Ad-hoc Querying for Oracle Cloud Apps (Fusion)

When:  Feb 15, 2022 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)
Have you struggled working with Oracle BI?
Need a fast, easy way to query data in Oracle Cloud Apps (Fusion) without creating BI reports?
Would you like to reduce report and integration development by 50% or more?

One of the big gaps in the Oracle Cloud Apps is the lack of any type of ad-hoc query tool. Consequently, consultants, developers, and other users who are proficient in SQL end up trying to use Oracle's BI tool for ad-hoc queries, which is incredibly cumbersome and inefficient. Not only is the interface tedious for writing queries, but the results are limited to 200 records; to extract more data requires more steps which is so time-consuming it's not ad-hoc reporting any longer. This results in too much time and effort expended for writing queries and frustration for the folks trying to do this type of work.

API Wizard’s ad-hoc query tool for Oracle Cloud Apps provides a powerful, easy-to-use environment for running any SQL query. Just enter your SQL and get immediate results, without having to setup a BI report, with no limitations on the tables you can query or on the amount of data you can retrieve.

Join us for a webinar to see API Wizard’s Ad Hoc Query Tool for Oracle Cloud.

* Run any ad-hoc / dynamic SQL and get real-time results
* No limitation on rows returned
* Data returned much faster than BI reports
* Easy-to-use / no training needed
* Run queries against multiple instances and compare data in real time
* 5 minute install
* Lots of advanced capabilities

Learning Objectives:
- Learn a better way to query data in Oracle Cloud Apps
- Reduce report and integration development by 50% or more
- Find an easier way to work with Cloud data without dealing with BI

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Presented by:
@Rob Lepanto, Director of Customer Support & Service, API Wizard​​​​​​​


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