Easy Access and Helpful Tips for Working with My Oracle Support

Easy Access and Helpful Tips for Working with My Oracle Support

My Oracle Support (MOS) is the application you use to access Oracle Support online 24x7 for your Oracle systems, software and cloud services. Being aware of the various tools and services available to you through MOS and having easy access to them can help you prevent, identify and resolve issues quickly.

Oracle’s My Oracle Support Quick Reference Guide is a helpful document that highlights some of the key tools, processes and recommendations for working with Oracle Support.

Members of the OATUG Customer Support Council offer their thoughts about some of the tools they are using in their organizations.

SEVERITY ONE Notifications:

In the personal information sub-menu of “MY ACCOUNT,” there is a very useful function whereby an MOS user can provide a mobile number to receive notifications when a Severity One SR requires action. The notification is sent to the primary contact of the SR as entered when the SR was created or updated. Another useful function is the ability to receive emails when any Severity One SR is created. Frequently, SRs require input from multiple members of a company and pre-knowledge of the logging of a Severity One SR enables us to provide timely service and be aware of major issues that might affect financial closings or major patching projects.

Hot Topics:

Also, in the personal information sub-menu is the hot topics feature. An MOS user can receive a summary of all open SRs when actions are required or milestones are observed. Also, any bugs, articles or patches that have been modified by Oracle will be included in the summary if the MOS user has flagged any of these as “Favorites.” This is extremely useful as many people in large companies have several SRs opened at any given time and a summary early in the day allows us to get a quick snapshot of where all of the SRs stand. The favorites enable us to monitor changes to important notes and documents as well as patches. During a large patching effort that requires many months of testing, it is useful to learn if the patches being deployed have been updated. This is particularly useful during data base upgrades and testing.

Joseph Imbimbo is an Oracle Applications DBA at PPG Industries. He serves on the OATUG Board of Directors and OATUG Customer Support Council. joe_imbimbo5.jpg

MOS Mobile:

I like the ability to easily access MOS mobile via my phone. It makes it very easy to stay on top of the SRs that have been submitted that you are watching and quickly find information on updates, patches, etc.

nayak_k_2013-01_300.jpg Kaberi Nayak is the lead Oracle Applications DBA at The MITRE Corporation. She is an Oracle ACE, Oracle EBS expert and served on the OATUG Customer Support Council.

Online Chat:

Another helpful tip is the ability to have online chat with Oracle Support Engineers when working on open Oracle Service Requests. This option is actually initiated by My Oracle Support Engineers working on an Open SR and I have found this helpful sometimes. You can choose this option from the drop-down menu saying “Available” (for My Oracle Support initiated chat) once you log in to My Oracle Support with your credentials.

Dianne DeNezza is the executive director, Business Solutions, Financial Information Systems, at the University of Pittsburgh. She serves on the OATUG Board of Directors and OATUG Customer Support Council. Dianne_DeNezza__2_.jpg