2024 OTM User Conference Europe

Starts:  Mar 20, 2024 05:00 PM (CET)
Ends:  Mar 22, 2024 02:00 PM (CET)
2024 OTM User Conference Europe | 20-22 March 2024

The OTM SIG Board proudly organises an OTM User Conference in the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel on 20-22 March 2024, which is the 12th OTM event in Europe to better serve the region. Key representatives from OTM Strategy and Development will attend this conference, and various partners in OTM’s ecosystem will sponsor. This conference is an addition to the yearly OTM conferences in America and APAC.

The event is designed to bring together users and potential users of the OTM software to share knowledge, ideas and experiences. With an expected attendance of 150 people from a dozen countries, this event will be the perfect place to find answers to your questions, meet with Oracle representatives and collaborate on ideas for future upgrades.




Agenda is subject to change. All times are CET (GMT+1).
Sessions take place in two rooms:  A  Main Session room and  B  Breakout room.

20 MARCH 2024

17:00-19:00 Registration and Networking Reception in Exhibit Hall

21 MARCH 2024

08:00-09:00 Registration and Networking Breakfast in Exhibit Hall

09:00-09:05  A  Conference Opening by OTM SIG Board

09:05-09:15  A  Platinum Sponsor Presentation by Flo

09:15-09:25  A  Platinum Sponsor Presentation by Birlasoft

09:30-10:30  A  OTM-GTM Product Development Update by Derek Gittoes (Oracle)  PDF on OTMFAQ 

Derek GittoesThis session will cover the latest release information for Transportation and Global Trade, including release dates, support plans, and feature highlights of recent and near-term releases, with a focus on some of the technical innovations in our OTM / GTM Cloud.
Derek Gittoes is vice president for supply chain management product strategy and leads the team responsible for Oracle’s portfolio of logistics and order management cloud products. His team is responsible for defining the go-to-market strategy and product roadmap for Oracle's solutions in transportation management, inventory management, warehouse management, global trade management, and order management. In addition, Gittoes leads the sales and customer enablement team for the full suite of Oracle supply chain management cloud products. Gittoes has 30 years of experience in supply chain software. Prior to joining Oracle in 2003, he was vice president of product solutions at G-Log, where he was responsible for product marketing. Gittoes was also a founder of Transport Dynamics, a company that specialized in the development of optimization software for transportation companies. Gittoes holds an MS in engineering from Princeton University and a BS in industrial engineering from the University of Manitoba.

10:30-11:00 Morning Break in Exhibit Hall

11:00-11:45  A  Kraft Heinz OTM-GTM Implementation 2023 by Thijs Cramer (Kraft Heinz)  PDF on OTMFAQ 

person.pngThe aim of this presentation is to provide insights on how OTM-GTM has allowed us to streamline and facilitate the smooth movement of goods through the supply chain and protect the interests of all parties involved by moving from a predominantly manual process to an automated service. Join this session to learn how this innovative OTM-GTM solution helps to address various logistics documentation requirements, such as document determination based on parameters like trade lane, cargo, involved parties, etc.; options to receive or generate documents along with version control; latest document version visibility across all linked shipments; mass document upload option against multiple independent shipments with error handling. 
Further to this we will highlight the benefits of GTM and how it ensures that we are only shipping our goods globally once they have been put through robust screening for all the parties associated with the shipment, product classifications have been applied correctly for the goods that are being shipped, and sanction country screening has taken place to safeguard us against any embargoed countries. We also have numerous business rules that have been created to ensure that correct documentation is present depending on the material being shipped and the ship from and to locations that drive these documents are considered to ensure that we meet the specific customs requirements for these locations.
Thijs Cramer has been with Kraft Heinz for the last 3 years and is responsible for all finished goods movements moving to / from Europe and the rest of the world. Thijs is responsible for both the logistics execution of all in- and outbound shipments but also for trade / customs compliance, trade and network design and post-Brexit legislation application within Kraft Heinz acting as contact between logistics providers, local governments/authorities and Kraft Heinz sites and stakeholders. Thijs has guided the OTM/GTM implementation from conception to delivery and brings practical experience of logistics to the OTM implementation. Thijs holds a master’s degree from Erasmus university and has previously worked at Samskip, a European carrier, and customs broker with 10 years’ experience in delivering various logistics projects and IT implementations.

