A 2020 New Year’s Resolution: Approaching Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) with a “Beginner’s Mind”

By Blog Squad posted 01-22-2020 14:41



A Zen term, shoshin, refers to what the Japanese call “beginner’s mind,” written with two Chinese characters, sho and shin. The first pictogram means “first” and the second means “mind-heart.” What does “beginner’s mind” have to do with EBS, you might ask? 

If you recall what it was like when you first saw the ocean, or the day you learned how to read, or the exhilaration of riding a bike for the first time, you’ll begin to understand. “Beginner’s mind” is a way of approaching things fresh, anew, and with a rush of appreciation for the sensation and vision of freedom and possibility before you. 

With continuous improvement underway for a wide variety of modules designed to meet the needs of businesses and organizations of varying sizes, there is always more to learn, appreciate, and discover. EBS facilitates the challenging work of people around the globe every day. But anything as multi-layered and rich with potential as EBS asks for users to revisit, relearn, and expand knowledge with a commitment to fully appreciate its usefulness. 

This is because users of any technology often default to the same functions and shortcuts over and over, either forgetting or disregarding the chance to learn new or different ways to make the platform work for them. It’s tempting to see things only one way simply out of habit. We opt for thinking it’s just too much trouble to take another look at what we think we already know.

As in so many aspects of work and life, having a “beginner’s mind” can paradoxically lead to great new discoveries—discoveries that place even experienced developers and seasoned users way ahead of where they thought they could be. Especially if you are ready to upgrade to EBS version 12.2 or launch a new integration with Oracle Database 19C, it is a great time to refresh your understanding of functionality, process and best practices.

For example, here is one way to apply this wise principle of “beginner’s mind” right away. Take a look at this webinar, “A Bird’s Eye View of Oracle’s E-Business Suite Training and Certification Offerings, and How to Maximize Learning. Get reacquainted with all the ways Oracle helps you to discover or relearn ways to use the many tools and processes at your fingertips in a way that can put you way ahead in getting work done. 

Next, if your company is not yet a member of OATUG (Oracle Applications and Technology Users Group), ask for a membership that will put you in direct contact with a community that lives and breathes EBS.

FinallyCOLLABORATE 20, our biggest annual event, is just around the corner on April 19-23 in Las Vegas. If your corporation joins now, you’ll get discounts on attendance and many more perks including the option of free certification testing. The cost of membership can come back to you and your team at the get-goContact us for more information on the numbers. 

Practicing with a “beginner’s mind.” That’s a 2020 New Year’s resolution worth having for EBS too.