EPM Week
Developing a forecast, budget or plan, or closing the books is necessary to an organization’s financial well-being but isn’t sufficient to allow decision-makers to function more efficiently and to make better decisions. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions provide an architecture that supports financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting; consolidation and close; profitability and cost analysis; strategic modeling; and reporting and analysis. This week examines how on-prem and EPM Cloud solutions help improve decision making.

Each day will feature sessions focused on a specific track:

  • Monday: EPM Overview
  • Tuesday: Consolidations
  • Wednesday: Planning & Forecasting
  • Thursday: Integrations, plus the Virtual Happy Hour
  • Friday: Reporting

This Virtual Education Week Features:

  • 15 live webinars (available later for on-demand viewing) consisting of Oracle-led product roadmaps, real-world customer stories, and tech sessions
  • The opportunity to earn CPE credits during the live broadcast of sessions (credits cannot be awarded for viewing recordings)
  • A virtual Happy Hour
  • Access to an exclusive online community for deeper dialogue and Q&A with speakers and other attendees

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Monday, March 8: EPM Overview

11 am - 12 pm ET

SIG Overview & Welcome

Belen Ortiz, Tom Blakely, Kate Helmer, Scott Ritter, Autumn Morrice, Azmat Bhatti, Alberto Rodriguez, & Julie Jacobs

Join the OATUG EPM / Hyperion Special Interest Group to get an overview of the EPM Cloud & Hyperion Week's events and get to know the SIG and their work.

1 pm - 2 pm ET

Oracle EPM Strategy and Roadmap

Al Marciante, Oracle

This session explores in detail the overall strategy and solution delivery roadmap for Oracle EPM applications. The discussion covers all areas of EPM functionality including planning and budgeting, profitability and cost management, financial consolidation, financial close, external and internal reporting, and master data management in the cloud and on-premises.

3 - 4 pm ET

Unsure About Moving to the Cloud? Test Drive the Cloud with Oracle EPM's Planning & Budgeting

Hemal Parikh, NexInfo

This session will focus on showcasing key features and functionalities of the Planning & Budgeting Cloud product of Oracle. Special attention will be given to the benefits for FP&A users as well as the important considerations to keep in mind while designing with this application. Learn how to get started and how to get immediate benefits using Planning and Budgeting.

Tuesday, March 9: Consolidations

11 am - 12 pm ET

Connected Financial Close with Cloud EPM

Rich Wilkie, Oracle

Many of the world's largest organizations rely on Oracle Financial Close solutions to meet their complex and ever-changing financial and non-financial reporting requirements. But did you know that Oracle can also help lower the cost of compliance, shorten cycle times, improve data quality, and help bring together all departments for topical relevant connected reporting? This session explores how Oracle Cloud EPM can help you reimagine your close process to achieve better faster, more accurate results.

1 - 2 pm ET

Let's Talk Enterprise Data Management: Clearing Up Common Misconceptions about EDM

Kevin Black, Alithya

In this session, we will explore and debunk misconceptions, myths, and half-truths surrounding the Enterprise Data Management Cloud (EDM) product. We will discuss how EDM handles mastering of enterprise data assets, data governance, alignment of master data across applications, and integration capabilities with cloud and custom integrations. We will also touch on EDM vs. Data Relationship Management (DRM). Is EDM really “DRM in the Cloud”? Can EDM do everything DRM can do, and more? What does EDM do best? Come to this session to find out!

3 - 4 pm ET

FCCS Cash Flow and the Movement Dimension - From Load to Report

Cris Heceta, MindStream Analytics

Working with the FCCS Movement Dimension is not necessarily as intuitive as one might think - from data loads to ending balance types to roll forwards and/or adjustments - all to get to the final cash flow report. This session will help attendees envision how best to approach getting to cash flow reporting with the current capabilities of FCCS.

Wednesday, March 10: Planning & Forecasting

11 am - 12 pm ET

Integrating On-Prem Applications with Cloud EPM

Mike Casey, Oracle

It is very common that customers operate in Hybrid environments - where some of their applications are deployed on-premises while others are in the cloud. These can be either from a pure EPM perspective or from an overall solution view where ERP or other data sources remain on-premises. This session will discuss how EPM Cloud and Hyperion EPM on-premises can easily support your hybrid deployments both now and into the future.

1 - 2 pm ET

Sweetening the Forecast with Oracle EPM Planning: An R. Torre & Co Case Study

Tyler Feddersen, Performance Architects & David Cannon, R. Torre & Co.

Join Performance Architects and Torani as we take you through the implementation that brought offline planning and analytics into the cloud with Oracle EPM Planning. Throughout the presentation we will discuss the pre-project issues, project goals, and outcomes. One of the core features of the presentation will include an integration of data down to SKU, Customer, and Region levels to allow for transparent and detailed Planning-to-Actuals variances. Additionally, we will dive into the calculation logic (inclusive of allocations) which allow for an all-inclusive planning and forecasting experience.

