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    Great idea! From a vendor/sponsor perspective, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the conversations we have with hundreds of attendees. I could imagine it is difficult for attendees to remember all of the presentations they attended and conversations ...

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    Connect with fellow attendees on LinkedIn to stay in touch Download conference presentations to reference later for my work or to share with colleagues Respond to follow-up e-mails from vendors and schedule demos / calls to learn further / evaluate ...

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    At COLLABORATE, I'm facilitating a session to help attendees put together a plan of action to implement when they get back to the office. So often we attend a meeting or a conference, think big thoughts, capture great ideas... and then never get around ...

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  • Alyssa Johnson, OATUG Board Member and Vice President of Enterprise Applications at Keste, got together with Team ...

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  • A Zen term, shoshin , refers to what the Japanese call “beginner’s mind , ” written with two Chinese ...

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  • (Credit: Unsplash ) In 2019, IBM reported that the average cost of a data breach in America had climbed to $8+ ...

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  • Most companies understand that data is the fuel of their future success. Today’s technologies allow executives to ...

  • Independent financial auditors look for controls over what privileged users do in Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and ...

  • Most companies understand that data is the fuel of their future success. Today’s technologies allow executives to condense ...

New Ponemon/Oracle Industry Study: Share Your Security Best Practices Insights

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Adopting a strategic security posture and culture is a business imperative. Are companies doing this effectively, and how? Ponemon Institute and Oracle are conducting a survey on security best practices for critical enterprise on premise applications – and we need your input and expertise (participation is confidential). Take the Oracle survey now!

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Oracle Unleashes Cloud-Based Data Science Platform
February 12, 2020

Oracle recently staked its claim in the data science platform space with the availability of the Oracle Cloud Data Science Platform. The platform, built on the foundation of DataScience.com acquired by Oracle in 2018, is geared for teams of data scientists working collaboratively.

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Oracle CEO Safra Catz - 'We had to change, we are here to serve you'
February 12, 2020

Oracle CEO Safra Catz took to the stage in London recently and delivered a keynote that reflected on the company’s own “transformation journey” into cloud computing and data driven systems, setting a somewhat different tone to a traditional Oracle mainstage presentation.

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Will Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Dethrone SAP as world's #1 ERP Vendor?
February 13, 2020

Cloud services have become an almost inseparable part of companies’ organizational scheme; whether financially, operationally or spatially – the cloud has forever revolutionized IT systems.

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