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OATUG is committed to offering diverse resources, tools, and opportunities for Oracle applications and technology users to continue to learn and find support in their work.

Upcoming eLearning Sessions

OATUG eLearning brings free educational webinars to employees of OATUG member organizations.
New sessions are listed below, and recorded sessions are available 24/7.

  • OATUG Forum Live Preview: Oracle's EBS Sessions

    Nov 30, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (ET)

    Although OATUG contains many functional EBS users, we also have a strong partnership with the Oracle Corporation. With Oracle’s announcement of the “Continuous Innovation Release on 12.2” of EBS, it is even more important to attend OATUG Live and get the information from Oracle directly.

    In this preview session, @Nadia Bendjedou, Vice President of Product Strategy for Oracle EBS, will discuss the many exciting session offerings at OATUG Live:

    Oracle Roadmaps: These sessions talk about Oracle product strategy for the coming years

    Meet the Oracle Experts: Sit down virtually with the Oracle speakers, product leads, and technical support

    Oracle Deep Dive: This will provide you with an opportunity to test how to prepare your EBS applications, configure the appropriate Compute services, and lift and shift (migrate) your EBS systems to Oracle Cloud. 

    Oracle Open CAB: This is an exciting opportunity to be part of an Open Customer Advisory Board meeting. You will be directly involved in speaking with EBS developers, sharing insights, providing recommendations, and speaking with other Users. This is a must-see program if you run EBS.

    Please click "Register Now" to register for this event. 
    This session will be hosted in Zoom meeting.

  • 5 Rules to Follow to Optimize Oracle Database Performance and Availability

    Dec 1, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (ET)
    Are you ready to improve the efficiency, agility, and availability of your Oracle database environment? Join Oracle expert Varun Verma as he shares his 5 Rules to Follow for optimizing Oracle database workloads.
    Based on real-world lessons learned, Varun will teach you how to simplify operations, implement best-practice standards, and dramatically increase your Oracle database uptime. He’ll also share insights on deploying Oracle databases on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), including strategies for migrating to HCI and upgrading older Oracle versions.

    Learning Objectives:
    * Learn best-practices for improving the efficiency and availability of your Oracle databases
    * Gain insights into running Oracle databases on HCI, including best practices for migrations and upgrades

    Educational Track:
    * #OracleDatabase

    Varun Verma, Database Solutions Architect, Nutanix ​

  • OATUG Forum Live - Speaker Orientation

    Dec 2, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (ET)
    The Speaker Orientation will cover information and expectations for presenting a virtual session at the OATUG Forum Live.

    We will discuss the presentation template, accessing your individual session(s) as a presenter, sharing your slides with attendees, and the format of each session. Additionally, we will discuss the overall one-week event and your access to the educational sessions.

    Please bring your questions and we will help you get ready to present!
    All presenters and co-presenters are welcome to attend.
    We will discuss general sessions and Turbo Talks.

  • Leverage Excel to Significantly Improve Year End Data Processing

    Dec 2, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (ET)
    The end of a calendar year or accounting period often triggers time consuming Oracle data work. Cleaning up the supplier base, entering and updating customers, changing product pricing, updating items and bills of materials, adding and maintaining employee information, keeping roles and reporting relationships current, adjusting data to comply with new regulations, performing and approving physical inventories, closing purchase orders, and maintaining fixed assets are a few examples of the types of Oracle transactions that consume significant staff time and attention.

    This presentation shows how any of these tasks can be simplified in a way that:
    • reduces data entry and update effort by more than 90%
    • leverages the power and simplicity of Excel for any Oracle process
    • ensures data accuracy and completeness
    • requires minimal training - it's simple and intuitive
    • is safe and secure - leverages Oracle security
    • requires no custom programming
    • requires minimal to no ongoing IT support

    Please join us to learn how you can save time and effort for your team at year end and throughout the year.

    Educational Track:
    * #E-BusinessSuite
    * #DataIntegration
    * Middleware and Integration Tools

    Rob Lepanto, Director of Customer Support & Service
    Sarah Conzemius, VP Business Development ​​​

  • Executive Roundtable: Oracle E-Business Suite and 19C Upgrade

    Dec 15, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)
    Oracle recently certified Oracle Database 19c for use with E-Business Suite 12.1 and 12.2. There are several mandatory architecture updates when you upgrade your Oracle EBS database to Oracle Database 19c.
    This roundtable will feature several Syntax customers that have successfully made the change. Our Syntax experts will uncover the problem areas you need to know before you get started and review best practices for a smooth and successful upgrade.

    During this webinar, you will learn:
    • Changes to the 19c architecture
    • What you need to consider before upgrading to 19c
    • What are the common issues when upgrading to 19c
    • The benefits of running EBS on 19c
    • How your support and licensing may be impacted

    Educational Tracks:
    * #OracleDatabase  * #E-BusinessSuite / #E-BusinessSuite  * #ERPCloud

    Marc Caruso, Syntax - Chief Architect
    Jorge Toscano, Syntax - Manager-DBA Operations
    Ram Thulasiram, NBME - Director of Oracle Applications
    Sarah Vander Veen, American Airlines - Manager IT Operational Support
    Krishna Vallapareddy, American Airlines - Oracle Database Administrator ​​​​​​​

  • Transform Governance, Risk & Compliance for Your Digital Enterprise

    Dec 16, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)
    Your enterprise landscape is not static so why should your controls be? In today’s modern world, we have a dynamic enterprise where it’s no longer just your core ERP that’s in scope for audit and compliance. Your enterprise has evolved, and now includes a heterogenous mix of on-premise, cloud and legacy homegrown applications -- all of which are considered financially relevant. The real challenge is assessing cross application SOD access, then reviewing transactional data to test mitigating controls, and then trying to quantify the financial impact of risk, all manually and across all of your applications.

