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    I would agree your process is the best choice. At the same time, the system permits creating the password by one user and not requiring the other user (account holder) to update the password on login. I believe this is a gap that should be corrected. ...

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    We never send a password to a new user. All users set (or reset) their password using the self-service tool, clicking on the "password assistance" link on the logon page, entering their user id, and then setting or resetting their password from email ...

  • Posted in: Applications

    Michelle, We don't have access to an environment where SSO / AD is integrated so we can't test it. Would you mind testing it in your environment and letting us know what you find out. Jeff ------------------------------ Jeff Hare CPA CIA CISA CEO ...


  • While I have worked with OATUG for a year and half, now, supporting both the board and the membership, I came from the ...

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  • As the COVID-19 crisis continues to grow, we hear from our customers, IT managers, the demands placed on them to ensure ...

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  • Posted in: OATUG Forum Online

    Though Cloud applications get a lot more press, Oracle EBS is still the platform of choice for many of the world’s largest ...

  • Almost exactly a year ago, OATUG Customer Support Council chairmen @Vivek Puri and @Brian Pellegrin shared with ...

  • OATUG FORUM Online - MEETUPS & HAPPY HOURS Networking and making connections have always been ...

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  • Please welcome...Dan Thurmon! In these exceptional times, called upon to change how we manage so many aspects of ...

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Dynamic CPU Scaling in Oracle Database 19c
May 25, 2020

Oracle Database 19c (release 19.4 and later) now includes the ability to dynamically scale compute for Pluggable Databases up and down in response to workload demands using CPU min/max ranges.

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Oracle Experts Discuss the Benefits of the Oracle Autonomous Database
May 18, 2020

Oracle has a long history as a leader in data management and now as a pioneer in the vitally important new space of autonomous capabilities.

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HR Use Case Shows Value of Oracle Analytics Cloud
May 22, 2020

By detailing the business challenges of a waste management company, Myles Gilsenan demonstrated the value Oracle Analytics Cloud can give organizations.

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Oracle to Offer Nvidia A100 GPUs in Its Cloud
May 18, 2020

Oracle is bringing the newly announced Nvidia A100 GPU to its Oracle Gen 2 Cloud region. Nvidia A100 is the first elastic, multi-instance, GPU that unifies training, inference, HPC, and analytics. Oracle says that the new cards will allow its clients to unlock more value from their data.

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