Women in Technology

Women in Technology

Through networking, educational, and professional development opportunities, the OATUG Women in Technology (WIT) Program supports and celebrates the success of women working in technology-related fields. 

program offerings

WIT Educational Sessions

The OATUG WIT Program’s quarterly eLearning sessions cover a variety of topics, including management styles, developing resilience and confidence in work settings, addressing gender biases, and resources for time management and work-life balance.

WIT is looking for women who can share their success stories with our community.  Do you have a story on surviving-to-thriving in your career path?  Have you boosted your leadership skills by leading a remote team or by volunteering?  How has being involved with a mentorship program affected your career?  What skills have you sharpened in the time spent in your role?  We want to hear your story!  If you're interested in participating, please email ewebster@oatug.org.

The WIT Hub Community

The WIT Hub provides the opportunity for OATUG members to connect with one another. In this forum, members are able to ask questions, share engaging content, and provide helpful resources. OATUG staff will also share upcoming education and networking events related to the WIT Program. Join the WIT Community to participate in this dialogue and help us grow this new virtual community.

The Women in Technology Leadership Award

The WIT Leadership Award is an annual recognition, first presented in 2019, which honors a female OATUG member who has demonstrated strong leadership and a passion for helping other women excel in technology-related professions or fields of study.  If you would like to nominate someone for our upcoming awards, please visit the link below.  Self-nominations are also welcomed! 


Previous WIT Leadership Award Recipients: 
  • 2020 - Mia Urman
  • 2019 - Astha Patni


View the recording of the Women in Technology Program’s kickoff event, a panel discussion with women that are leading the way in technology: "Leadership Styles & Building Spaces for Women to Thrive".

The speakers will share their backgrounds and experiences and discuss ways that companies and individuals can build spaces that support growth for women. Ida, Sarah, and Tara will reflect on the challenges that they've faced in their own careers and how they've worked to help pave the way for future women leaders. Lastly, they will share some favorite resources and key takeaways.

  • Ida Quamina - Managing Director, EPM Higher Education and Healthcare - Huron Consulting Group
  • Sarah Mills - Senior Director, JDE Managed Services - Syntax
  • Tara Ryan - Chief Marketing Officer - Incorta
Moderated by Beth McLaughlin & Mia Urman. Recorded on March 16, 2021.