What We Do

The Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group (OATUG) is a community whose members connect with and learn from each other, experts, solution providers and Oracle product development teams. The education we provide and the connections we facilitate empower Oracle Applications & Technology users to accelerate success for your teams, your organizations and – ultimately -- the people you serve. We are proud to be a hub for people powering progress!

  • OATUG members have access to time and money-saving resources and networking opportunities. 
  • The Hub connects you to real people and real solutions in real time. 
  • The Knowledge Base is there for deeper dives—your go-to resource for conference presentations, webinars and articles when you need to know what's new, what's next and what's worked for others. 

 OATUG members exchange valuable insights and solutions on a wide range of topics:

  • E-Business Suite 
  • Enterprise Performance Management Cloud  
  • Hyperion 
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud 
  • Database 
  • Autonomous Database 
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 
  • Middleware and integration tools 
  • Oracle Transportation Management 
  • Supply Chain Management Cloud 
  • Customer Experience Cloud 
  • Analytics          
  • Business intelligence 
  • Emerging technologies 
  • DevOps, development and deploy 
  • Leadership, project management and other professional development topics 

If you're not an OATUG member yet, join today or contact the membership team for more information: membership@oatug.org or +1 (404) 240-0897 

Our Mission

The Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group (OATUG) is an independent, global, member-led organization that maximizes customers' investments in Oracle and partner solutions.

Our Vision

To be the trusted, go-to source for education on Oracle applications and technology both on premise and in the cloud, for connecting and sharing members’ experiences, and for influencing Oracle and partner solutions worldwide.

Programs and Services

Advocacy & Influence

  • OATUG members have a unified voice for communicating collective priorities for the development, direction and enhancement of Oracle Applications and Technology products. Together, we can express wishes and concerns to Oracle with the support and strength of the OATUG member community. 

  • The Customer Support Council is one of the OATUG's most established and active channels for communicating and advocating to Oracle. 

Communities of Connection

  • OATUG’s wide network of special interest groups (SIGs) connect Oracle users and partners by industry, job role, product lines and career stage. These are great places for networking and deeper dives on the issues you’re interested in most.

  • Our local and regional groups (Geos) facilitate networking and connections where you live and work.

Time-Saving Networking

  • There’s no need to figure it out on your own. 

  • Build your network by connecting with other OATUG members through the online forum, The Hub, and in-person at OATUG events.

Relevant News and Information

  • OATUG members stay informed by reading in-depth articles in the quarterly OATUG Insight magazine.

  • The weekly OATUG Insider provides a quick look at top news and interesting stories. 

Cost-Saving Education

  • OATUG webinars bring the experts to you.

  • In live webinars and later on-demand, you can discover solutions to your biggest challenges.

Invaluable Connections with Oracle Execs and Other Oracle Customers

  • OATUG conferences, both in-person and virtual, offer opportunities to meet and converse with the Oracle executives who develop and enhance the products you use.

  • Plus, you can hear first-hand how other Oracle customers have maximized the value of their Oracle products and technology.