3 - 4 pm ET

A Deep Dive into Complex PBCS Implementation in GE

Adam Kuklewski & Rajesh Shrestha, General Electric

In this session, GE EPM architects will discuss what types of challenges they faced during architecting and developing REFEREE - the most complex Planning application at GE - and how they managed to get it robust, fast, and flexible. The speakers will share a general overview of the architecture: cubes, hierarchies, and data and meta-data sources.
Attendees will also learn what makes it challenging and how we manage it, including:
- CRM based data and meta-data: how to subdue the beast of uncertainty
- Essbase block creation: is it really so challenging?
- Hierarchies with numerous members: how to squeeze 2.4E+14 potential member combination into a Planning Form and get results fast
- How to automate data flows between Actual and Planning scenarios: an intro into 'Bitmaps' concept and usage
- Complex calculations: Business Rule templates and 'Bitmaps' to make it leaner
- How to keep it secured and trackable: EPM automate to handle backups, usage, and audit logs exports

Thursday, March 11: Integrations + Happy hour

11 am - 12 pm ET

Connected Planning for the Enterprise with EPM Cloud

Mark Rinaldi, Oracle

Oracle Enterprise Planning is the world's premier Cloud solution for Planning and Budgeting with the EPM Cloud. Many of the world's largest organizations rely on Oracle Enterprise Planning solutions to meet their complex and dynamic financial and non-financial planning and budgeting requirements. This session provides an overview of this solution and an update on new and planned functionality.

1 - 2 pm ET

Target Hospitality Cloud Transformation with Data Integration

Fahad Qazi, Target Hospitality & Amit Sahasrabudhe, Huron Consulting Group

Target Hospitality was using multiple instances of QuickBooks for their accounting needs and relying heavily on manual manipulation in MS Excel for their budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting. In March of 2019, Target Hospitality became a publicly-traded company – the need for an integrated, end-to-end system with the ability to produce timely financial reports and SEC filings that satisfy regulations drove the decision to implement Oracle ERP and EPM (FCCS, EPBCS, and EPRCS). Created a unified system between Oracle ERP and EPM with consistent, auditable data across the entire platform by leveraging EPM Automate, EPM Integration Agent, and Data Management.

3 - 4 pm ET

GET REST and Relax: Recipes for the EPM Developer

Vijay Kurian, Huron Consulting

Perhaps one of the most consequential enhancements Oracle has made to EPM Cloud is the addition of REST APIs (Representational State Transfer) to its flagship products. These APIs provide users with a number of integration capabilities….from simple updates of substitution variables, to execution of data loads and running jobs. But where do we start? With practical examples and walkthroughs, this session will provide the new developer with insights into using these APIs for their day to day needs.

5 - 6 pm ET

EPM Week Wrap-up Panel and Happy Hour
hosted by huron

Panel Moderator: Todd Wegener, Sr. Consulting Director, Huron
Panelists: Al Marciante, Sr. Director Product Management, Oracle | Kate Helmer, Director, Huron | Amit Sahasrabudhe, Principal Architect, Huron | Fahad Qazi, VP, Business Applications, Target Hospitality

This Happy Hour & Panel will allow attendees to connect with one another and collaborate with Oracle, Huron, and business leaders to explore how EPM Cloud solutions help improve decision-making. Whether you’re taking a hybrid approach or cloud-only, you’ll have the opportunity to get answers and learn about which applications can offer the fastest, highest value, and most cost-effective ROI for your organization.

(This event only offered live.)

Friday, March 12: Reporting

11 am - 12 pm ET

From Soup to Nuts: Kroger’s Journey to Rebuild Their Financial Reporting

Noah Sexton & Elizabeth Ferrell, Kroger

This session will discuss Kroger’s efforts to modernize accounting and reporting, sharing some of the pain points and what ultimately led us to Dodeca being our primary reporting platform. We will cover a high level review of some of the user-facing reporting with examples, and share some features / time saving elements. Lastly, this session will cover some of the governance items we’re building in for admin type of functionality as well as the audit requirements.

1 - 2 pm ET

EPM Cloud – Simplifying Finance Function of an Organization with the Right Tool Set

Mahendra Padmaraju, Data Intensity

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud works across a variety of business verticals and simplifies the finance functions. The entire suite of Fusion EPM Cloud applications are equipped with all the required functionality including, but not limited to, planning, forecasting, budgeting, and reporting. Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) helps businesses to get the data from multiple ERPs and consolidate and generate the financial reporting in minutes. EPM Cloud suite of applications with ICS is an excellent solution to simplify finance functions and improve cash flow.

3 - 4 pm ET

Breaking Down All of the Oracle Reporting and Analytic Options

Opal Alapat, Interrel

Are you confused about all available Oracle reporting options? If Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning comes with an Essbase cube, why would I need Oracle Analytics Cloud Essbase? Do I need Oracle Analytics Cloud Business Intelligence if I'm using Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence? In this session, we will break down all of the available reporting solutions from Oracle and the use cases for each of them.

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