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Worldpay B2B Payments, Formerly Paymetric, Helps Organizations Enhance Oracle with Leading Payments and Tokenization Capabilities

Business around the world -- once burdened by the difficulty of getting paid and maintaining the visibility of cash flow-- are transforming their ERPs by integrating Worldpay B2B Payments' industry-leading digital payments technology directly into Oracle. Plus Worldpay's technology allows organizations to minimize their PCI burden with patented tokenization. 

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    Thank you, Monika. We are also cleaning up duplicate vendors using the Suppliers Report, Supplier Audit Report and some other custom reports. Can you please share what you did to identify duplicate vendors? Thanks, Joyita. ------------------------------ ...

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    Thank you, Balaji. Thanks, Joyita. ------------------------------ Joyita Mallik Lead Systems Analyst WSP Ephrata PA - ------------------------------

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    Prior to patch 27392459, the invoice screen displayed these columns: The patch was to deal with the performance issue when a supplier clicked on a payment that had many invoices, the page would time out. After the patch was installed, the due date field ...

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