Board Candidate: Rhianna Albert


Rhianna Albert
Corporate Associate User (Accenture)
Lexington, South Carolina

Professional Role & Oracle Products Used

I am the COO of the Oracle South Market Unit working cross-pillar in HCM, ERP and CX. I have over 2 decades of experience supporting, developing and implementing Oracle on-prem and SaaS applications. I frequently serve as a subject matter advisor internally, to clients and to Oracle product teams. I spend a lot of time educating on cloud and think this would be a great way to further increase that mission.

What makes the OATUG mission meaningful to you?

OATUG is about education and powering progress, which is most meaningful to me. I have been a lifetime learner and have grown up in the world of Oracle---originally as a developer and administrator, and then as a consultant. I also think I can really help bring focus to some of the cloud applications, as I have deep knowledge in CX, and I am well versed in ERP and HCM. Bringing them together in XaaS or EaaS motions is one of my passions.

Why are you running for the Board, and what skills, connections, resources and expertise do you have to offer the organization?

I want to be more involved in growing this community and helping to educate others. My skills as a consultant, previous board member in other organizations, connections with Oracle product management, development, and sales, as well as my network are only a few things I have to offer. I am also one of only a handful of Oracle Aces that are very focused on cloud. This is a title that I was nominated for by Oracle Product development and vetted for by Oracle and others. I maintain a level of activity that adheres to their standards and continue to be recognized for my contributions. I am also very outspoken, friendly, and organized to name a few additional assets I can bring to OATUG.

Other OATUG and Volunteer Experience:

I do not have any current volunteer roles with OATUG due to covid but would love to help more. I have started attending more events online and hope to be at the next in-person event. Previously, I spoke at Collaborate and attended many Open Worlds, Modern CX events, Right now conferences. I am currently working with Oracle on three possible speaking engagements in the next 6 months. I have been on boards for personal activities like PTO, an HOA, a non-profit in my community for more than 10 years, and helped facilitate the New York area RightNow user group.