Independent Software Vendors Can Bring Oracle ERPs to Life

By David Wright posted 11-15-2018 00:00


Sponsored_content.pngKnowledge is power. Find out how features and functionality that were not previously thought possible can now be added to Oracle software, thanks to innovations by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is a powerful medium that has revolutionized the ERP landscape across the globe. ERP systems can be augmented further with automation solutions by ISVs, bringing accelerated performance to its software. ISVs are a key to any software ecosystem. More4Apps CEO John O'Keeffe, who oversees innovation at the company, highlights two major benefits provided by ISVs: 

1. Businesses choose an ERP system that closely matches their needs. The flexibility of Oracle software enables specialized customization. Historically, users would build custom solutions to use Oracle more efficiently. ISVs remove that hard work and provide a range of products with functionality servicing a variety of common business requirements.

2. Features and functionality that were not previously thought possible can now be added to the Oracle software, thanks to innovation by ISVs.

For example, some ISVs make products that allow spreadsheets to be used for such tasks as payables invoicing and advance pricing. These products provide amplifications to Oracle EBS, such as transactable mobile apps that can help with such tasks as stocktaking. Using mobile applications in online and offline modes, data can be transferred from the mobile application directly to Oracle EBS, quickly, efficiently and accurately.

ISVs are keeping pace with niche business requirements and helping Oracle EBS to continue providing effective service to Oracle users across the globe. As you see ERP software systems moving to the cloud, you'll find marketplace ISVs become even more relevant to the industry around data integration.

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