Reducing Risk: Introducing Composable ERP

When:  Dec 15, 2022 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)
A composable ERP strategy is one in which an organization chooses a mix of vendors and technologies that best meet their needs as opposed to a single monolithic vendor for everything. For most Oracle customers, a composable strategy will be the key for extending the value of existing software investments.

In this webinar, Rimini Street will address how to build a Composable ERP strategy, the interoperability and compatibility tools that can make building it easier, and share answers to these questions:

Why composability is all about best fit, including tools and approaches to integration?

What are your options to avoid disruption of Oracle upgrades and core code changes?

How can you extend the value of your existing versions of your Oracle applications and databases, even while you modernize at the edge?

If you’re looking for the competitive edge by advancing a composable ERP strategy, please join Eric Helmer, Rimini Street's SVP & Chief Technology Officer, who will share these key factors and more.

Learning Objectives:
You'll learn how to keep up with the competitive ERP technology on the market by maximizing efficiencies of the technology you have without having to completely overhaul everything which creates massive disruption.

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Presented by:
@Eric Helmer - SVP & Chief Technology Officer, Rimini Street


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