Migration to Cloud: Consolidating Different Data Sets

When:  Feb 24, 2023 from 01:00 PM to 01:30 PM (ET)
To get the most out of your technology investment and ensure a smooth migration to Oracle ERP Cloud, you’ll need to provide your finance teams with the tools they need to succeed. Oracle’s native options may burden your team with inflexible in-built reports, painful drill downs, manually intensive processes, and an over-reliance on IT. Without the right solution, you could be faced with longer reporting cycles, lower productivity, and less time to focus on critical analysis.

In this demo, we’ll introduce you to purpose-built software that empowers your team with smooth, fast, flexible, Excel-based financial reporting. We’ll help solve your current and future reporting challenges and give you strategies to optimize and future-proof your investment of Oracle ERP Cloud. Our sustainable, powerful, finance-centric tools allow your teams to connect to your legacy data and consolidate different data sets empowering them with near real-time data and insights.

Learning Objectives:
  • Enhancing Oracle ERP Cloud native reporting options to offer meaningful solutions for the finance team.
  • Easing your migration to Oracle ERP Cloud by porting existing reports, simplifying and de-risking data validation, and providing continuity for your business processes.
  • Satisfying your reporting needs by connecting Oracle ERP Cloud to Excel in near real time, giving your finance team control of reporting and empowering deeper analysis.
  • Real customer stories and powerful lessons our clients learned on their journey to optimize financial reporting in Oracle ERP Cloud.
Educational Tracks:

Christy Robertson, Senior Product Marketing Manager, insightsoftware

@Tim Miller, Solutions Engineering Strategist, insightsoftware​​

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