Database Upgrade Week


As databases continue to evolve to include ever-expanding features, they also become even more complicated. On top of all the daily challenges of maintaining a high-performance database, now you must be sure the data is available 24/7, compatible with other systems, and secure. This educational week is designed to provide IT directors, DBAs and developers of every experience level with the tools to productively and creatively administer your data  on-premise or in the cloud.  With Oracle stopping support for Database 12c in July 2022, this deep dive will include sessions with everything you need to know before, during, and after your upgrade. 

Each day will feature sessions focused on a specific topic:

  • Monday: Overview & New Features
  • Tuesday: Upgrades, plus the Virtual Happy Hour
  • Wednesday: Performance
  • Thursday: Security
  • Friday: Cloning & New Issues
Presentation times: 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm ET

This Virtual Education Week Features:

  • 15 live presentations (available later for on-demand viewing) including Oracle-led product roadmaps, real-world customer stories, and tech sessions
  • The opportunity to earn CPE credits during the live broadcast of sessions (credits cannot be awarded for viewing recordings)
  • A virtual happy hour (5:00 pm ET Tuesday)
  • Access to an exclusive online community for deeper dialogue and Q&A with speakers and other attendees

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Database Upgrade Week Pricing

Monday, February 28: Overview & New Features

11 am - 12 pm ET

General Overview for Oracle Database Upgrade Week

Ahmed Alomari, Cybernoor

This session will go over some of the highlighted sessions for OATUG Database Upgrade Week. The session will also cover the 19c database upgrade process for E-Business Suite as well as highlight the key new features of the Oracle 19c Database. The session will also present tips and techniques to address performance issues introduced post upgrade.

1 pm - 2 pm ET

New Features in Oracle Database In-Memory

Andy Rivenes, Oracle

Join Oracle Product Management in a session that will take the attendee through the latest features of Database In-Memory. This session will provide a quick review of Database In-Memory and then will focus on the new features introduced in Oracle Database 19c and 21c. Oracle Database In-Memory is targeted specifically at speeding up analytic queries by orders of magnitude over traditional row-based queries. However, it can be hard to appreciate all of the features that Database In-Memory uses to make this happen. This session will highlight the key new features and explain how they work.

3 - 4 pm ET

Back to Basics: Database Upgrade - from Zero to Hero

Roy Swonger, Oracle

You never did a database upgrade? Or you did one but many years ago with a strange GUI tool? No worries - in 45 minutes you'll get to see and hear everything you need to know to complete successful databases upgrades. You don't have to become an expert as upgrades can be very simple. AutoUpgrade will be your vehicle - and you can do dozens and hundreds of upgrades fully unattended. We will guide you - and make you an AutoUpgrade expert in 45 minutes. This won't be the usual "all is great" marketing presentation. We will show a demo and equip you with the perfect best practices to make your database upgrade a total success.

Tuesday, March 1: Upgrades

11 am - 12 pm ET

Database Roadmap & Strategy

Markus Michalewicz, Oracle

The Oracle Database is the world’s leading database technology. Time over time Oracle Database has brought innovations to the data management space that have revolutionized the way how we store and manage data and how we derive value from it. Thousands of customers worldwide trust Oracle to run their businesses on, from the regular day-to-day data retrieval operations to some of the world’s largest and most demanding workloads. With every release of the Oracle Database, the boundaries of what’s possible are pushed further. In this session, you will learn more about the road that lies ahead for Oracle Database and how it will help you to meet the needs of your customers from tomorrow. 

1 - 2 pm ET

Oracle Database 19c Upgrade Methods and Tips

Biju Thomas, Data Intensity

There is more than one way to upgrade your Oracle database to the supported version. The most logical version to upgrade your database is 19c. The latest release is 21c, but we do not want you to upgrade your database to 21c. But, I will share a few cool 21c features that are backported to 19c, in various Release Updates (RU). This session will discuss upgrading your database and the nuances to watch in each upgrade method. 

3 - 4 pm ET

Time to Upgrade: Taking Your EBS Database to 19c

Mike Brown, Bluestar Group

Oracle Database 19c was certified for E-Business Suite in late summer 2019. This means companies have until July 2022 to complete their upgrade to 19c in order to avoid paying extended support fees.
This presentation will review the process of upgrading from to 19c in an E-Business Suite 12.2 environment. It will discuss the architectural changes done as part of the database upgrade including moving from a CDB with a single PDB.
This updated session will include a discussion of the changes to cloning that you will need to make.

5 - 6 pm ET

Database Upgrade Week Happy Hour

Wednesday, March 2: Performance

11 am - 12 pm ET

EBS 19c Database Upgrade Panel

Sandra Vucinic, Vlad Group (moderator)

Please join us for an EBS 19c Database Upgrade Panel in which we will review the latest certified database versions with EBS, support date details and 19c database upgrade news. We will share “real world” experiences, tips and techniques for 19c database upgrade for EBS customers and answer your 19c database upgrade questions during the Q&A with our panelists.

