Board Candidate: Richard "RJ" Stevens


Richard "RJ" Stevens
Individual Associate Member (Danggene Consulting LLC)

Professional Role & Oracle Products Used

I am currently the owner and principal consultant of Danggene Consulting LLC. I focus on EBS Consulting, Project Management, and Professional Speaking on Emerging Leaders and Leadership. 

What makes the OATUG mission meaningful to you?

OATUG holds a special significance for me because of its commitment to fostering a sense of community and collaboration among its members. The organization brings together the greatest minds in the industry to share knowledge, work together, and experience the joy of such collaboration. As a professional, I find mentorship and professional development opportunities with young and new-to-us professionals energizing and inspiring. By continuing to find success, I am able to give back to the community and help shape the future of the industry. I personally enjoy OATUG's focus on collaboration and professional development, which makes it a valuable resource for any business looking to move to the forefront of informed decision-making.

Why are you running for the Board, and what skills, connections, resources and expertise do you have to offer the organization?

I aim to continue the great work of the board. I will use my roll-up-your sleeves work ethic as well as my analytical skills to help propel OATUG through the hurdles we face in the coming years. I will always keep my drive to support the Emerging Leaders' committee through growth and change while engaging, informing, and collaborating with the diverse wealth of knowledge that comprises the OATUG Board of Directors.

Other OATUG and Volunteer Experience:

I am lucky to have been a Director, Emerging Leaders Chair, Co-chair, and Conference Planning Committee member. I have attended every annual OATUG conference since starting my career, including 18 OATUG presentations and 5 OATUG webinars. I also volunteer with local youth basketball and soccer organizations.