By Ash Owen posted 09-19-2023 10:15 AM


Revolutionizing Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Customizations: A New Approach

Are you an IT Technology leader, Architect, or Release Manager currently managing Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) customizations? Are you feeling burdened by the manual, error-prone processes? If so, this blog post is for you. Today, we’ll discuss a novel approach to the management, tracking, and automation of EBS customizations that will change the game.

The Challenges of Manual EBS Customizations

In the current landscape, meeting business requirements with Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) often requires substantial customization. This process, while necessary, is inherently error-prone and time-consuming, with changes across test and production environments. To add to these complexities, manual processes are employed to track, manage, and document these tedious and resource-intensive customizations.

This manual methodology is then further complicated by in-house processes driven by a highly specialized Oracle solution. The burden of these manual tasks is amplified, leading to ad-hoc deployment methods that burn out teams. These teams find themselves spending more time firefighting and rectifying errors in releases that fail to meet user expectations - rather than focusing on innovation and delivering quality solutions.

A New Approach: Automated EBS Customizations

At Flexagon, we believe in rethinking the way we manage, track, and automate the delivery of EBS customizations. Our goal is to improve these processes, reducing the burden of manual tasks, preventing team burnout, and enabling you to meet business demands more efficiently.

Maximizing Productivity and Efficiency

With our unified FlexDeploy DevOps platform, we can help maximize the productivity and efficiency of your App Dev and IT teams. By eliminating repetitive manual tasks, your team can focus on what they do best – creating and delivering innovative solutions.

Accelerating Software Delivery Performance

Our approach streamlines the development process, accelerating delivery performance and reducing time to market. With our out-of-box plugins and tool and platform agnosticism, you can focus on delivering quality, not battling with the tools you use.

Automating Security and Compliance Checks

In today’s digital landscape, security is paramount. Our FlexDeploy solution comes with built-in security, automating security and compliance checks, allowing you to maintain the highest level of security while reducing the manual effort required.

Making Informed Real-Time Decisions

With Flexagon’s solution, you can make informed, real-time decisions for improved business impact. Our platform provides you with the data you need to make the best choices for your business, helping you drive efficiency and delivery value.

It is time to rethink how you manage, track, and automate the delivery of EBS customizations. With FlexDeploy, you can reduce the burden of manual tasks, accelerate software delivery performance, automate compliance and security checks, and make informed real-time decisions. Join us on this journey to revolutionize Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) customizations and enhance your business efficiency.

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