Get the information you need for presenting your expertise with OATUG:
- How to Submit an eLearning Proposal
- Speaker Compliance
- Guidelines for Presenting
- Speaker Tips & Marketing Kit

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OATUG provides a diverse offering of resources to the Oracle applications and technology users. Case studies, project implementation stories, and feedback from you and your company's work can be a great help to others. OATUG eLearning sessions help to equip members with the answers they need to be more efficient and effective in their jobs.

We offer the following types of eLearning sessions:

  • Geo/SIG Sessions: Organized by Geo/SIG Coordinators on topics specific to their geographic region or shared interest area.
  • OATUG eLearning Sessions: Educational webinars on topics pertinent to OATUG members.

Preparing Your eLearning Proposal:

  • Choose topics that highlight a case study or an example of an implementation. You are welcome to share issues, highlights, victories, etc.
  • Continuing Professional Education: OATUG is certified by NASBA and can offer CPE credit for eLearning sessions. In order to provide CPE credit, your session must be at least 50 minutes in length. To learn more about our CPE accreditation, visit our CPE page.
  • Please note: Vendors, SIs, and other partners are welcome to present their customer experiences, as long as the content is education-focused. If a presentation is determined to be a “sales pitch,” presenters may not be allowed to present at future OATUG events.
  • Contact us to learn more about submitting a proposal for a webinar, scheduling questions, and other details.
  • When you have a topic and description ready, you can submit your proposal through the eLearning form.

Speaker Compliance Agreement

All eLearning presenters must agree to the following:

  • I confirm that I will follow the eLearning Guidelines (outlined above) for my slides and content.
  • I understand that my presentation is not for the purpose of sales, and I may not advertise products or services.
  • I understand that I will not receive a list of attendees for my eLearning session.
  • I confirm that I own the intellectual property that will be presented, not my employer or another party.
  • Geo/SIG Presenters: I agree to use the Geo/SIG PowerPoint Template for my presentation.
  • eLearning Presenters: I agree to use the eLearning Template.

OATUG reserves the right to cancel/reschedule sessions with fewer than 5 registrants 48 hours prior to broadcast.

Please contact Speaker Programs with any questions.

presenter tips & guidelines

Once your presentation has been accepted and scheduled, you can follow these guidelines on promoting and presenting your session.

 Preparing for Your eLearning Session:

  • Get tips for your presentation!
  • Learn about ways to market your session and use our Speaker Marketing Kit.
  • All presenters and co-presenters should complete their OATUG profile prior to the session and add their headshot. This profile will help attendees to learn about you and connect. (If you do not have a profile, please create a profile.)
  • Presenters are encouraged to post in the OATUG Hub before the presentation. You can do this a few weeks out to solicit questions or thoughts from our community, and again closer to the webinar. OATUG members that are part of the Hub get emails about activity there, so it's a great way to connect directly with those that would be interested.
  • Test your internet connection and audio settings. Please use a headset or phone for delivering your presentation to ensure a high-quality recording.
  • Make sure that all presenters/co-presenters have received the information for joining their session in advance of the scheduled date.

eLearning Session Format:

  • All presenters/panelists should log on 15 minutes before the session start time. An OATUG staff member will open the session, help to set up the presentation, and run a tech check.
  • You will be responsible for sharing your screen with your presentation slides. Please make sure that all background apps, programs that will have pop-ups or sounds, and distracting windows are closed.
  • An OATUG staff member will help to facilitate your session. At the start of the session, the staff member will welcome participants and provide brief instructions.
  • For one-hour sessions, plan for 45-50 minutes of content, with 10-15 minutes for Q&A.
  • The attendees will be muted throughout the presentation, but they can ask questions through the chat window.
  • After your presentation is finished, the OATUG staff member help facilitate the Q&A.

 Presentation Slide Decks:

  • All eLearning presenters are required to use the official OATUG eLearning PowerPoint template for OATUG eLearning presentations.
  • The first slide is to be used for your presentation title, your name, and your company.
  • You may include one slide for your presenter information and one slide for your company’s information and logo.
  • The remaining slides must only contain the eLearning agenda and content of your presentation.
  • You may not use your company’s logo on any slides other than your company information slide. If you do place your logo on additional slides, the presentation will be returned to you for correction.
  • You may include a slide with your “thank you” and contact information so that attendees can connect with you.
  • We recommend keeping the graphics on your slides simple and clear.
  • Save your final presentation slides file in PDF format and send it to Speaker Programs or submit through our eLearning Form, prior to your eLearning presentation.