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Upcoming eLearning Sessions

OATUG eLearning brings free educational webinars to employees of OATUG member organizations.
New sessions are listed below, and recorded sessions are available 24/7.

  • Become an Influencer for the Re-imagined Oracle Help Center

    Aug 19, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)
    Help design the Oracle Help Center!

    The Oracle Help Center Design Team is interested in getting feedback from real users like yourself to learn how updates to our technical help center might improve certain tasks and workflows. Your opinions will help us measure how ‘usable’ or ‘intuitive’ our designs are. This type of input is vital because it will result in updates to future versions of the Oracle Help Center. Oracle Help Center is the hub for Oracle’s documentation, APIs, tutorials, and other technical resources.

    Participation is easy! Our team will show you a series of screens and prototypes and ask you polling questions about your first-impressions, how you think you might interact with the pages, and what your expectations are based on what you see.

    Presented by The Oracle Help Center Design Team

    This session is open to everyone.
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  • Do's and Dont's: Data Migration to Oracle SaaS Cloud Applications

    Aug 20, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (ET)
    Data Migration is the process of moving data from a system or systems to a new environment. Often, it is part of a larger project deliverable and business application deployment.
    Data Migration is defined as data that is huge, has heterogeneous data dictionaries, and involves complex databases and data sources. Without a sufficient understanding of both source and target applications, transferring data into Oracle Cloud application will amplify the negative impact of any incorrect or irrelevant data, perpetuate any hidden legacy problems, and increase exposure to project risk.
    Data migration accounts for 25% to 30% of project effort and special attention is required to have a proven methodology and ecosystem to govern the process. The processes and practices should be governed by migration strategies, understanding the data, technical advancements, and compliances, with the goal of ensuring information is accurate and consistent.

    In this webinar, you will learn from our experience in migrating data to Oracle cloud from multiple legacy applications.
    Key takeaways include:
    * Do’s and Don’ts in data migration to Oracle SaaS cloud
    * Migration strategies
    * Ways to migrate data into Oracle SaaS Cloud applications
    * Testing Strategies & managing accuracy
    * Nexinfo’s Data Migrator – Cloud-based automation tool to migrate data from EBS to Oracle SaaS applications

    Vijay Kannan, Managing Principal, Nexinfo
    Venkatesh Ravi, Solution Consultant, Nexinfo

  • Cut the Jargon: Better Tech Communication for Better Results

    Sep 3, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (ET)
    Non-tech executives, are you doing your best on the receiving end of a technical conversation?
    IT leaders, are you doing your best to remove the tech talk from what may be a technology discussion?
    This session focuses on overcoming the complexities of an executive conversation with a focus on technology. Focusing on business outcomes and authentic communication rather than (important, but usually irrelevant) technical jargon and detail can facilitate the best decisions for the organization.

    Learning Objectives:
    * Learning about common corporate and technology misalignment
    * Learn the basics of clear and concise communication
    * Refresh technology critical thinking for leadership

    Presenter: Richard J Stevens III, Tanana Chiefs Conference

    This session is open to everyone.
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    * $47 for Non-members

    Presented by the OATUG Emerging Leaders

Highlights from our Previous eLearning Sessions

Check out the recording from one of our recent eLearning sessions, "Beyond an E-Business Suite Lift and Shift to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Benefits Realized!"
Learn how Maritz moved their E-Business Suite and supporting applications from on-premise to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This session will also highlight the timeline and resourcing that were required to successfully complete this project. The original session was recorded on March 26, 2020 and presented by Alyssa Johnson and Ron Hunsaker.

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