10 Downloadable Keys to Knowledge from OATUG

By Deborah Grant posted 03-06-2020 12:46


"Knowledge is power," wrote Francis Bacon in his Meditationes Sacrae published in 1597. Thomas Jefferson also referred to this phrase in at least four communications during his political career, equating knowledge not only with power but also with safety, and even happiness. Happiness, maintained Jefferson, could come about through the expanded sense of possibilities and enjoyment that only knowledge can bring.

With a nod to these wise men of letters, most of us would agree that indeed "knowledge is power." Knowledge gives us options for how to think of things, options for new and better strategies. Knowledge can provide a greater sense of freedom, which is perhaps the most common, ultimate desire of all human beings.

We acquire knowledge in small and diverse ways. We pick up important knowledge from our mothers:  "Always wash your hands first thing when you get home." Those of us who learned this as children have been saved from colds and flu more times over our lifetime than we realize. Especially these days, this small bit of knowledge has vastly positive consequences. There are endless ways to acquire new knowledge, but sometimes knowledge is a tiny thing we thought we knew that we still need to be reminded of, not once, but over and over again.

Knowledge can also be the start of a journey, taking us to parts unknown, one step at a time. We don't know what we don't know, and often those blind spots are the cause of disappointment and defeat. At least knowing the next, smallest thing that can keep us going is to feel centered and in control, even in the face of the ultimately uncontrollable.

Part of OATUG's mission is to honor and support your journey of discovery from the unknown to the known, one step at a time. It could be one small feature you learn about from one of our presenters who successfully experimented with a new way to use a tool on an Oracle platform. Knowing for the first time about this small step, you could suddenly know how save your team from many hours of effort and frustration. One elegant process, previously unknown to you, could reveal itself in a virtual online educational session within our Knowledge Base, with positive impact for your team and your customers. 

What might you find here? We have thousands of items in the Knowledge Base. As examples, here is a list of the 10 most downloaded presentations. OATUG members get full access to all the details. Beyond this "Top 10" lies a wealth of searchable resources on cloud, technology and a multitude of other topics. Join us to become a part of the great community of knowledge seekers and sharers in the Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group.

AppsTech/Testing Suite:

EBS Upgrade 12.1.3 to 12.2 Simplified,

Abrar Syed, Gallup, Inc.

Other Resources:

Extending EBS with APEX

Robert Sipko, City of St. Petersburg, FL

ERP Financials:

Implementing GL, AP & AR in Oracle ERP Financials Cloud

Zsolt Varga, AXIA Consulting

EBS Financials:

AP Automation Done Right!

Alyssa Johnson, Keste

All EBS:

E-Business Suite Upgrade Strategy

James Morrow, Bluestone Solutions Group

EBS Financials:

Integration with Fixed Assets, Purchasing, Payables, Projects, General Ledger, etc

Brian Bouchard, Donaldson Company

EBS Financials:

R12 Best Practices Accounts Payable Processing and Transformation

Ravikanth Prabhu, Broadbridge Financial

AppsTech/Testing Suite:

Anatomy of an Upgrade to 12.2.8 (Including Platform Migration)

James Morrow, Bluestone Solutions Group

All EBS:

Best Practices of Advanced Supply Chain Planner

Jayprakash Acharya, Valliappan Thanneermalai, and Anil Chougula, Infosys

AppsTech/Testing Suite:

Oracle E-Business Suite: Enterprise Command Centers - Functionality and Technology

Muhannad Obeidat, and Ahmed Ali, Oracle EBS Applications Development

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