When Corporate Giving Isn’t Just the Good Thing – It’s the Right Thing


By Linsey Wisdom posted 05-28-2020 15:43


While I have worked with OATUG for a year and half, now, supporting both the board and the membership, I came from the world of board management in non-profits. I have a little first-hand knowledge here.

Corporate philanthropy is merely that act of giving. To be honest, it can make you feel good and possibly give your organization a little exposure, maybe some free marketing. What I have experienced since working with OATUG is this group gets it. The members of OATUG take it one step further – social responsibility.

This organization isn’t giving for potentially mutually beneficial gains – OATUG gives to a non-profit where our events are held. It isn’t for the praise or notices or exposure; it’s just because it is the right thing to do.

The power of a lot of people contributing just a little makes a big difference, and the members have an opportunity to do that each time we come together as a community.

This year, OATUG selected Operation Homefront, an organization that supports families of active duty military and veterans, as its charity of choice for the April event. In previous years, the Geos and SIGs hosted Build-A-Bike events supporting youth. When it was shared with OATUG that there were veterans that had no mobility in Las Vegas to get access to critical resources – our hearts moved to building bikes for adults.

The postponement of our in-person event didn’t pause this desire to give back.

As Memorial Day approached, the idea was launched to just host a donation campaign as we could not gather in person to build bikes! OATUG can still support veterans and military families, and what better time of the year? We realized that both belts and budgets are tight, but if many can give a little, we can make a great impact. To encourage the “many” givers, board members authorized OATUG to give, through the end of this month, $1 per donation for the first 500 donors.

Because giving isn’t just the good thing – it is the right thing.

We may not have seen each other in person as we had hoped to in April, but we can still impact a community.

Here is the ask – We know its tough times for everyone. Those in need, however, have a greater need than ever.

If you have a few dollars to spare (maybe the money you are saving on gas now that we are all working from home!) OR if you can simply spread the word by sharing this link: www.oatug.org/operationhomefront

We, as a user community, can still support a community of those in need.

About the Author

Linsey_WisdomLinsey Wisdom, is the OATUG Governance Support and Member Engagement Manager. In the fall of 2018, Linsey joined OATUG. In her role, Linsey employs her excellent multi-tasking abilities to coordinate meetings, project manage different projects for the organization while also providing exceptional administrative support for the OATUG team.