Board of Directors-Meet the Candidates


Meet the Candidates!

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name with their response to: "Why are you running for the Board, and what skills, connections, resources and expertise do you have to offer the organization?"

Click on the links after each response to read about their professional role and Oracle product usage, why the OATUG mission is meaningful to them, and their previous experience with OATUG and other volunteer roles.

Eligible voters, check your inbox for the ballot delivered from “Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group <” Contact for any questions.

Rhianna Albert
I want to be more involved in growing this community and helping to educate others. My skills as a consultant, previous board member in other organizations, connections with Oracle product management, development, and sales, as well as my network are only a few things I have to offer. I am also one of only a handful of Oracle Aces that are very focused on cloud. This is a title that I was nominated for by Oracle Product development and vetted for by Oracle and others. I maintain a level of activity that adheres to their standards and continue to be recognized for my contributions. I am also very outspoken, friendly, and organized to name a few additional assets I can bring to OATUG. (More)

Miriam Arora
I would like to see OATUG become more active with its members in terms of professional development, mentorship, resource sharing, and small groups. (More)

Lee Edwards
Since joining OATUG it has worked as a launch pad for me to grow professionally, engage with a large community, and have a reliable knowledge base to advance my skills. I want to give back to the community by taking my own experiences and the feedback from other members to help OATUG provide the most value possible and successfully fulfill its vision and mission statements.

I have experience using both EBS and HCM Cloud allowing me to provide insight for customers of both products. I have worked with people from across the world giving me perspective into the challenges that people face regionally and from different backgrounds. My experience as a project manager has given me valuable skills that apply to all professional paths, allowing me to communicate with people from various technical and functional backgrounds. (More)

David Flitton

I would like to give back to the OATUG, using my 23 years of Oracle EBS and Cloud implementation experience as well as my experience as a certified project manager and volunteer board member for other organizations.

In particular I would like to use my experience as Chair of the CIMA Canada Conference Committee to support the OATUG with conference planning and delivery activities.  In this role with CIMA I have used my relationships with Deloitte and EY to obtain sponsorship and speakers, so I am comfortable and experienced at taking off my “day job hat” to independently represent the interests of the volunteer board on which I serve.  This is important and necessary to make sure that I can effectively represent the interests of the OATUG.

I also have extensive relationships with Oracle sales and product development that can be leveraged to the benefit of the OATUG. (More) 

Gustavo Gonzalez
I want to be an OATUG board member to continue the work I've been executing with the executive team regarding a global strategy and expanding OATUG into LATAM (Mexico). The current inclusion of "Oracle Technology" makes me also the right candidate to bring a mix of Applications and Technology skills and expertise to the community. 

By running user groups in LATAM, as well as my interaction with Oracle Product Management teams, Customers would be precious for driving OATUG to its vision. Also, "being" an Oracle customer running technology and Cloud Apps will benefit OATUG to meet its idea of powering progress. (More)

Liz Hahn

I really enjoyed participating on the OATUG Board with a group of very dedicated, smart and interesting members.  The focus on the goal of improving, expanding and generating new interest in OATUG that was brilliantly administered by Ragan has been executed in a highly professional and effective manner. (More)

Amith Indurthi
Learn, Evaluate & Advise Customers on their Strategical Journey to Cloud. (More)

Vikas Khurana
I would like to spread the common goal of OATUG and self to others and make them appreciate the power of networking. 
I have lead competency building initiatives in various capacities and that would help to collaborate well with others. (More)

Emily Liu
I am running for the Board because I believe in Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group mission in empowering and educating not only each other, but others outside of the group. I have prior Big 4 experience, as well as within my current role, I have various engagements across industries which give me the opportunity to interact with a lot of companies. (More)

James Lui
I think outside boxes and support re-thinking about solutions.

