Shortcuts and Tips | Part 2

By Aurelie Mazieres posted 04-18-2019 13:54


Sponsored_content.pngDiscover more shortcuts and tips and save time while working in Oracle E-Business Suite 11i and R12? This is the second article in this series.  Click here for part one!

Do you use the same forms every day? Streamline your data entry process by using Oracle home page Favorites and the Navigator Top10 preferences

Favorites are always a must to save time.

On your Oracle e-Business Suite home page, click on the star at the top right corner, then on the pencil.

This Favorites layout will be slightly different on each Oracle version.

Enter a responsibility and/or a function prompt (the entry name in the menu).

Click on Go, then select the function you like and click “Add to Favorites.”

Then use the favorites order section to move your favorites up and down and optionally change the function prompt to something more user friendly.


Finally, click Apply at the top.

The Java forms navigator also has a favorites feature.  Use the arrow to move a menu entry in your top 10 preferences.


Then, no need to click, just hit the number you need (on the example above, press 1 on the keyboard for the Journal Entry form)

Do you move between responsibilities often? Use Alt+F+W

Did you notice that each item of the menu bar as an underlined letter?


Using this, you can easily navigate in your menu.

Use Alt+F to develop the File menu and select a command.

Click on the letter underlined for the command you are looking for, for instance click “W” to switch responsibility.


Then type the first letter of your responsibility, use the arrows to select one, and press enter.

You just switched between 2 responsibilities without touching your mouse!

You can use the same logic for all functionalities.

Another handy shortcut is to bring the concurrent request form, simply entering Alt+V+R


Then, to look at your running requests press Enter.

To Submit a new request, use Alt+N.


Careful, when you start using these shortcuts, they are very addictive!

You will find underlined numbers and letters everywhere in the forms when you start to look…


For instance, on this form, use Alt+2 to go to an invoice lines, Alt+M to match an invoice to a PO…

Of course, this is for an English instance, letters will be different for each language, but the logic is the same across all.

Would you like to customize your form display? Use a folder

Use Alt+F to bring the folder menu up:


From here you can:

  1. Control how you want the data to be displayed in the form, such as what columns should be displayed, what should be the width of the columns, the sequence of the columns and the prompt for each of these columns.
  2. Control what data should be displayed in the form, for example only posted journals or journals for a specific period. Folders let you automatically fetch data as per the specified criteria without having to type in the criteria every time.
After searching your data with specific criteria and changing the results display, in the menu

Folder>New (or Alt+F+N)


You can decide if you want your colleagues to be able to use this folder (Public), open it by default, include the query or not.

One word of warning:  do not setup a folder as Public and open as default, as it will become the default display for everyone 😊

Now you’re going to feel like a cybernetic warrior! Flipping through forms and functions, all without moving your hands more than an inch.  Enjoy your new shortcuts.

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04-28-2019 07:25

Always handy to print the shortcut list and have it visible while you work on the application