Let's "git" E-Business Suite: How to Implement a CI/CD Process for Oracle E-Business Suite and APEX

When:  Dec 2, 2022 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)
Session 2 of our Best of Ascend 2022 series.

Most users of Oracle E-Business Suite need to extend the applications with a multitude of technologies: From modern APEX applications over established UI technologies such as Oracle Application Framework (OAF)/Forms and reporting tools such as Oracle Reports or BI Publisher, down to Oracle Workflow customizations or plain PL/SQL or Java concurrent programs.

Managing the source code and installing these customizations manually is quite challenging and often frustrating. With many "modern" development platforms, this process is typically facilitated nowadays by using automation through CI/CD and a DevOps platform. The session will look into these tools and show how they can be used combined with the E-Business Suite technology stack to make the entire procedure quicker and less error prone.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand how git and popular DevOps platforms such as GitLab, GitHub or Oracle Visual Builder Studio Cloud Service work.

2. Understand how such a CI/CD process can be integrated into an E-Business Suite Development process in a best practice manner.

3. Understand how custom database schemes and APEX can be handled as well using the Liquibase implementation built-in into SQLcl.

Education Track:

Presented by:
@Johannes Michler -
Oracle ACE Director / Senior Principal Consultant, PROMATIS Group



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