Board Candidate: Heather Nemelka

Heather Nemelka
Corporate Associate Member (Spinnaker Support)
Denver, CO

Professional Role & Oracle Products Used

I'm currently head of Global Field Marketing at Spinnaker Support.  I help Oracle users learn how they can optimize their IT ecosystems and get better Oracle support. We currently support most Oracle products and specialize in support for legacy Oracle software, giving our clients upgrade and migration flexibility.

What makes the OATUG mission meaningful to you?

OATUG maximizes customers' investments in Oracle and partner solutions.  As an associate partner, I want to be sure our services provide the best support to Oracle users.  We recognize how important the OATUG is and work to earn trust and align with its mission.

Why are you running for the Board, and what skills, connections, resources and expertise do you have to offer the organization?

I am running for the Board because I am passionate about helping others maximize their tech potential.  I'm skilled in seeing others' potential and helping them maximize their abilities.  As a former leader at Amazon Web Services and Domo, I have an extensive network of technical and non-technical former colleagues who are always teaching me new things.  I'm an avid reader and always looking to learn and discover ways to use my resources to help others.  As someone who is passionate about helping others build cloud fluency and technical efficiencies, I would be honored to infuse this passion into the OATUG Board.

Other OATUG and Volunteer Experience:

After joining Spinnaker Support three months ago, I've had the opportunity to attend Blueprint 4D and Ascend conferences and speak to multiple Oracle users and learn about their pain points. I've served in the past on two advisory boards: Evergreen Heritage Foundation, and Canyon Crest Community Council (as co-chairman).  I currently serve on the Board of Directors for Bear River Mutual and on its audit and finance committees.  I volunteered with Boy Scouts of America for nearly 4 years and PTA for over 4 years.  I currently mentor high school girls as part of SheTech and Women's Tech Council.