11:00-11:45  B  Navigating Excellence: A Comprehensive Guide to Exploring Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) Reporting Strategies and Choosing the Right Fit for Your Business by Selva Ganesh Gurusamy (Infosys)  PDF on OTMFAQ 

person.pngIn the dynamic landscape of transportation management, Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) emerges as a pivotal tool, offering a suite of robust reporting features. This session, "Decoding OTM Reports: Choose Your Best Fit," is designed to guide businesses through the exploration of OTM reporting strategies. 
Attendees will delve into the core capabilities of OTM reporting, ranging from standard reports to advanced analytics, with a focus on customization to align reports with unique business objectives. The agenda covers effective data visualization techniques, automation, and security measures, providing insights into tailoring reports for optimal decision-making. Real-world case studies illuminate successful implementations, while a dedicated segment aids participants in determining the best-fit reporting strategy based on their specific criteria. Join us to unlock the potential of OTM reporting and make informed choices tailored to your business needs.
Selva has 18+ years of  extensive experience in IT industry in implementing technical and business solutions to improve Logistics, warehouse and planning enterprise business applications which involves a deep understanding of different ERP products like SAP, OTM-GC3 in both functional and technical aspects.

11:45-12:30  A  Denso EU OTM Implementation 2023 by Willem van Beveren and Thomas Schokker (Denso)  PDF on OTMFAQ 

person.pngperson.pngDuring this presentation we will illustrate OTM’s flexibility in dealing with customer-specific requirements using standard configurations. We delivered, tested, and deployed driving ban and region-specific billing rules such as toll charge functionality, which is specific to EU regulations. With an innovative approach to the problem, we created a comprehensive process to tackle some of these complex issues. Previously the process was manual, and it would take up to 2 months to plan for an annual forecast. There are at least 27 driving bans a year across different weeks and countries. We have reduced the time for this process while at the same time considering hundreds of possible routes in order to achieve the best cost efficiency, to just a few hours. We also reduced the financial effects of driving bans and have improved delivery time efficiency.
Willem van Beveren is Logistics Manager and has over 18 years of experience managing logistics for Denso. He is based in Amsterdam.
Thomas Schokker is a Transport Planner at Denso Europe. He is a Bachelor of Science in Logistics Engineering.

11:45-12:30  B  Learn How A Global Freight Forwarder transform/digitize their business process by Implementing OTM & Oracle CPQ Cloud by Nishant Kumar (Birlasoft)  PDF on OTMFAQ 

person.pngIn this session, we share our insights from work with a global Freight forwarding company, where we led the digital transformation of multiple, end-to-end business processes with OTM & Oracle CPQ Implementation. We will also unveil some of the challenges that Forwarding players may encounter through their digital transformation initiatives, and how Birlasoft can help move beyond them.
Looking to complexity of Quotation process for various forwarding company, let's study how effectively CPQ & OTM managed complex business scenarios with different modes of transportation:
•  Managing complex rate set up in OTM with charge codes and which gives the visibility of Export & Import separately.
•  Fetching rates by using different types of Rate Enquiry functionality.
•  Analysis of RIQ XML structure for different calling method and scenarios.
•  Better simulation of Buy and sell rates in order to quote best price to customer. (Mark up, Discount, Approval.)
•  Overall profitability dashboard: Plan Cost/Revenue/Profit vs Actual Cost/Revenue/Profit
•  Freight Forwarding related screens/menu designed within OTM, used different OTM tables to manage JOB cost sheet
We will also talk about some of the key value realization, like: 
•  80 % efficiency improvement in terms of quotation execution cycle through margin threshold-based approval cycle
•  70% of efficiency and control improvement on profit margin through three-dimensional (Planned Vs Provisional Vs Actual) margin visibility at job level
•  50% reduction in cost deviations (Planned Vs Actual) & Standalone bookings
•  50% reduction in response time to customers
• 100% suppliers onboarding with self-service on tender acceptance, cost booking resulting in 20% cost reduction.
Nishant Kumar has 11+ years with rich working experience in 3PL Manufacturing, freight forwarding, shipping industries. Working as Solution Architect delivered OTM/WMS projects for 3PL, 4PL, Freight forwarder, liner & Shipping industries. His significant contribution to build go-to-market strategies on emerging technologies and create a quantified value proposition which has resulted in revenue growth for the accounts he has delivered. Nishant has successfully implemented many projects as a technology which includes role of solution blueprint, fit/gap analysis, functional configuration, integrations to other systems. Currently Leading Oracle Supply Chain Practice for Birlasoft.

