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  • Posted in: Applications

    Hi Ryan - I tend to agree with Sylvain on using Apex as a platform. Before you dive into building a custom extension from scratch, I suggest to you an additional consideration: There may be an existing third party product fulfilling your organizations ...

  • Posted in: Applications

    I do not know your use-case but we have used Clear Software ( https://clearsoftware.com/ ) for UI improvement and RPA. It vastly improves user experience and gain efficiencies. We have used UiPath bots as well. If you are looking to use a solution to ...

  • Posted in: Applications

    I've got to second the APEX recommendation- we've been using it to integrate with a few different apps, including EBS, for many years now and it's been solid. The only place we've hit a speed-bump in the past is with some of the more robust reporting ...

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