and operational planning have been dealt with as distinct and separate entities, companies have suffered from siloized decision-making and a lack of transparency, leading to decisions made on incomplete information. Decision-makers must realize that these different planning dimensions actually represent parts of the same whole that need to be interlinked in an integrated planning funnel to avoid bottlenecks, decision-making siloes, and inefficiencies. The combination of end-to-end supply chain planning solutions with the operational execution of OTM as strong TMS will allow customers to outperform in their logistics performance.

12:25 PM: Networking Lunch
Lunch takes places in the Exhibit Hall

1:25 PM: Platinum Sponsor Presentation by FarEyes

1:35 PM: Oracle WMS Cloud and Our Plan for Logistics Execution by Diego Pantoja-Navajas (Oracle)
The warehouses of the future will go beyond kitting, slotting, and shipping. In a world where shrinking cycle times and reducing operating costs are table stakes - the warehouse of the future will reduce operational costs, accelerate cycle times, and connect businesses to the data and intelligence flowing through their facilities. Come see how the Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality and Machine Learning, and Autonomous Databases are being used today to drive innovation in fulfillment execution.

2:25 PM: Break
Break takes places in the Exhibit Hall

2:40 PM: Enabling end to end supply chain processes using PaaS and OTM by Ruchee Seth (Apollo Tyres)
Apollo Tyres (ATL) had embarked on a journey to implement logistics solutions to cover its entire supply chain in India. This includes primary, secondary movements between plants, RDC’s and ABU’s as well as exports. ATL selected a solution comprising of OTM, custom built PAAS solution, visibility aggregator all integrated by SAP PI. The solution developed has gone live at Chennai plant and multiple RDC’s. The solution covers dispatch, indenting for trucks, generating pick lists, gate control for trucks, integration with SAP for document generation followed by freight settlement for all deliveries made. The solution provides real time visibility to all stake holders and external entities. Rate upload tool was built to ease the process of rate additions and up-dations. Freight Settlement process completes the process with solutions like e-LR and vendor self-billing being evaluated.

2:40 PM: Enrich OTM with Scan to Load process by Lakshmi Padileti (Srujan Technologies)
This session explains “how to overcome the pallet / carton level visibility by assigning the RFID” by enhancing the OTM.

  • Standard OTM possibilities to assign RFID & tracking / reporting.
  • Enhancing OTM to enable the scanning process in OTM.
  • Real time RFID assignment to the pallet / carton.
  • Usage of offline / online bar code scanners.
  • Ability to validate the shipment information against inventory exists outside of OTM.
  • Error handling ex, mis-match of the planned versus actual quantities, variance of items loading, etc.

3:25 PM: Afternoon Networking Break
Break takes places in the Exhibit Hall

3:55 PM: Nahdi Medical’s Omnichannel Transformation by Sayed Al-Sayed (Nahdi Medical)
True Omnichannel shopping extends from brick-and-mortar locations to mobile-browsing, e-commerce marketplace, onsite storefronts, social media, retargeting, and everything in between. To be everywhere. That’s the dream. It’s not just about having a presence on multiple channels or giving your customer the option to shop in multiple places. Mobile, marketing, merchandising, fulfillment, entire supply chain … all of it, needs to be taken into consideration to create seamless personalized customer experience if you’re going to be a robust Omnichannel retailer. Yet, and most crucially, supporting ecosystems are becoming fundamental foundation for the success of this model with many interconnected fronts. In this session, we will explain how Oracle Integrated Logistics Cloud supported Nahdi Medical Company Omnichannel Transformation with agile and scalable best of breed SC capabilities smoothly deployed in a hybrid architecture use case.

3:55 PM: BRiSC: Building Resilience in Supply Chain Resilient Supply Chains by Kamal Gupta (Accelalpha)
With a growing call for leaner and agile supply chains, companies are seeking evermore innovative strategies for sourcing and distribution. But these are resulting in expanding networks with increasing number of entities. Though this improves fulfillment and other metrics, it also increases sources of disruption that lead to loss in sales, revenue, market share and even reputation to the detriment of businesses. Most companies are conscious of these risks but are also wary of lack of precision in available solutions since these work on simplified models of real-world business. Here we review Accelalpha's frugal approach to comprehensively measure and address these risks. The configured solution runs simulations in LNM providing accurate results as they run on Prod data and hence work with exact business rules in force. With these we can provide investigations like Expected Monetary Value and Sensitivity Analysis to aid businesses.

