Transforming Our Performance on the Job

By Kathleen Fauerbach posted 03-10-2020 00:00


Kathleen Fauerbach, President of Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group (OATUG), shares this message in the introduction to our Spring issue of OATUG's Insight Magazine, distributed each quarter to our Oracle user members. As a special gift, we at OATUG are sharing this full issue with everyone, both members and nonmembers. We want to give you the chance to review some of the exclusive content you can access once you become a full member of OATUG. For nonmembers, you can subscribe to Oracle-related news updates and more.
“It is a big year for EBS users, and one in which we simply cannot sit back and relax. We must move forward, and when it comes to being on the job, we need to be prepared with insight, answers and vetted results," says Kathleen Fauerbach, President of OATUG.

Many of us entered this year with an extra measure of excitement. There was just something special in the air as we entered the new decade, wasn’t there? For me, some of that excitement came from two opportunities: stepping into the role of OATUG President and welcoming COLLABORATE 20 attendees back to Las Vegas.

After so much transformation within our OATUG organization last year – new name, new look, new website, new ways to connect – I would like to think we can slow down for a minute. But as most of us know from working with technology, that is never the case. We need to anticipate and be ready for the next “adventure.”

It is a big year for EBS users, and one in which we simply cannot sit back and relax. We must move forward, and when it comes to being on the job, we need to be prepared with insight, answers and vetted results. Our leaders on the job are looking to us to be the leaders in our field to take our organizations further.

As Oracle sunsets its premier support for 12.1.3, is your roadmap laid out for an upgrade to 12.2.x? Will you be going further to a fusion or cloud migration?
If you are already on 12.2, what lessons did you learn along the way that can help others move smoothly through this process? What did you wish you knew then that you know now? Are you willing to share your story?

If you are at COLLABORATE 20, you are going to see a lot of information prepping you for this on-the-job transformation. Not going to be there? OATUG has plenty of ways we can help you connect. You will read about some of them in this issue.

And don’t forget, we developed The Hub just for you, our online community where we can “collaborate” year-round.

It is this larger community connecting one another, both online and at events, no matter where we are on our journey, that inspired me to become a volunteer with OATUG, and, eventually, what brought me to this role as our president.

We have so much in store for you at the conference! Of course, we’ll bring the high quality education and stellar networking opportunities OATUG is known for, and we also have several new things this year: our new Ignite sessions were designed to pack a lot of punch in packaged, consolidated presentations; new attendee “journeys” can help you navigate the best sessions and networking events based on your goals; and Oracle Customer Advisory Board (CAB) sessions come to COLLABORATE for the first time and are open to all our attendees –a truly unique opportunity.

As we progress through the year, we will have more in store for you in our education department – all with the end goal of growing you professionally and transforming your path to grow on the job.

I hope to see you at COLLABORATE 20 in April to experience all the new opportunities for you and your team!

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