Deliver Actionable Insights from Your Oracle Data

When:  Nov 10, 2020 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)
Darren Peirce, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Dean Ansermoz, Director of Product Management

Let’s face it, with the volatility of the market and increasing uncertainties that arise within your supply chain, you need actionable insights to contend with competitors spurred on by digital transformation efforts. The valuable data stored in your ERP system can help you make informed decisions, but, that data is the toughest to unlock. Getting the insights you need is a slow, complex, and expensive project – and your BI tool is only as intelligent as the business acumen your organization can deliver to it.
What you need is both a view of what is happening in the cockpit of the plane you are flying AND a flight plan. In other words, you need real-time reporting and deep business insights to provide continuous intelligence for your enterprise.

In this session, speakers will address:
• The state of Business Intelligence; What’s so “intelligent” about BI anyway?
• The challenges of accessing EBS data to make actionable decisions
• How to delivers real insight from your Oracle data into your BI tool

Learning Tracks:
* #Data Science & Analytics
* #E-Business Suite
* #ERP Cloud


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