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Upcoming eLearning Sessions

OATUG eLearning brings free educational webinars to employees of OATUG member organizations.
New sessions are listed below, and recorded sessions are available 24/7.

  • Maximizing SCM + WMS Mobility Across Oracle ERPs

    May 28, 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM (ET)
    In today's fast-paced business landscape, mobility plays a critical role in enhancing supply chain management (SCM) execution.  This webinar explores advanced strategies for maximizing mobility across Oracle ERP systems to streamline warehousing, manufacturing, and fulfillment processes. From leveraging mobile technologies to optimizing workflows, attendees will gain insights into enhancing efficiency, agility, and responsiveness within their SCM operations. 
    Join us to unlock the full potential of mobility in SCM execution across Oracle ERPs as we showcase Inyxa EasyPick. We will walk you through the platform, share why EasyPick plays a major role in optimizing SCM execution, and provide examples of customers across various Oracle ERPs that have reaped the benefits in various capacities.
    Learning Objectives:
    1. Gain an understanding of the important role mobility plays in enhancing supply chain  execution within today's fast-paced business environment.
    2. Explore advanced strategies for maximizing mobility across Oracle ERP systems to streamline warehousing, manufacturing, and fulfillment processes, with a focus on configurable mobile workflows that leverage both barcoding and RFID technology.
    3. Discover the unique benefits of Inyxa EasyPick across Oracle ERPs, including why it works, where it should be considered, and the results it can bring.

    Educational Tracks:

    @Vishal Choudhari, Practice Director, Inyxa
    @James Silverman, Director of Sales, Inyxa

  • How to Harness AI to Get More From Your Oracle Apps

    May 29, 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM (ET)
    The age of AI is upon us, revolutionizing numerous industries, Oracle testing included. Opkey is Oracle's top-rated testing platform. Join us as we showcase our expertise in utilizing AI and Natural Language Processing to revolutionize how customers test Oracle applications. Participants will have the opportunity to witness firsthand our AI-driven product and gain insights into leveraging AI for enhanced efficiency in Oracle testing processes. This webinar promises to unveil strategies to fully unleash the potential of Oracle applications. Don't miss out on this transformative opportunity!
    Learning Objectives:
    1. Learn how to utilize the latest AI capabilities to get the most out of your Oracle apps. 
    2. Learn best practices for AI in UAT and how to avoid employee burnout. 
    3. Leave this webinar with an actionable plan on how to start from scratch, or improve your current applications, with the help of AI.
    Educational Tracks:
    Cloud ERP
    Cloud HCM
    Cloud SCM
    Nand Dwivedi, AVP CX & eLearning, Opkey

  • Optimizing Tax & Finance Transformation

    May 30, 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM (ET)
    For many organizations, migrating to Oracle Cloud ERP and upgrading or adding tax automation are an important part of their tax and finance transformation initiative. But if your tax automation solution can’t be hosted on Oracle Cloud, set-up, configuration and optimization can slow time to value. In this session, we will explore best practices, using integrated solutions from Vertex and Oracle, which can dramatically reduce set-up and configuration and maintenance of tax automation, while dramatically improving performance and scalability.
    Learning Objectives:
    1. How you can optimize security, performance and scalability of your tax automation solution on Oracle Cloud.
    2. Solutions to dramatically reduce implementation, set-up and configuration, while accelerating time to value.
    3. Improve user experience for tax and finance, while reducing the burden on IT.
    Educational Tracks:
    @Marc Duclos, Senior Director Global Partnerships, Vertex 
    @William Flanigan, Technical Product Manager, Vertex TBD, Oracle

Highlights from our Previous eLearning Sessions

Check out the recording from one of our recent eLearning sessions, "Beyond an E-Business Suite Lift and Shift to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Benefits Realized!"
Learn how Maritz moved their E-Business Suite and supporting applications from on-premise to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This session will also highlight the timeline and resourcing that were required to successfully complete this project. The original session was recorded on March 26, 2020 and presented by Alyssa Johnson and Ron Hunsaker.

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