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  • Hi James, Not sure you thought of this, but RPA and EBS automation is a great way to do things, such as - bulk data loading as well as other automatic processes. You can check out AuraPlayer RPA, which has been used to do these types of data loading ...

  • Thanks for your input @Mohan Dutt ! I will make sure to have a video focusing on use-cases for Oracle EBS RPA . If any other community members have suggestions, topics of interest, or questions - feel free to let me know, and I will make sure to ...

  • Hi Tim, I do not know much about RUEI, or the exact issues you are facing but there are several monitoring tools in the market that deliver varying levels of success. So it all really depends on your specific challenges, how detailed you need the monitoring ...

  • RPA is a sought after tool for digital transformation of enterprise processes. Both "assisted" and "unassisted" bots provide opportunities for improving efficiency and accuracy. One can share use cases of RPA adoption for Oracle EBS and other enterprise ...

  • Hi all, I am thinking about creating some video posts on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Oracle EBS. thought I'd ask in the group... - Is this topic of interest? - If so, are there any specific aspects that you would like to know more about? ...


  • OATUG Insight Magazine - Winter 2020 Issue Now Available

    In This Issue:

    • "Recession Prep: Do You Have an Analytics Survival Kit?" by Jeff Silverman of Grant Thornton
    • "Talent Management in a Remote Work World" by Jacqueline Kuhn of HRchitect
    • "Better Communication, Better Results" by Richard (RJ) Stevens, III of Tanana Chiefs Conference
    • "Enhancing Your Oracle Analytics Environment" by Doug Ross of Performance Architects
    • "Moving from Waterfall to Agile: Practical Notes for Fearless Project Teams" by Luda Azar of Equinix
    • "How to Use EBS Audit Functionality for Error-Free Operations" by Glen Whelan of Enginatics
    • "Oracle Lends Support in 2020" by Vivek Puri of The Sherwin Williams Company and Dianne DeNezza of the University of Pittsburgh
    • "Bridging the Gap Between Operational Reporting and Strategic Analytics" by Chad Cosper of Magnitude Software
    • "New Challenges Bring New Opportunities" by OATUG Staff
    • "President’s Perspective: Lessons Learned" by OATUG President Kathleen Fauerbach of the City of Las Vegas