2020 Women in Technology Award Winner

By Blog Squad posted 02-27-2020 10:42


Mia_UrmanOATUG is Pleased to Announce…

Women in Technology (WIT) Award Winner for 2020, Ms. Mia Urman!

First awarded in 2019, the Women in Technology (WIT) Recognition Program honors an OATUG member who has demonstrated a passion for helping other women excel in technology-related professions or fields of study and for increasing awareness of women’s accomplishments in technology.

Mia has dedicated her career to providing solutions to Oracle applications and technology users. She founded Qesem Consulting and AuraPlayer, and currently serves as AuraPlayer's CEO.

In addition to the years of support she has provided in the technology community, Mia is a mentor and role model to women who are new to their technology careers. As one of only 12 Oracle ACE directors who are women, she has worked tirelessly with Jennifer Nicholson of ACE to initiate events to attract more women into the program.

Her initiatives have included organizing panels and holding the WIT Breakfast, which is an intimate event at Oracle OpenWorld. At the WIT Breakfast, Oracle ACEs bring female friends who are Oracle experts to learn about joining the program and to network with other female ACE’s.

As the OATUG WIT Award recipient, Mia will be honored at COLLABORATE 20, April 19-23, 2020 in Las Vegas. She will be introduced at the Women in Technology Reception (Monday), and participate on the Women in Technology Panel (Tuesday). Mia was selected by OATUG’s Emerging Leaders Committee and the Board of Directors.

This year at COLLABORATE 20, OATUG has designed a special Women in Technology (WIT) Journey featuring a wide range of events and educational sessions for those interested in the landscape of women working in technology. Follow the WIT Journey to connect with members of the COLLABORATE community who are passionate about supporting women innovators, learn from expert speakers, and discuss the obstacles and accomplishments of women in this field.

The Women in Technology Journey will highlight the contributions of women in technology-related positions, offering networking and professional development opportunities. These sessions are both fun and educational and will provide the chance to meet people and build connections across a variety of industries. Both women and men are invited to participate in the panels, educational sessions, and luncheon focused on Women in Technology.

Contact OATUG: info@oatug.org or membership@oatug.org
Contact Ms. Mia Urman: miaurman@auraplayer.com