How an OATUG Star Partner is Solving Problems--#ProblemSolved!

By Deborah Grant posted 04-10-2020 15:44


Today OATUG is sharing an open letter from one of our 2-Star Partner members, Insum Inc., as part of our OATUG #ProblemSolved CampaignCOVID-19 #problemsolved
In these difficult times, there is something we can do to help. As you probably already know, we have developed a platform, free of charge, to try to help those on the first line of defense fighting the Corona virus. The objective is simple: to quickly connect those that have access to masks, gowns, gloves and any other personal protective equipment, to those that need them. While it might be for staff working in hospitals, think also of the people taking care of your deliveries, working in day cares, grocery stores and many others.

We know that eventually there will be a bigger player or a better initiative that will take its place, but the need is now, the emergency is today. Time is of the essence.

I am therefore personally asking each one of you to share the link with as many people as you can. Use your social networks, share with your family and friends. If every one of us shares this, we will surely help in the fight against COVID-19.

Furthermore, if you or someone you know wants to help, know that it is possible to make masks at home, and many facilities are ready to accept them! It’s all explained in this video :

For more information on how to make masks, and find organizations in need, see the « I want to Help » « DIY projects » section on the site

Please, help make a difference, share the info.  

Thank you,

Monty Latiolais