    There is a simpler solution… automate your controls with Greenlight and let the technology do the work for you.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Understanding the benefits of Centralizing the management of user access across all enterprise applications
    • How to Monitoring everything: all applications, all configurations, all users, and all activities – all the time, weather it is for SOD, Transactions, or IT General Controls
    • The importance of periodically validating employee user access entitlements are still warranted with user access reviews (UAR) and not just checking the box
    • How you can automate monitoring, managing, and terminating temporary privileged or elevated user access to critical applications across the enterprise

    Educational Tracks:
    * #E-BusinessSuite / #E-BusinessSuite  * #JDEdwardsEnterpriseOne   #PeopleSoft

    * James Rice, Greenlight Technologies, VP, Customer Solutions
    * Sriram Chandra, Protiviti, Senior Manager

    About the Panelists:
    James Rice is the Vice President of Customer Solutions at Greenlight Technologies. He has over eighteen years of client consulting and enterprise software experience, focusing on integrated risk management capabilities for Financial, Regulatory and Security business processes. Most recently he has been working with organizations across industries on Governance Risk and Compliance, Information Security and Data Privacy, and Internal Controls over Financial Reporting. James’ background includes a mix of strategy and implementation engagements at large, global clients around the world. Prior to joining Greenlight, he worked at both PricewaterhouseCoopers and Accenture doing Security, Risk & Compliance consulting. James earned his BBA from the University of Texas majoring in Management Information Systems with a minor in Computer Science.

    Sriram is a Sr. Manager within the Protiviti EAS Solutions practice. He has deep skills in implementing, executing and delivering Oracle EBS,EPM, Oracle Identity Management and Workday projects. He has over 9 years of experience in implementing Financial & distribution modules, performing Requirement Analysis, Conducting CRP’s and UAT. In Protiviti, he works in Workday, Oracle IDM, GRC implementations, business process design and Controls reviews. Sriram’s principal areas of expertise consist of managing risks associated with complex business systems through controls assessments, identification of control deficiencies present in the systems and assisting in the design of system controls related to critical business process such as finance month-end close & Master data governance.

  • Top 7 Tasks You Didn’t Know You Could Automate in Oracle EBS

    Jan 19, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (ET)
    "If you perform a task more than once, it should be automated." – Renowned Computer Scientist, Cheese Enthusiast, and Frequent Donor to NPR Pledge Drive. Virasone

    Automation is a key technology necessary for improving quality of service, productivity, and efficient use of human resources. Manufacturing and many other industries have been using robots for repetitive tasks for decades. As DBAs for Oracle EBS and Oracle Database, we have software bots for the same purpose.

    Learning Objective:
    * Join this webinar to learn the various areas of databases and applications where software bot automation can make a measurable difference.
    * We’ll discuss seven in particular that have been the most valuable in reducing the daily workload of our own DBAs and customers.

    Presenter: Vie Daranouvong
    Vie has more than 27 years of experience in the IT industry, starting with Software Development, transitioning to Oracle Database Administration, and settling as an Oracle EBS Database Administrator. He has extensive background in production support with focus on Oracle applications and databases. His specialties include software development, installation, maintenance, migration, upgrades, patching, cloning, modeling/architecture, assessments, capacity planning, backup and recovery, performance tuning, operational efficiency, and automation.

  • Oracle E-Business Suite on Azure Platform: Migration to Management

    Jan 20, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (ET)
    Azure is one of the two non-Oracle public clouds recognized by Oracle to run Oracle workloads. The webinar will outline the steps to estimate the E-Business Suite (EBS) workload capacity requirements and size of the Azure platform. Understand the high availability architecture options without using third party cluster solutions. Use cloud-native technologies such as Azure Backups and Azure Site Recovery for business continuity instead of traditional on-premises tools. Last but not least, know the license impact when migrating workloads to Azure.

    Learning Objectives:
    - Understand the public cloud options available to run Oracle EBS workloads
    - Design Oracle EBS on Azure with business continuity and highly available architectures
    - Estimate capacity requirements to size the environment on Azure
    - Understand license impact, both database and application

    Educational Tracks:
    * #E-BusinessSuite / #E-BusinessSuite  * #ERPCloud

    * @Biju Thomas, Sr. Director, Global Oracle Practice
    * Paul Buckley, Vice President Software License Solutions ​​​​​​

Highlights from our Previous eLearning Sessions

Check out the recording from one of our recent eLearning sessions, "Beyond an E-Business Suite Lift and Shift to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Benefits Realized!"
Learn how Maritz moved their E-Business Suite and supporting applications from on-premise to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This session will also highlight the timeline and resourcing that were required to successfully complete this project. The original session was recorded on March 26, 2020 and presented by Alyssa Johnson and Ron Hunsaker.

OATUG members can access all recorded eLearning sessions in The Knowledge Base.