1 - 2 pm ET

The Database SIG Presents the Applications Database Tuning Panel

Ahmed Alomari, Sameer Barakat, Mike Brown, Kaberi Nayak, Sandra Vucinic

This panel will address real world performance issues encountered in E-Business Suite databases in depth and solutions, tips and tricks to resolve them. This panel of experienced database administrators will share their experiences focusing on recently encountered issues in E-Business Suite databases. This session provides a golden opportunity to both get your questions answered and to hear issues that other E-Business Suite users are encountering in their environments that can help you avoid similar impacts in your own.

3 - 4 pm ET

Inferring SQL Run Times and Analysis Using Raw ASH Data

Craig Shallahamer, Orapub

Imagine knowing SQL run times without instrumenting your application. That is exactly what I will teach you how to do by analyzing raw ASH data.
Suppose the support ticket shows, "This query takes 45 seconds!" How can you confirm that? Is 45 seconds unusual? Has it happened before? Perhaps there is a bad plan being used? What is a good plan for the SQL? Where in the application does the SQL reside? This is valuable information that creatively analyzing ASH data will reveal.
In this presentation, using ASH data, I will show you how to manually infer SQL run times. Then I'll show you how to use a simple yet flexible SQL script to analyze ASH data, infer SQL run times and report the results... even at the execution plan level. Next I'll show you how to analyze the run time samples using simple Python.
Join me as we explore one of the untapped analysis opportunities ASH data provides.

Thursday, March 3: Security

11 am - 12 pm ET

Oracle Security: Database & E-Business Suite Remedies for Your Vulnerable Attack Surfaces

Michael Barone, OATC

In 2018, Equifax’s security was breached, and 145 Million accounts (user-ids, passwords, SSN, Addresses, etc.) were stolen. Since then -- in 2019, 2020 and again in 2021 -- Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies were hacked. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) was stolen and sold on the dark-web. Additionally, large organizations were victims of ransom-ware. 

Many of these CIO, IT leaders and technology managers lost their jobs. Oracle has identified your security areas and perfected simple steps to improve security and reduce your security attack-surfaces:
  • Securing Authentication
  • Securing Authorization
  • Securing Data In-Flight
  • Securing Database Copies
  • DBSAT Database Security Assessment Tool

1 - 2 pm ET

Mitigating Oracle Data Protection Challenges from Ransomware

Thomas Stutesman, Pure Storage

Data protection failures and ransomware attacks have dominated recent headlines around the world. Organizations are spending millions of dollars as their systems are being held ransom. This session will discuss successful strategies in protecting systems and applications from attack with a focus on Oracle. It will also cover new application modernization techniques that will enhance protection and portability of your Oracle databases. 

3 - 4 pm ET

Stop Using Your Oracle Database Like It's 2005 (Converged Oracle Database)

Jeff Smith, Oracle

Recently we've heard a lot about Oracle being a converged database, but what exactly does that mean, and why should you care? If you're looking for the answers to these questions, this is the session for you! In this session, we invite you to take a peek under the hood of the converged Oracle Database to get a clear understanding of how our unique Multi-Model, Multi-Workload, Modularization approach works. With the use of live demos, we'll illustrate how a converged database can simplify your approach to data management and accelerate your AppDev.

Friday, March 4: Cloning & New Issues

11 am - 12 pm ET

EBS Cloning Panel

Sandra Vucinic, Vlad Group (moderator)

This panel will discuss differences between available release Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1 and R12.2 cloning methods. Advantages and disadvantages of  each cloning method will be discussed in depth. This panel of experienced database administrators will lead a discussion focusing on questions such as: “Which cloning method is best to use in your particular environment?” Attendees will gain practical knowledge, tips and tricks to assist with cloning R12.1 and R12.2 environments. We will also discuss cloning EBS version 12.2 with a Multitenant database 19c using Rapid Clone.

1 - 2 pm ET

After the Clone: Things adcfgclone Doesn't Do

James Morrow, BlueStone Solutions Group

Oracle's E-Business Suite cloning tool is a tremendous help in managing E-Business Suite environments and has been improving over time.  Unfortunately, there are still a number of things that it doesn't do.  Here we will discuss ways to produce a more complete and consistent clone of E-Business Suite.

3 - 4 pm ET

Top 10 Free Oracle Database Technologies

Erik Benner, Mythics

Learn about many of the free technologies you can use to improve database security, performance and deployment efficiency. We all know Oracle Database can be expensive, but it also comes with a ton of free technologies and tools that are often overlooked. This session looks at the most popular of these free tools, from tools like Enterprise Manager and SQL Developer, to features like In Memory (yes, there is a free version!), Multitenant (free is available there, too!) to development tools like APEX and ORDS.

CPE Credits for Database Upgrade Week

  • To receive CPE credit, when the week concludes simply download and complete the CPE Credit Form and send it to
  • Earn 1 CPE credit for every session you attend live. Credits cannot be awarded for viewing session recordings.

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