Board Candidate: Biju Thomas

Biju Thomas
Corporate Associate Member (Data Intensity)

Professional Role & Oracle Products Used

I lead the Oracle practice at Data Intensity as Vice President (Innovation). Data Intensity is a professional and managed services organization focused on Oracle workloads. I help customers migrate their workloads to the cloud. Over the last decade, I've provided strategic leadership and cloud migration solutions for organizations globally with various Oracle technologies, including Oracle database, Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud database services, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure products. 

What makes the OATUG mission meaningful to you?

OATUG is the primary user group for E-Business Suite, cloud applications, and database technology. The monthly webinars and Ascend conference provide valuable user interaction and learning opportunities. OATUG facilitates connection between end users (Oracle Customers) and vendors. OATUG has close interaction with Oracle product managers and technology leaders, and their support to OATUG and user group is evident in the conferences. OATUG's relationship with Oracle and partner organizations is of immensely important to my organization in formulating a roadmap for Oracle EBS customers. 

Why are you running for the Board, and what skills, connections, resources and expertise do you have to offer the organization?

I like and want to give back to the community. I learn so much from user group events and conferences. I have been associated with OATUG for many years and want to help the board accomplish the mission of helping Oracle users and reaching out to new users. I have a good network of connections in X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn. I am active in social media, sharing Oracle technical content and tips. I have worn multiple Oracle technical hats - developer, DBA, Apps DBA, Solution Architect, and Cloud Architect. I want to influence Oracle with its strategic direction and continue helping the Oracle community. I want to focus on the "T" in OATUG. 

Other OATUG and Volunteer Experience:

I have been associated with OATUG for more than 15 years. I am a regular presenter at Collaborate and Ascend conferences. I was the secretary for the Dallas Oracle Users Group 2020-22. I am the co-founder of Quest Oracle Community Database SIG. I received my Oracle ACE membership in 2013 and was elevated to Oracle ACE Director in 2015 to recognize my contributions to the Oracle community. I speak at various conferences, including Oracle Cloud World. I enjoy attending conferences, talking to vendors and end-users, and networking events at the conferences - it's not just learning. I am also an author who published my first book in 2000.