12:30-13:45 Networking Lunch in Exhibit Hall

13:45-14:45  A  Oracle Logistics Cloud Product Strategy Update by Srini Rajagopal (Oracle)  PDF on OTMFAQ 

person.pngOracle Logistics Cloud enables your organization to digitize and optimize your supply chain execution business processes, which in turn delivers increased perfect order performance, lower supply chain costs, and improved supply chain flexibility. This session provides an overview of Oracle’s transportation management and global trade management offerings and product road map insights. Come learn about advances to existing capabilities and expansion into new areas such as Sustainability, Logistics Network Modeling, Transportation Capacity Forecasting, and Preferential Trade Agreements. In addition, see how emerging technologies like Machine Learning (ML) and Digital Assistants are being incorporated to help you manage your supply chain efficiently and effectively in an era of constant disruption.
Srini Rajagopal is Vice President, Logistics Product Strategy at Oracle. He has responsibility for the team that leads the strategy for Oracle Transportation Management and Global Trade Management. Srini was part of the G-Log team and came to Oracle in 2005 as part of the G-Log acquisition.

14:55-15:05  A  Platinum Sponsor Presentation by Accelalpha

15:05-15:07  A  Gold Sponsor Presentation by Accenture

15:10-15:45  A  Upcoming Platform Changes in Analytics for Oracle Logistics Cloud by Brian Ramos (Oracle)  PDF on OTMFAQ 

person.pngOracle Logistics Cloud will soon be transitioning to native Cloud Services, from Oracle Analytics Server to Oracle Analytics Cloud for analytic capability and from Oracle Data Integrator to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Integration for ETL to the historical data schema. The goal of this presentation is to provide a high-level understanding of our analytic and ETL architectures and landscapes, current and to-be, and to communicate the functional value of this transition for implementors and customers.
Brian Ramos is a Product Manager in Oracle’s Logistics Product Development organization. With 15+ years of experience in logistics management and supply chain information systems, Brian serves as the Product Owner for the Analytics, Sourcing and Rate Maintenance product areas within Logistics Development. He holds an undergraduate degree in Economics (Messiah University) and a Master of Engineering in Logistics degree (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

15:10-15:45  B  Granarolo's Journey from 6.1 to OTM Cloud by Pietro Cossari (Business Reply)  PDF on OTMFAQ 

person.pngGranarolo is an important food company founded in 1957 and based in Northern Italy. It operates in the fresh milk and dairy-cheese sector, dry pasta, deli meats and vegetable foods. Its Logistic branch distributes fresh food all over the Italian territory, selling transportation services to many other food companies. OTM On-premise has been adopted since 2010 to bring in one platform all the distribution flows that are owned and managed by production plants, depot platforms and transfer points across the logistic network.
The Move to Cloud initiative that took place in 2023 was focused on translating the existing processes and functionalities into a more modern and standardized platform re-engineering the interfaces by moving logics from OTM database to OIC reinventing acknowledgment procedures migrating master and transactional data by leveraging the REST APIs for the management of Data Export enabling new useful features such as the Rate Maintenance.
During the session the methodology, the functional and technical contents will be explored in details together with the results and lessons learned of this project.
Pietro Cossari is an OTM Manager at Business Reply. Currently, he is the Project Manager for OTM Cloud for several international transport providers, 3PL and 4PLs.

