Board Candidate: Sambit Misra

Sambit Misra
Corporate Associate Member (Argano)

Professional Role & Oracle Products Used

I serve as Vice President at Argano’s Oracle tower. In my current role, I am the Global Head of ERP Cloud team. Beyond ERP Cloud, Argano Oracle Tower has many customers across EBS, JDE, CX, CPQ, EPM, HCM. Currently in Oracle tower, we do support customers across all these Oracle products. My role gives a great opportunity to get a three-fold experience of working with these products, interacting with variety of customers using these Oracle products and with various players inside Oracle. 

What makes the OATUG mission meaningful to you?

OATUG is a very powerful organization which brings in various Oracle customer users to a common platform. With my background of Onprem applications of Oracle and being an early adopter into Cloud, one exciting part of my role is serving as a Client Partner in Blueprinting and strategizing future roadmap for customers initiatives, based on Industry best practices. This involves detailed digital transformative review and making a business case for either quick wins to derive efficiencies in Onprem or, going for hybrid Cloud or, migration over to Cloud. I very strongly believe in the OATUG’s mission and how it ties back closely for customers to maximize ROIs for the investments in Oracle solutions. 

Why are you running for the Board, and what skills, connections, resources and expertise do you have to offer the organization?

As someone who moved over from Industry to Consulting, I was fortunate to have Oracle experience in multiple verticals of Manufacturing, Engineering, HiTech, Telecom, Distribution, Retail and Energy. Having served engagements across 30 countries gives me the experience of understanding the unique needs across geographies. I am recognized within the Oracle professional community for broad depth of product knowledge, and ability to successfully deploy leading business practices. Because of this long stint as Digital Innovation & Transformation Advisor to multiple clients varying sizes from Fortune 500 to small organizations, I have forged in strong connections in Industry and inside Oracle (Sales, Solutions and Product Development). In my opinion, in today’s world, the connections and ability to pull in resources inside Oracle is equally important for any user organization. It helps to channelize the user voices, tap into the right direction in terms of education and expertise. 

Other OATUG and Volunteer Experience:

I would be relatively new to OATUG per se but have had many volunteer, leadership and conference experiences. My interests are varied and span across to other areas also.  A trained Soccer and Robotics coach for non-profit organizations like i9, Eclipse and FLL. I have been serving as a District Planning Board member of the Fort Bend school district for 3 years to advise and roadmap on future initiatives. I am a member of the Houston User Group (HUG) for JDE. Have been a presenter in such organizations like HUG, Blueprint. A regular to Oracle Cloud World, I am presenting again this year next week. Beyond this I actively contribute as author and customer success spotlight panelist for Argano and earlier employer Inspirage. A regular at the Oracle Field Advisory Board, I do have monthly and quarterly cadence calls with Oracle Sales, Strategy and Product Development.