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Worldpay B2B Payments, Formerly Paymetric, Helps Organizations Enhance Oracle with Leading Payments and Tokenization Capabilities

Business around the world -- once burdened by the difficulty of getting paid and maintaining the visibility of cash flow-- are transforming their ERPs by integrating Worldpay B2B Payments' industry-leading digital payments technology directly into Oracle. Plus Worldpay's technology allows organizations to minimize their PCI burden with patented tokenization. 

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    Hi James, Not sure you thought of this, but RPA and EBS automation is a great way to do things, such as - bulk data loading as well as other automatic processes. You can check out AuraPlayer RPA, which has been used to do these types of data loading ...

  • Posted in: Applications

    Thanks for your input @Mohan Dutt ! I will make sure to have a video focusing on use-cases for Oracle EBS RPA . If any other community members have suggestions, topics of interest, or questions - feel free to let me know, and I will make sure to ...

  • Posted in: Applications

    Hi Tim, I do not know much about RUEI, or the exact issues you are facing but there are several monitoring tools in the market that deliver varying levels of success. So it all really depends on your specific challenges, how detailed you need the monitoring ...

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Oracle Cloud Manages COVID-19 Vaccination Program in the U.S.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is using Oracle’s National Electronic Health Records Cloud plus Oracle’s Public Health Management Applications Suite to manage the COVID-19 vaccination program throughout the U.S.

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Oracle's new converged cloud database enters general availability

Oracle has announced that its new converged cloud database Oracle Database 21c is now generally available in the Oracle Cloud Database Service Virtual Machine and Bare Metal Service.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Is Growing Up And Gaining Customers

When you think of cloud providers, Oracle is probably not the first company that comes to mind. I must admit I was a skeptic of Oracle Cloud V1.0, but with Oracle's second-generation cloud, announced at Oracle OpenWorld back in 2018, I see many improvements that deserve a closer look.

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