Board of Directors-Meet the Candidates

Meet the  Board of Directors Candidates for 2024

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name with their response to: "Why are you running for the Board, and what skills, connections, resources and expertise do you have to offer the organization?"

Click on the links after each response to read about their professional role and Oracle product usage, why the OATUG mission is meaningful to them, and their previous experience with OATUG and other volunteer roles.

Eligible voters, check your inbox on Wednesday, September 20, for the ballot delivered from “Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group <” Contact elections staff for any questions.

Rhianna Albert
I have been on boards for PTO, HOA and local networking, educational groups as well as running a CLT area Coder Dojo teaching python, HTML, CSS and more to high school students. I am an Oracle Ace Pro and work closely with Oracle COEs, product managers, Sales and partner alliances. I am active on LinkedIn, twitter, the oracle communities and more. I really enjoy helping others and understanding what drives them to want to learn more about any topic. I have also done event planning as a "plus one" at several partners for conferences, local events, online and networking. (More)

Felecia Alston-Green
Felecia Green desires to continue to serve on the OATUG board to provide a voice for Oracle users in the areas of education, knowledge sharing, and partnerships with Oracle and other organizations.  Felecia has more than 15 years of experience working with Oracle e-Business Suite and other Oracle applications including implementations, upgrades, and support for the public sector. Felecia is a distinguished leader in her organization focused on providing emerging innovative technology. Felecia Green desires to continue to serve on the OATUG board to provide a voice for Oracle users in the areas of education, knowledge sharing, and partnerships with Oracle and other organizations. (More)

Dianne DeNezza

I am running for re-election to the OATUG Board for the opportunity to continue to be an advocate and a voice for the Oracle user community. As current OATUG President, I have seen first-hand the impact and difference this “one voice” of the user community can make. As an OATUG Board member for the last 5 years and experience with users’ groups, both product and industry based, I believe I can promote the sharing of knowledge, ideas and experiences among Oracle users.  With 25+ years of experience with Oracle E-Business Suite and recent implementation of Oracle HCM Cloud, I believe my experience and user perspective will enable me to represent interests of the Oracle community. This is an exciting time for OATUG to continue as the source for Oracle application and technology users and I look forward to the opportunity to strengthen and grow the mission of the organization.  (More) 

Mohan Dutt

I believe this is a watershed moment now for all Oracle user groups to chart their direction.  I have been involved in building a strategic plan for OATUG for the next three years. I want to continue as an active member of the OATUG Board to implement the vision and goals for OATUG. I see myself as a prototypical OATUG member undergoing business transformation using Oracle products. I will use my connections in Oracle community to recruit new OATUG members from both Oracle user and Oracle partner networks. Lastly, I would continue my volunteer role as Ascend 2024 Agenda Chair to deliver a great event experience for all attendees. (More) 

Manjula Ganapathi

Having worked with Oracle Applications and Technology for more than 25 years in various roles, would love to contribute and serve OATUG community, and the Board.  Really passionate in giving back to the community and this will be a great forum to contribute the skills, knowledge and connect with the community. Have in-depth functional and technical skills in E-Business Suite, and skill set also includes, extending Oracle Applications using OAF technology, Developing Mobile solutions, Extending Enterprise Command Center, Integration of E-Business Suite with Service Now, and other 3rd party Applications. (More)

David Flitton

I would like to give back to the OATUG, using my 23 years of Oracle EBS and Cloud implementation experience, as well as my experience as a certified project manager and volunteer board member for other organizations. 
I would like to use my experience as Chair of the CIMA Canada Conference Committee to support the OATUG 
with conference planning and delivery activities.  In this role with CIMA I have used my relationships with Deloitte, EY and others to obtain sponsorship and speakers, so I am comfortable and experienced at taking off my “day job” hat to independently represent the interests of the volunteer board on which I serve.  This is important and necessary to make sure that I can effectively represent the interests of the OATUG. 
I also have extensive relationships with Oracle sales and product development that can be leveraged to the 
benefit of the OATUG. (More)

Linda Hemingway
I would like to learn anything that can help my fellow co-workers use the system better. Helping others is really what makes my day.  (More)

Vikas Khurana
I would like to spread the common goal of OATUG and self to others and make them appreciate the power of networking. I have lead competency building initiatives in various capacities and that would help me collaborate well with others. I would be sharing my experiences of large transformational programs and multiple other initiatives I am part of. (More)

