Emerging Leaders

OATUG Emerging Leaders

The OATUG Emerging Leaders (formerly known as the OATUG Young Professionals Forum) is focused on supporting and connecting with people who are beginning their careers with Oracle applications or working in the technology field. Grow in your career by networking with peers and mentors and get access to helpful educational content.

The Emerging Leaders provide opportunities to get connected with a mentor/mentee through our Mentor Program, support the OATUG's Women in Technology Program, and offer eLearning sessions catered to young professionals.

Emerging Leaders can ask questions, find helpful articles, and network with peers. Plus, check out the OATUG Emerging Leaders LinkedIn Page.

If you have any questions about the OATUG Emerging Leaders, please contact Hannah Hanssens-Reed.


Mentor Program

The OATUG Emerging Leaders Mentor Program connects young/new professionals with a mentor that can help guide them in their career.

Mentees are matched with a mentor that will help them establish goals for their professional aspirations, their role as a leader, and the development of their technical skills in the applications and technology space. The program is designed to help facilitate guidance, support, and success for OATUG members. This program is only for current OATUG members, with the exception of current students.

Interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee? You can review the Mentor and Mentee guides and complete the Mentor Program Form to participate in this dynamic program.

The Women in Technology Program

The Women in Technology (WIT) Program works to highlight the contributions of women in the technology sector. By providing networking, educational, and professional development opportunities, the WIT Program advocates for the success of women working in technology-related fields.

Additionally, the WIT Program helps women in tech to feel supported in their work, celebrated for their accomplishments, and pushed to achieve their goals.

The Women in Technology Honoree

The Women in Technology Award was first presented in 2019 and honors a female OATUG member who has demonstrated strong leadership and a passion for helping other women excel in technology-related professions or fields of study. The Award recipient participates as a speaker at the annual Women in Technology Panel at COLLABORATE.

Award Recipients:

  • 2020: Mia Urman, CEO & Founder of AuraPlayer
Mia Urman has dedicated her career to providing solutions for Oracle applications and technology users. she founded Qesem Consulting and AuraPlayer, and currently serves as AuraPlayer's CEO. In addition to the years of support she has provided in the technology community, Mia is a mentor and role model to women who are new to their technology careers. Her initiatives have included organizing panels and holding the Oracle OpenWorld's WIT Breakfast, a popular event focused on bringing women together for encouragement and networking.

  • 2019: Astha Patni, Consultant with Performance Architects, Inc.
Astha Patni was presented with this award based on her extensive experience working in Business Analytics and Reporting. She has worked on a wide variety of data visualization projects that help businesses to use their data and make informed decisions. Astha uses a combination of training, a comprehensive communication strategy, and user-centered features and designs to help actively spread awareness about technology in her organization and community.

Emerging Leaders Educational Opportunities

The Emerging Leaders provide eLearning sessions designed to support growth and learning for those starting out with Oracle applications and technology. Join us for one of our upcoming webinars, which cover a wide range of topics presented by industry experts.

Is there something specific you want to learn about through an eLearning session? Or, are you interested in presenting a webinar? Let us know! Take our survey to provide feedback on the Emerging Leaders forum or to participate in the group.

Check out highlights from the Emerging Leaders' eLearning sessions below. Plus, all OATUG members can search the Knowledge Base for specific topics and access recordings from our previous eLearning sessions.

Best of Collaborate: "Two Roads Diverged" - Will You Lead or Follow?

Presenter: Amair Mairaj, Oracle Functional Lead, ATI
January 28, 2020

Application Co‐Existence ‐ Path to Your Successful Transition to Cloud

Presenter: Ravi Prabhu, VP Software Engineering, Broadridge Financial Solutions
December 2, 2019

Pushing the Boundaries (Career Growth)

Presenter: Amair Mairaj, Oracle Functional Lead, ATI
July 31, 2019

Grow as a Professional and Leader with the OATUG Emerging Leaders

Presenter: Russell de Leon, Business Analyst, College of American Pathologists
May 23, 2019