4:40 PM: Break
Break takes places in the Exhibit Hall

4:45 PM: OTM Object Migration Automation With Java Spring Boot Application by Pabitra Pradhan (Infosys)
OTM data migration is the process of moving data between two instances. Importance of Successful Migration: process should be fast, secure, reliable with less manual intervention and should reduce the time and effort involved in it OTM. Out of the Box Features are CSV Utility, DB.XML and Migration Project. Weaknesses of current approaches: Involve a lot of manual intervention, tedious and time consuming. Infosys Object Migration Application is a java based application which automates the OTM object migration from one instance to another. It is fast, secure and reliable with 100% accuracy, auto sequencing and less manual intervention. Capable of migrating multiple and large volume of objects in one shot.

4:45 PM: Redefining Visibility with OTM Cloud by Yatin Raval (Tetra Pak) and Indraneel Chakraborty (Inspirage)
Join us to find out how a global leader in food packaging and processing solutions stepped beyond the boundaries of conventional logistics management and gained control in their logistics planning, execution and visibility after implementing Oracle OTM Cloud and Inspirage’s Logistics Control Tower solution. This session is for anyone who has ever wished for a smarter way to gain real-time visibility on orders and inventory, KPI based dashboards for live monitoring, and proactive alerts.

5:30 PM: Break
Break takes places in the Exhibit Hall

5:35 PM: Cloud OTM scope in DC's and challenges faced and enabling complex rating in OTM by Veerendra Patil (Schneider Electric)
Overall OTM scope in Schneider electric globally and challenges faced in new implementations and complex rating.

5:35 PM: Overview of REST API – Onpremise and Cloud by Devaraju Holenarasipur & Krishna Mohan Raghuram (Oracle)
Overview of REST API – Onpremise and Cloud. Presentation will cover the supported areas in Onpremise and cloud releases; Demo of the feature; Enhancements and Future Roadmap; Diagnostic capabilities.

6:20 PM: Platinum Sponsor Deloitte Network Reception
Network reception will take place at The Ritz-Carlton

8:20 PM: End
End of the program of day 1.


8:00 AM: Networking Breakfast
Breakfast takes places in the Exhibit Hall

9:00 AM: Oracle Logistics Cloud Product Strategy Update by Derek Gittoes (Oracle)
Oracle Logistics Cloud enables your organization to digitize and optimize your supply chain execution business processes, which in turn delivers increased perfect order performance, lower supply chain costs, and improved supply chain flexibility. This session provides an overview of Oracle's transportation management and global trade management offerings and product road map insights. Come learn about advances to existing capabilities and expansion into new areas such as Logistics Network Modeling and Trade Agreements. Learn how emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Chatbots, and Blockchain are being incorporated to help you manage your supply chain efficiently and effectively in an era of constant disruption.

9:50 AM: Gold Sponsor Presentations by Accelalpha, flexis, Birlasoft and Inspirage

10:00 AM: Break
Break takes places in the Exhibit Hall

10:05 AM: OTM Migration to Oracle Cloud– Learnings and Challenges by Bhima Sankaram Sonti, Ashok Mishra, Saravana Kumar (GE Power)
GE Power OTM has approximately 9K userbase across the globe helping business for 24X7 operations. It holds high volumes of data for 7+ years, multiple business domains to manage, which makes it complex for Cloud migration. Few more added complexities are the customizations built over years, configurations and conversions to make it cloud compatible. There are other technical challenges Viz. SOA integrations, Printer configurations, Data security limitations, SSO integration, BI Publisher.

10:05 AM: When OTM meets CPQ, enables better quotation and rates management process by Nishant Kumar (BirlaSoft)
Looking to complexity of Quotation process for various logistics and supply chain industry, let's study how effectively CPQ & OTM managed complex business scenario's with different modes. Managing complex rate set up in OTM with charge codes and which gives the visibility of Export & Import separately. Fetching rates by using different types of Rate Enquiry functionality. Analysis of RIQ XML structure for different calling method and scenarios. Better simulation of Buy and sell rates in order to quote best price to customer. (mark up, Discount, Approval.) Managing multiple business scenarios like FCL, LCL, Buyers & Seller Consolidation, Air, Rails , 1st Mile , Last Mile etc. Inserting the rates from CPQ to OTM by enabling all type of basis & condition through integration. Simulation of Customer Inquiry to finalization of Quotation to creation the order into OTM.