15:45-16:15 Afternoon break in Exhibit Hall

16:15-17:00  A  Process alignment - Critical pre-work for transformational OTM programmes by Jeremy Batchelor and John Bronjewski (Flo)  PDF on OTMFAQ 

person.pngperson.pngHow to combine supply chain consulting and transformation skills with a high performance OTM delivery team to fit OTM to complex European distribution businesses. We start ahead of a typical implementation start point with a 360 review and assessment of the transport business addressing organization and divisional structure, physical logistics network set up, existing logistics and supply chain technology landscape, transportation partners, contracts and performance measures. The aim then is to provide a bridge between a generic transportation business model and the specific OTM Order / Plan / Execute / Monitor / Settle systems model. By taking a hybrid transport business and transport technology approach we isolate essential differences in diverse European divisional business models from historic working practices. Using a focused solution process design style we provide initial education in OTM concepts and illustrate how the transportation process links into the wider supply chain solution landscape. Specifically we drill into adjacent supply chain planning, order management, supply management and financial systems to show how data and transport move requests are sourced, fulfilled and accounted for. We also work out the beneficial relationships with other transport eco system providers e.g. in the areas of track and trace, mobile / in-cab technology etc. By starting sooner and engaging with the wider transport and logistics business we identify key solution variants early, focus design questions where they are most impactful, develop a good mutual understanding of scope and opportunity. In turn this leads to better shared expectations and faster delivery of essential business value.
Jeremy Batchelor is a leader in the design and optimization of supply chain solutions for European and global businesses. He has worked with Flo Group since 2014 designing and deploying supply chain planning and optimization solutions involving OTM and other related supply chain solutions. Jeremy has worked with businesses in automotive, retail, distribution, manufacturing, industrial and others to maximise their operational leverage from logistics technologies. He has developed a 360 degree logistics operations assessment methodology and process led approaches to OTM implementations. Jeremy has previously held lead supply chain solutioning and consulting roles with AspenTech, CGI, Ernst & Young, Walmart ASDA and a number of supply chain software houses and consultancies.
John Bronjewski is an experienced Business Transformation Leader and Programme / Portfolio Manager with over 25 years’ experience of successfully leading global and regional Business Transformations within the Supply Chain, Logistics and Transportation space. He has extensive experience of successfully implementing most of the leading ERP, Supply Chain and Logistics best of breed solutions. John is also an experienced Change and Adoption Coach working with individuals, teams and organsiations to realise step change benefits within Performance, Resilience, and Sustainable agility.

16:15-17:00  B  Multi Modal Shipment Tracking leveraging the UNEDIFACT EDI Standard including Carbon emissions tracking for UNHCR by Leo Tagle and Peter Verschure (Oracle Consulting)  PDF on OTMFAQ 

person.pngperson.pngIn this paper we, as Oracle Consulting, want to share the key OTM Cloud solutions of our implementation at UNHCR, with the audience. We want to showcase the OTM solution for UNHCR and how it improved the UNHCR’s control tower operations. 
The key improvements we will discuss are:
•    Purchase Order and master data management leveraging Oracle Integration Cloud for a seamless integration between Cloud ERP modules such as Procurement, Product Data hub to and from OTM.
•    Shipment Execution that provides the UNHCR Control Tower, visibility throughout the shipment lifecycle
•    Integrated solution for multiple global freight forwarders through B2B EDI communication leveraging Oracle Integration Cloud following the UNEDIFACT EDI Standard
o    Shipment Tendering, response, and documentation
o    Multi modal Shipment Tracking which includes carbon emission metadata
•    Shipment carbon emission calculation dashboard - a culmination of the UNHCR Order-to-Shipment Lifecycle. Data processed and received from different stages contribute to the emission calculation.
Leo Tagle: I have successfully supported several Oracle Customers and Partners in implementing Oracle Applications. With more than 15 years of IT experience, I have worked across multiple industries providing service off and onsite. As a consultant, I have played different roles depending on the need of the project. I am highly adaptable, reliable, good team player and leader.
Peter Verschure: Peter joined Oracle more than 25 years ago. Starting as an implementation consultant he now acts as a Project Manager for OTM implementations. As a project manager he was involved in the implementation of OTM at UNHCR.

17:00-17:30  A  Q&A with Oracle Development 

Derek Gittoesperson.pngperson.pngperson.pngperson.pngHave your questions ready for the Oracle OTM/GTM Development team: Marybeth Roberts, Srini Rajagopal, Sundar Arunapuram, Brian Ramos and Derek Gittoes.

