Gearing Up for Accelerated Listening, Learning, and Communicating

By Deborah Grant posted 04-06-2023 08:30 AM


As technological innovation evolves at lightning speed all around us, the adaptations and integration of new technologies offered to Oracle users are increasingly varied and complex. Even for long-time users of Oracle, keeping up with all the recent developments is a challenge. 

The Oracle ecosystem spans over 175 countries and reaches over 430,000 customers. Oracle products are powering the automotive, communications, construction and engineering, consumer packaged goods, government, education, energy and water, financial services, food and beverage, healthcare, high-tech, hospitality, industrial manufacturing, life sciences, media and entertainment, oil and gas, professional services, public safety, retail, travel and transportation, and wholesale distribution industries! Imagine the range of applications being implemented in myriad, creative, and effective ways. 

These industries utilize a broad swath of Oracle products, addressing needs ranging from supply chain management to financial management, workforce management, medical data management, lead management, customer segmentation, billing and revenue management, finances, accounting, inventory and logistics management, project planning, procurement, scheduling…the list goes on and on. Oracle technology touches just about everything a business or organization can strive to accomplish, and users are called to use these technology capabilities to their maximum capacity for efficiency and return on investment.

Into this mix of the global reliance on computer programming that is the engine of so many processes, enter the advanced iterations of multiple forms of AI, including ChatGTP, Bing, and much more. Tech tools have emerged that will inevitably change the way we work, live, and prosper. Nothing can remain as it was. The maxim that “what never changes is change itself,” has never been truer than it is today. 

This is why taking a pause to look at the big picture becomes critical. What is all of this new technology doing for you? What is it doing for me? Is it aligning with your goals, and mine, in a way that also benefits all of us together, and in the best way?

To answer any of these questions successfully, humans are now tasked with continuously learning about and evaluating what is going on around us as never before, and in the shortest amount of time. For individuals, businesses, and organizations of any kind, the ability to welcome new opportunities while simultaneously planning for the onslaught of accompanying uncertainty will be the defining game-changing skill set, not only for thriving but even for simply surviving.

Identification only with our individual life experience or our narrow technology siloes of focus in our day-to-day job will not be enough. Coming together as a group, listening and learning from one another about how the technology is being used and to what purpose, and exercising our individual and collective voices about what truly matters to us is more than platitude. Gathering to solve problems with the participation of every single one of us counts now, more than ever.

So join us at Ascend 2023 to receive insightful guidance from leaders in diverse industries, hear from over 200 session presenters, and let your voices be heard as you meet and network with your fellow human beings, on June 11-14th in Orlando, Florida.