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    Hi Folks Just a heads up that if you make use of dynamic SQL vi a BI Report with ERP cloud then it looks like it will be deprecated in 20D. " If you currently have custom BI Publisher reports that pass dynamic SQL statements in a BI Publisher data model ...

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    Happy to join in the conversation here. Here are 10 blogs that I visit regularly and are part of my summer reading list too: 1. OATUG Hub https://www.oatug.org/communities/welcome 2. Modern Finance https://blogs.oracle.com/modernfinance/ 3. Oracle Database ...

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    What are YOU reading?

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    Leaders are readers! Let's build a recommended reading list together ... What Oracle and/or technology-related blogs and publications (online or otherwise) do you read? Who are the thought-leaders you follow online? ------------------------------ ...

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  • As governments worldwide put stay-at-home measures in place, organizations moved quickly to have their employees ...

  • When you’re searching for innovative solutions and adjusting to “the new normal” wouldn’t it be great to find real ...

  • In the weeks since the close of the OATUG Forum Online, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on the event, the virtual ...

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    This is not a brief on how to manage and experience excellent productivity while working from home; it is a treatise ...

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    The movie opens with a scene from a New Year’s Eve party. It’s Gatsby themed, and long strands of fake pearls and swaying ...

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    First and foremost, I hope you and yours are healthy and safe during these difficult times. When I last addressed ...

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June 23, 2020

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June 23, 2020

Oracle Health Sciences has introduced Clinical One Data Collection Cloud Service, which offers the ability to capture data from any source into a single, unified platform to improve efficiency and help speed the delivery of breakthrough therapies.

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June 25, 2020

The decade-old battle between two technology powerhouses—Google and Oracle—potentially reshaping the future of software will now continue into the Supreme Court’s next term.

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