18:00-19:30 Canal Boat Reception 

22 MARCH 2024

08:00-09:00 Networking Breakfast in Exhibit Hall

09:00-09:45  A  Enhanced Transportation Productivity in FMCG by Leveraging Automation in OTM by Sushali Arora (Infosys)  PDF on OTMFAQ 

person.pngIn today's world where its all about Automation and Artificial Intelligence, Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) emerges as an essential tool, offering to reorganize the processes, and cost regulation and improve transportation efficiency within FMCG landscape . 
Attendees will understand the Challenges in FMCG Transportation which includes Dynamic Demand, Multi-layered Network, Cost Burdens and Strict Compliance
Automation as a Solution:
- Order Management: Automate order management ,building shipment , and carrier choice based on predefined instructions and optimization algorithms. This helps in over all reduction in cost and improved service and capacity levels.
- Real-time Visibility: For hands-on intervention and curative action to ensure on-time deliveries, The automated Shipment Track and Trace functionality can be used.
- Predictive Analytics: The Data trends and pattern can be identified by using OTM inbuild analytics tools. This enables active planning for dynamic fluctuations, demand tops, and potential disturbances.
- Route Planning & Optimization: OTM's route optimization engine to generate effective routes, traffic patterns, and vehicle capacity helps to  minimizes transportation time and fuel consumption.
Sushali Arora has 16+ years of extensive experience in IT industry in implementing technical and business solutions to improve Logistics, warehouse and planning  enterprise business applications which involves a deep understanding of different ERP products like SAP, OTM-GC3 in both functional  and technical aspects.

09:45-10:30  A  OTM Fleet Work Assignment Column Generation Algorithm by Sundar Arunapuram (Oracle)  PDF on OTMFAQ 

person.pngIn this presentation I will discuss the various concepts in OTM involving the stringing of shipments together such as Multi-segment Shipments, Continuous Moves, Work Assignments and Driver Assignment. This presentation will primarily focus on the new column generation based algorithm for Work Assignment that was developed in 23C. We will also share some results from a couple of test scenarios.
Sundar Arunapuram is Vice President Logistics Development at Oracle. He leads Planning & Optimization, Fleet, Analytics, Workbench, Order Management & Shipment Actuals, Rate Maintenance and Planning Execution development teams for Oracle Transportation Management product.

09:45-10:30  B  The Unbreakable Link: Logistics as the Heartbeat of Strategic Sourcing by Laura Ciocan (Oracle)  PDF on OTMFAQ 

person.pngAutomated Trade Compliance: Objective: Ensure adherence to international trade regulations and minimize compliance risks. · Implementation: Integrate Oracle GTM with ERP Sourcing to automate compliance checks, document generation, and real-time updates on regulatory changes. · Benefits: Reduce compliance-related delays, avoid penalties, and enhance the efficiency of customs processes. 
Comprehensive Landed Cost Calculation: · Objective: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the total landed cost of goods acquisition, including duties, taxes, and transportation expenses. · Implementation: Integrate Oracle GTM seamlessly with ERP Sourcing to incorporate all relevant landed cost components into the sourcing decision-making process. · Benefits: Enable accurate and transparent cost estimation, providing decision-makers with a comprehensive view of the financial implications of sourcing decisions.
Data-Driven Decision-Making: · Objective: Enable data-driven decision-making in strategic sourcing. · Implementation: Empower procurement teams with the ability to factor in landed costs seamlessly during the sourcing process, leveraging real-time data from Oracle GTM within the ERP Sourcing interface. · Benefits: Improve decision accuracy, optimize cost structures, and align sourcing strategies with overall business objectives. 
Risk Management: Objective: Identify and mitigate risks associated with global trade, including geopolitical events and regulatory changes. o Implementation: Utilize Oracle GTM's risk management tools integrated with ERP Sourcing to monitor and assess potential risks. o Benefits: Improve risk mitigation strategies, enhance supply chain resilience, and ensure business continuity. Expected Outcomes: 1. Cost Optimization: By factoring in total landed costs and optimizing transportation routes, companies anticipates a significant reduction in sourcing expenses. 2. Improved Compliance: Automation of compliance checks and documentation ensures that the company remains compliant with global trade regulations, reducing the risk of penalties. 3. Enhanced Visibility: Real-time visibility into the supply chain enables proactive decision-making, minimizing disruptions and improving overall supply chain performance. 4. Strategic Decision Support: The integrated solution provides data-driven insights, facilitating informed strategic sourcing decisions aligned with business objectives. Conclusion: The integration of Oracle GTM with ERP Sourcing represents a strategic initiative for companies, providing a unified platform for comprehensive cost analysis, compliance management, and real-time decision support.
Laura Ciocan: As a Principal Logistics Solution Engineer, I thrive on the intersection of technology and logistics, where I've had the privilege of working with diverse teams to design and implement cutting-edge solutions. My mission is to help organizations optimize their supply chain operations, reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and ultimately, deliver superior customer experiences. Leading and facilitating discovery workshops to understand potential client’s vision, strategy, challenges and build a digital roadmap with recommended solutions that will deliver impactful business outcomes for the customer; I thrive on collaborating with clients to define their logistics challenges and then presenting them with innovative, custom demos and stories that shows how the solution will help create business outcome;

