Presenting Dan Thurmon, OATUG FORUM Online Keynote Speaker

By Deborah Grant posted 04-14-2020 18:28


Please welcome...Dan Thurmon!

In these exceptional times, called upon to change how we manage so many aspects of our lives, most of us feel at least a little bit out of kilter. So to deliver a big dose of much needed energy to help OATUG members move forward in work and personal life, we've invited Dan Thurmon as a keynote speaker at OATUG Forum Online, our live event beginning next Monday and continuing through May 1st .

Dan's keynote will be unlike any other virtual presentation you've ever seen. Live stunts! Acrobatics! Knife throwing and more! Seriously, we are going to have a ton of fun while learning to go with the flow, roll with the punches, and hit our stride again. How to manage life transitions is a specialty of Dan's. "Off Balance on Purpose" is both his philosophy and the title of his book.

Dan Thurmon

Author, Hall of Fame speaker, and a recognized expert in delivering peak performances on stage and in the workplace, Dan Thurmon has presented to audiences of thousands across six continents: for business leaders, at TEDx Talks, to troops on the front lines, and even for royalty. He shares his understanding that we never achieve perfect balance, and instead, he encourages us to relinquish the idea of perfection, embrace uncertainty, and initiate positive changes leading to authentic growth. 

There is no better time to connect with fellow Oracle users about how they are remapping strategies to help organizations adapt right now. This online conference will give you unprecedented access to Oracle user experts, product teams, certified Oracle consultants, and more. Join us at OATUG Forum Online to drink up some much needed inspiration as fuel for making helpful changes both for yourself and for your company.