Sambit Misra
As someone who moved over from Industry to Consulting, I was fortunate to have Oracle experience in multiple verticals of Manufacturing, Engineering, HiTech, Telecom, Distribution, Retail and Energy. Having served engagements across 30 countries gives me the experience of understanding the unique needs across geographies. I am recognized within the Oracle professional community for broad depth of product knowledge, and ability to successfully deploy leading business practices. Because of this long stint as Digital Innovation & Transformation Advisor to multiple clients varying sizes from Fortune 500 to small organizations, I have forged in strong connections in Industry and inside Oracle (Sales, Solutions and Product Development). In my opinion, in today’s world, the connections and ability to pull in resources inside Oracle is equally important for any user organization. It helps to channelize the user voices, tap into the right direction in terms of education and expertise.  (More)

Dennis Nelson

I am running for the OATUG Board primarily as a way to give back to an organization that has helped me succeed in multiple roles and Oracle products.  The primary skills I have are those of an Oracle Application user, developer, and manager as well as someone with a strong cybersecurity and GRC background.  I believe I could help bring a focus to making Oracle technologies and applications more secure, better governed, and compliant. (More)

Jerri ODell

My Oracle journey spans over two decades, where I've fulfilled pivotal roles in support and leadership capacities for prominent companies in the Tulsa area.  My recent four-and-a-half-year tenure has seen the successful implementation of over 25 Oracle Fusion ERP/EPM Cloud modules, with a triumphant go-live in July 2021. This rich experience positions me as a seasoned Oracle practitioner, equipped with profound insights and an earnest desire to engage in meaningful collaboration within the dynamic OATUG user community. (More)

Peter Rinde

In this era of rapid business transformation, the landscape evolves at an unprecedented pace.  Products and services available to OATUG members in today's dynamic market requires collaborative partnerships and a need on collective wisdom more than ever. It is with great enthusiasm that I seek to expand my involvement within OATUG, aspiring to advance its mission, enrich members’ experiences, and optimizing value with industry partners and service providers.
In return, I will gain invaluable insights and experiences that will enhance my ability to lead and execute my 
responsibilities as the head of Business Applications Services Department at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). At JPL, my team shoulders the responsibility of supporting over 100 enterprise applications, a responsibility entrusted to nearly 100 IT professionals. Our commitment to continuously delivering business capabilities through effective leadership and support positions me to offer substantial service to OATUG and its members. (More)

Thomas Simkiss

I have run a consulting practice for the better part of 15 years across several organizations.  I am an Oracle ACE and am a frequent contributor via Webinars and at in person events.  My company does use Oracle Cloud, so I am a customer even though I provide Oracle services.  I know the organization usually likes end users in this role, but I truly think that what we need right now is a Board member that is not afraid to make some hard decisions and deliver a message that is direct and beneficial to the members.  We need new ideas, new approaches, and new ways to connect. (More)

Michael Stefanavage

I am running for the OATUG Board because I truly see the impact that a global community can collectively have to a set of tools.  I believe that as a member of the Board I can add value by increasing collaboration and promoting content that is relevant to members within OATUG.  Throughout my professional career I have built relationships with technical and functional users of Oracle technologies and have leveraged those connections to share and implement ideas that increase the value realized by my organization and the organizations of my peer network.  I have worked on cross-functional teams for most of my career and can effectively listen, interpret, negotiate, adapt, and leverage the individual strengths of team members working on a common goal. (More)

Richard "RJ" Stevens

I aim to continue the great work of the board. I will use my roll-up-your sleeves work ethic as well as my analytical skills to help propel OATUG through the hurdles we face in the coming years. I will always keep my drive to support the Emerging Leaders' committee through growth and change while engaging, informing, and collaborating with the diverse wealth of knowledge that comprises the OATUG Board of Directors. (More)

Biju Thomas

I like and want to give back to the community. I learn so much from user group events and conferences. I have been associated with OATUG for many years and want to help the board accomplish the mission of helping Oracle users and reaching out to new users. I have a good network of connections in X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn. I am active in social media, sharing Oracle technical content and tips. I have worn multiple Oracle technical hats - developer, DBA, Apps DBA, Solution Architect, and Cloud Architect. I want to influence Oracle with its strategic direction and continue helping the Oracle community. I want to focus on the "T" in OATUG. (More)