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    Lessons learned - from our perspective as a Risk Advisory firm: The post-go-live environment for organizations going live is very problematic from a Risk Advisory / audit perspective. Here is a post we did on our LI page: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6648214757935497216 ...

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    Some food for thought... Would love to hear others feedback on this. Role Design – Seeded, Hybrid, or Custom Roles? We will start out with the most important and fundamental question in delivering security for Oracle ERP Cloud: what to do ...

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    Santo, I replied to you personally. We see a ton of issues that arise from poorly designed roles, excessive access in Prod for users who support the system, and no ability to perform lookback procedures. Hypercare typically goes on too long and there ...


  • Kathleen Fauerbach, President of Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group (OATUG), shares this message in the ...

  • "Knowledge is power," wrote Francis Bacon in his Meditationes Sacrae published in 1597. Thomas Jefferson also referred ...

  • We’ve all been there. Things are humming along, going well – maybe even exceeding-all-expectations-well – and then it ...

  • OATUG is Pleased to Announce… Women in Technology (WIT) Award Winner for 2020, Ms. Mia Urman! First ...

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  • Alyssa Johnson, OATUG Board Member and Vice President of Enterprise Applications at Keste, got together with Team ...

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  • A Zen term, shoshin , refers to what the Japanese call “beginner’s mind , ” written with two Chinese ...

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  • (Credit: Unsplash ) In 2019, IBM reported that the average cost of a data breach in America had climbed to $8+ ...

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  • Most companies understand that data is the fuel of their future success. Today’s technologies allow executives to ...

A Message to COLLABORATE — OATUG Forum Registrants

To the OATUG Community,

Like you, we are saddened by the turn of events as the COVID-19 situation continues to impact the lives of our members, partners, and staff. This is an historical event unfolding around us; hopefully it proves to be a season of reunification and solidarity as we work together to mitigate the many aspects of this challenge.

In good times and bad, our strength lies in you—this incredible community of knowledgeable, experienced professionals. Right now your systems, programs and insights are keeping businesses, government agencies, and schools connected and productive. This community’s expertise and solutions-oriented thinking has never been needed more.

Please know you can depend on us as a reliable source of information and a safe forum for information exchange with each other during this challenging time. Though COLLABORATE 20 can no longer be conducted next month as planned, Team OATUG is working hard to design a reimagined program of in-person and online education, networking and tradeshow interactions.

In the meantime, let’s connect in The Hub, via our LinkedIn pages, or just send me an email. What answers do you need now? What problems are you tackling now? Your fellow users are here. OATUG is here. And we are ready to be of service.

Best regards,

Ragan Cohn, CAE
Executive Director
Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group

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Oracle: Programming Language Java 14 Is out With These 16 Major Feature Improvements
March 19, 2020

Oracle has announced general availability of Java Development Kit (JDK) 14, its reference implementation of the Java 14 programming language spec.

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Oracle Offers New Cloud Developer Certification and Free Training Resources
March 18, 2020

Oracle has announced a new Developer Associate certification for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The Developer Associate certification is intended for developers who have 6 months of experience in developing and maintaining applications.

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Oracle@Oracle Industry Cloud Infrastructure Story: What Really Motivates a Cloud Transformation?
March 17, 2020

The story of the Oracle industry Global Business Units (GBUs) migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure started with a deceptively simple question: why?

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