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    Wow, thanks for the detailed reply Patricia. I do have an SR open and I just wasn't really getting anywhere with it but now that it is escalated (as I need to get this sorted out so I can update prod) I am getting some better feedback so I will see what ...

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    Hi Mark, In your case, since you are on 19c, the steps might be a little different based on the guides. Try this note: Renaming 19c PDB Fails With "ORA-65174: invalid or conflicting name in service" (Doc ID 2682761.1)". Maybe there are some ...

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    Well glad to part of a club of any kind! Thinking I may need to reclone my db to get setup again. So just to confirm in your example SID=CDB and you clone it to your other server and then change/rename it? I am using ' duplicate target database to CDB2' ...

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