  • Multi-role Coordination (Technical and Functional expertise)
  • Multi-User Group Leadership (OATUG, IOUG, Quest, Red Cross, CERT) (More)

Heather Nemelka

I am running for the Board because I am passionate about helping others maximize their tech potential.  I'm skilled in seeing others' potential and helping them maximize their abilities.  As a former leader at Amazon Web Services and Domo, I have an extensive network of technical and non-technical former colleagues who are always teaching me new things.  I'm an avid reader and always looking to learn and discover ways to use my resources to help others.  As someone who is passionate about helping others build cloud fluency and technical efficiencies, I would be honored to infuse this passion into the OATUG Board. (More)

Brian Pellegrin

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the OATUG Customer Support Council and my other volunteer efforts with the organization.  But at this point in my career I feel like my efforts are better served strategically where I can provide greater impact throughout the organization.  As my level of efforts have increased, I’ve always felt like I’ve received so much more in return in terms of experience, leadership, mentorship and collaboration.  I think becoming involved with the Board would offer me a greater chance to serve and to follow my passion of improved customer service and empowering people. (More)

Ravikanth Prabhu

As current chair of Cloud ERP SIG there is a critical need to support enterprises in their cloud journey to guide and support to expedite transition. I have been volunteering with OATUG for many years in various capacities as well have presented sessions in different topics specially in Oracle Cloud applications and Master Data Management which enables me to share this with broader OATUG audience. (More)

Gregory Raudenbush

I am running for Board because I enjoy learning and helping people. This role will help me better serve the Oracle community and deliver on the goal of making progress. My area of work requires an extensive understanding of accounting and Oracle applications, and ultimately, how to bridge these areas when issues arise. As mentioned above, I co-serve as Global Process Owner of FCCS at Vanguard, which involves regular collaboration with other Oracle module owners, measuring progress of continuous improvement, and sharing best practices for process change management. Working for a large company like Vanguard, I have been privy to, and worked on, a multitude of situations that could be occurring at other organizations where they could use assistance. (More)

Gagan Sehgal

As VP, ERP Strategy & Delivery and OATUG Council member I need to be actively involved and exert influence in the strategic direction and assist with policy formation in order to shape Oracle's trajectory, the HDR and Oracle Roadmap in general. Active member of the OAUTUG Council and ACS OCAB. Active cross-functional Oracle technologist for >25 years coupled with a very large Oracle Apps & Oracle services footprint at HDR makes me uniquely positioned to contribute. Natural progression to remain active in the OATUG. Strong inter-personal and networking skills, Have an established relationship with several Oracle leaders. (More)

Richard Stevens III
I am running for the OATUG Board of Directors to share my insight, knowledge, and experience with the OATUG community. As the Chair of the Emerging Leaders committee and long-time member, I believe I have a point of view that can help shape OATUG's future. Young leaders, new professionals, and experienced, but new to us professionals are the heart of OATUG's growth and future. I can and will serve these members, the OATUG community, and OATUG's Vision to the best of my ability. (More)

Jeremie Sumpman

To be part of the OATUG Board would be a new challenge, both personally and professionally. This challenge will help me grow and show my two young daughters that if you put your mind to anything, you can do it. This will broaden my horizon, meet new connections, share my expertise, and learn more about Oracle to help my company and others have successful relationships with their business applications. I will bring a fresh outlook to OATUG as we are less than two years from implementation of Oracle. I have experience doing allocations within PCM and ERP, consolidations between ERP and FCC, forecasting between FCC and Planning, reconciliations between ARCS and ERP, and financial statements using FCC. I have recently become the FCC (GPO. My love for learning, networking, taking on new tasks or coming up with ideas will be perfect for the OATUG Board. (More)

Shelby Thomas
My extensive experience with ERP systems expands over 20+ years in the technology industry, supporting HR benefits and financial modules. In my professional role, I consistently strive to promote and integrate Oracle “best practices” in all of our business processes throughout the organization and work in collaboration with business owners at all levels. I possess strong skills for analytical problem solving of complex issues and effectively meeting deadlines with competing priority. I look forward to the opportunity to serve on the board to share knowledge, expand skills and gain deeper insight on Oracle’s diverse group of business technology solutions. My participation will allow me the opportunity to participate with other community members and OATUG staff to ensure the overall goals for the organization are achieved and the strong working community of users is continually expanded. (More)

Fred Tingle
I've decided to run for the Board to continue my desire to help enrich our overall user community both locally as well as nationally/internationally through collaboration. I believe that sharing and mentoring is a foundational requirement of being part of a community which makes it about we and not me. I believe my experience and outside the box thought process could contribute to the overall success of the Organization. (More)

Anita Trnka
I would like to bring a new perspective to the board - one of a partner working with Oracle, not being a customer-of Oracle. It is a different experience, and we have different resources, needs, and expertise that I think could serve your members well. Additionally, it is easy for smaller partners to get "lost" in the Oracle ecosystem, and I can provide direction and support to those member organizations. I am also very organized and methodical, and I could offer those skills, as well! (More)