DCOATUG and MAOATUG Presents: Using Visual Builder Add-in for Excel – Practical Applications

When:  Dec 9, 2021 from 03:00 PM to 04:15 PM (ET)
The Washington, D.C. Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group (DCOATUG) and Mid-Atlantic Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group (MAOATUG) present the following session.

Oracle keeps making updates and enhancements to the Cloud ERP Application. The ability to access and update data is at the tips of your fingers, if you are willing to look a bit and maybe stretch your comfort zone. Creoal Consulting recently had a client that negotiated more favorable payment terms with a large vendor in exchange for using a more modern payment method. While standard functionality exists to help make some of these changes automatically, not all changes were made as needed by the client.

This session will discuss the use case presented above in greater detail, and describe the steps taken to use the Oracle Visual Builder Plugin for Excel to build a simple form which was used to make thousands of updates to open invoices in mere minutes. If there is a rest API available, you too can take advantage of this great feature!

Educational Track:

Presented by:
@Kaberi Nayak, Lead Database Technology SW Engineer, The MITRE Corporation
@Thomas Simkiss, Director of Cloud Solutions, Creoal Consulting LLC ​​​​


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