10:30-11:00 Morning Break in Exhibit Hall

11:00-11:45  A  LNM and ML in OTM – A practical approach by Alejandro Vlasich (Flo)  PDF on OTMFAQ 

person.pngThe presentation will focus on a practical approach to use Logistics Network Modelling for tactical and strategic decisions when it comes to Network Design. It will also briefly highlight and discuss actual functionalities on Machine Learning in OTM and the desirable roadmap to use the power of Generative AI and Machine Learning in more functions than prediction of ETA. During the presentation we will show scenarios where LNM can be used to provide comparisons based on real data and to simulate results by using alternative elements, such as using different parameter sets or by adding or removing specific data. Machine Learning functions will be presented in detail with a focus on potential uses of this powerful capabilities in other areas of transportation and logistics.
Alejandro Vlasich is Global Director – Solutions Engineering at Flo Group, founder and former CEO of TPV S.A, and former VP IT & IS at Kuehne+Nagel. He has been working +20 years with OTM and +20 years in Logistics. He has Degree in Economics UNR Argentina and Diploma in AI Oxford University of the Said Business School.

11:45-12:30  A  Transportation Management Updates by Marybeth Roberts (Oracle)  PDF on OTMFAQ 

person.pngOrder Capture to Cash: lifecycle feature. Highlights include Order Inbound Supplier features, Incremental Planning Enhancements, ESG emissions calculations, Rating APIs, Market Rates and Financial flows.
Marybeth Roberts is a Distinguished Software Architect responsible for product architecture design and solution approaches for Oracle OTM and GTM products. She has a key focus on the end to end logistics solutions in the Supply Chain Management product family. Ms. Roberts has 35 years of experience in transportation management software. Ms. Roberts was a founder of G-Log (Global Logistics Technologies) acquired by Oracle to be their transportation solution. Prior to founding G-Log, Ms. Roberts was at Manugistics, Inc for 12 years and had the role of Director of Architecture.

12:30-12:45  A  Conference Closing by OTM SIG Board

12:45-14:00 Networking Lunch in Exhibit Hall




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  • The OTM SIG Board invites you to submit your paper for the conference. We would like to see both the business change (by the client) and the technical challenges (by implementation partner).
  • The presentation should take 45 minutes including a 10 minute Q&A session.
  • Examples of presentations can be found here: http://www.otmsig.com/events.
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  • Call for Papers deadline is extended to 29 January 2024.

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Marriott AmsterdamVENUE

The 2024 OTM User Conference Europe will take place in the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel.

Amsterdam Marriott Hotel
Stadhouderskade 12
Amsterdam, 1054 ES, Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 607 5555

Please note that Conference will include a breakfast service on Thursday and Friday from 08:00 until 09:00

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Other accommodations near the venue:

  • NH Amsterdam Museum Quarter, Hobbemakade 50, 1071XL Amsterdam
  • NH Amsterdam Centre, Stadhouderskade 7,1054 Amsterdam
  • Mercure Centre Canal District, Noorderstraat 46, 1017TV Amsterdam
  • Ibis Styles Amsterdam Amstel, Stadhouderskade 131, 1074AW Amsterdam
  • NH Carlton Amsterdam, Vijzelstraat 4, 1017 Amsterdam
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