Board Candidate: Gregory Raudenbush

Gregory Raudenbush
Corporate User Member (The Vanguard Group, Inc.)
Malvern, PA

Professional Role & Oracle Products Used

I am currently a Senior Accountant at Vanguard within the Corporate Financial Reporting department, primarily working with the General Ledger, Account Reconciliation, and Financial Consolidation and Close modules. I specialize in seed fund accounting, where I use the applications mentioned above to ensure complete and accurate financial reporting. Seed funds are sometimes consolidated due to ownership percentages, these ownership percentages change monthly due to internal/external investment activity. This requires regular adjustment within FCCS Ownership Management to ensure appropriate elimination upon consolidation and accurate calculations of non-controlling interest and currency translation adjustments.

What makes the OATUG mission meaningful to you?

The OATUG mission aligns to my personal and professional mindset, as making meaningful progress requires hard work, perseverance, and utilization of the resources around you. I continuously strive to learn from OATUG peers and experts to enhance our Oracle processes and pass the knowledge along to my team. Oracle applications are deeply rooted in our business, and it requires an amount of knowledge that can’t be possessed by a single individual. For this reason, it’s important that information is shared through the appropriate channels, like OATUG, in order to make meaningful change and improvement within business. 

Why are you running for the Board, and what skills, connections, resources and expertise do you have to offer the organization?

I am running for Board because I enjoy learning and helping people. This role will help me better serve the Oracle community and deliver on the goal of making progress. My area of work requires an extensive understanding of accounting and Oracle applications, and ultimately, how to bridge these areas when issues arise. As mentioned above, I co-serve as Global Process Owner of FCCS at Vanguard, which involves regular collaboration with other Oracle module owners, measuring progress of continuous improvement, and sharing best practices for process change management. Working for a large company like Vanguard, I have been privy to, and worked on, a multitude of situations that could be occurring at other organizations where they could use assistance.

Other OATUG and Volunteer Experience:

I am quite new to OATUG, joining this past summer of 2022, however I am fully committed to joining and participating in future OATUG volunteer events. I’ve attended the previous Cloud EPM & Hyperion Week and read OATUG articles regularly. In my current role as Senior Accountant at Vanguard, I regularly assist with Cloud EPM products, specifically Financial Consolidation and Close (FCCS), where I co-serve as Global Process Owner.