10:50 AM: Mid Morning Networking Break
Break takes places in the Exhibit Hall

11:20 AM: A new carrier screen for spot bidding by Anushila Guha (Unilever)
In Unilever, sometimes we have a lack of clarity in transportation as far as future truck demands are concerned. If we add the inability of contractual carriers to provide trucks to us on time, then we end up in spot market to find the trucks in last minute. It was observed that in many cases our carriers were not submitting competitive bid and their responsiveness in spot bidding was not up to the mark. To address these issues, an improved spot bid screen for carriers was developed in OTM.

11:20 AM: Achieving Operational Efficiency using OTM by LokanadhaChari Kattamanchi (Tech Mahindra)
This session is to present on how Western Digital Transportation solution leverages OTM out of box functionality to achieve Operational Efficiency using standardized SOP’s, automated proactive alerts and real-time data analytics to control the flow of goods for raw materials, Finished Goods and Reverse Logistics coordinating between the shipping locations, carriers, internal teams and consignee.

12:05 PM: Break
Break takes places in the Exhibit Hall

12:10 PM: Logistics Network Modeling Overview & Demo by Srini Rajagopal (Oracle)
Changes, both unplanned and planned, are a constant in the supply chain. Learn how to design your supply chain to operate optimally, planning for both forecasted and unplanned disruptions using Logistics Network Modeling (LNM), an intrinsic capability of Oracle Transportation Management Cloud. Oracle experts will provide an overview and give a product demonstration, showing how LNM allows you to quickly model changes to your network and analyze for the optimal response using real-world operational data for complete accuracy.

12:10 PM: On-premise WMS to Oracle Cloud WMS - Success Stories by Shan Muthuvelu (ITOrizon)
In this presentation, Shan Muthuvelu will dispel the myths of cloud migration and cover the best practices from his consulting experience. Included in this discussion are two recent projects outcomes that involved several Oracle products in an integrated end to end solution. ITOrizon is an Oracle SCM consulting partner currently specializing in OTM, WMS, and ERP Solutions. We’ve been partnered with Oracle/LogFire for 5 years now have worked on several projects ranging from warehouse automation, international transportation solutioning, omni-channel distribution and labor management tracking. Our SCM practice specializes in migration to cloud based software and mitigating pain points from that transition.

12:55 PM: Break
Break takes places in the Exhibit Hall

1:00 PM: Oracle Transportation and Global Trade Management Release 19B-C Overview by Muthu Balasubramanian and Ashok Kalidindi (Oracle)
Release 19B-C of Oracle Transportation and Global Trade Management Cloud contains many highly valuable enhancements. Please join us to review these exciting new developments in the platform. We will cover some new functional capabilities in trade and transportation, talk about improvements to usability, and also introduce the new Logistics Network Modeling and Trade Agreements features.

1:45 PM: Conference Wrap-Up by OTM SIG Board (Paritosh Mangrulkar)
Wrap-up session of the OTM SIG Conference APAC.

2:00 PM: Networking Lunch
Lunch takes places in the Exhibit Hall.

3:00 PM: End
End of the conference.

Agenda is subject to change


The registration fee for the 3-day event is just INR 10,000 (incl. GST), and this will allow you to attend all sessions on all days as well as the network reception. The registration is free for speakers, so don’t hesitate to submit your paper.

The registration for the conference is managed by Mindfleck Pvt Ltd in Bangalore, and after clicking on the button below you will be directed to the Mindfleck website to select your registration type, and enter your payment details. Please contact us at boardadmin@otmsig.com for any registration questions.

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The OTM SIG Board invites you to submit your paper for the conference. We would like to see business change stories, and functional/technical presentation about OTM and GTM. The presentation by one or multiple presenters should take 45 minutes including a 10 minute Q&A session. Examples of presentations can be found here.

Papers will be reviewed by the OTM SIG Board, and approved papers will be awarded with one single complimentary registration, irrespective of the number of presenters.

Call for Papers deadline is extended to 12th July 2019.

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The 2019 OTM User Conference APAC will take place in The Ritz-Carlton Bangalore.

The Ritz-Carlton
99 Residency Road
Bangalore, Karnataka, 560 025

Hotel recommendations:

  • The Ritz Carlton, 99 Residency Rd, Bangalore
  • Chancery Pavilion, 135 Residency Rd, Bangalore