2019 Salute to Outstanding Contributors


By Blog Squad posted 04-08-2019 16:31


There are many individuals and groups that serve the OATUG community with their outstanding contributions throughout the year. Today, OATUG recognizes its 2019 winners.

2019 Oracle Ambassador

IMG_6575_NatalieBeanie_Oracle.jpgNathalie Beaine, License Sales, Oracle Applications Unlimited Team

The OATUG Oracle Ambassador Award recognizes an Oracle employee who has made an outstanding contribution to the OATUG and its members. Nathalie has done an amazing job helping to promote OATUG events and eLearning programs. Last year, OATUG started working more closely with Nathalie and her team on marketing COLLABORATE 19, including the call for presentations. Nathalie has also helped pioneer the Executive Forum, where high level-EBS users get direct access to Oracle VPs. She is an invaluable member of the Oracle staff.

Certificates of Distinction

GeoSIG_Certificate_of_Distinction.jpgGeographic (Geo) and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) partner with the OATUG to provide education and networking opportunities for specialized Oracle users communities each year. The groups receiving the Certification of Distinction award for their excellence in delivering the highest quality content and service in 2019 area:


  • Configurator SIG – Coordinator, Tarun Sharma
  • Cost Management SIG – Coordinator, Douglas Volz
  • Mobile Apps for Enterprises SIG – Coordinator, Manjula Ganapathi
  • Oracle Analytics, BI and Big Data SIG – Coordinator, Kirby Lunger


  • ​Michigan OAUG – Coordinator, Ahmed Alomari
  • New England OAUG – Coordinator, Elizabeth Kensicki
  • Texas-Louisiana OAUG – Coordinators, Stefan Pecci and Susan Behn

OAUG Geo and SIG of the Year:

Sig_of_the_year.jpgIMG_6567.jpgMulti-National SIG – Coordinator, Hans Kolbe

Geo_of_the_year.jpgIMG_6569.jpgOhio Valley OAUG– Coordinator Jon Riley

STAR Presenter of the Year Award

IMG_6571_StarPresenters.jpgThe STAR Presenter of the Year Award recognizes members who have made an outstanding contribution to OATUG via speaking engagements. These engagements may include educational events such as COLLABORATE, OATUG eLearning webinars and panels, and/or Geo/SIG meetings.

  • ​Vivek Puri, IT Director - Global Enterprise Applications, Sherwin-Williams (User Member)
  • Vimal Manimozhi, Project Lead, Doyen Systems Pvt Ltd. (Associate Member)

Women in Technology Recognition Program Honoree

IMG_6573_WIT.jpgThe Women in Technology Recognition Program honors a female OATUG member who has demonstrated a passion for spreading awareness by helping other women excel in technology-related professions or fields of study.

  • Astha Patni, Consultant, Performance Architects Inc.

2019 Member of the Year

IMG_6576_KirbyLunger_MOTY.jpgThe Member of the Year Award recognizes an individual within an member organization who has made an outstanding contribution to the OATUG. This Member of the Year demonstrates a high level of commitment to helping the OATUG better serve its members by supporting our initiatives of education, networking and influence.

The 2019 OATUG Member of the Year is Kirby Lunger, Partner, Performance Architects, Inc., who was nominated for her commitment to and enthusiasm for supporting the OATUG.

The following are just a few of her contributions:

  • Kirby’s most significant contribution to the OATUG has been her participation in the OATUG’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs). She ran the Endeca SIG for four years during a very challenging time when Oracle was closing the product line. As part of this process, Kirby led the merger of the Endeca and BI SIGs into the newly-formed Oracle Analytics, BI and Big Data SIG, which under her leadership, has grown to a large, very involved board with 50% customer and 50% consulting representatives.
  • The Oracle Analytics, BI and Big Data SIG is one of the largest (>2K members) and most prolific in the OATUG. They hold monthly board meetings that are open to the membership; monthly webinars that include a mix of customer case studies and regular Oracle updates; publish a monthly newsletter and webinar updates; maintain a strong social media presence on LinkedIn and Twitter; and collaborate strongly with other SIGs.
  • Kirby has been instrumental in growing the awareness of the analytics, BI, big data and EPM communities for the OATUG. In 2018, she recruited the sponsors for and helped to rebrand the EPM/Hyperion Connect Reception to include the Analytics, BI and Big Data community. She also was a key member of the OATUG’s EPM/BI Task Force and spent a significant amount of time revamping the EPM and BI track descriptions and details with Oracle for COLLABORATE so that these would be more understandable to conference attendees and presenters. Kirby has also served as a content selection participant and co-chair for the analytics and EPM arenas for COLLABORATE several times.
  • She has also been heavily involved behind the scenes in helping nurture and grow the next generation of leaders for the OATUG. Kirby has served on the Board Nominating Committee many times over the past few years, and when her schedule didn’t allow for “formal” participation, she actively recommended new board candidates and volunteers.
  • Kirby also participates in giving back through sharing her knowledge and experience. She has presented at COLLABORATE for almost ten years now and regularly contributes articles  for various OATUG publications. She is also a regular speaker and participant at local Geo events like New England Oracle Applications Users Group (NEOAUG).

Kirby has been a prolific volunteer with OATUG for the last several years in many different capacities. Please join us in congratulating Kirby on her award and thanking her for her tremendous contributions to OATUG.


04-09-2019 22:51

Congrats Vimal for the award of Star Presenter

04-09-2019 15:09

Congrats Hans and the MNSIG team on the award.

04-09-2019 15:08

Congratulations Kirby wishing you all the best. Great achievement

04-09-2019 11:49

Heartiest Congratulations to Kirby Lunger! 
Kirby has worked tirelessly to make EPM, BI and Data Analytics a vibrant community within OATUG! She is a great example how one can contribute to OATUG! Kudos!!