a) The name of the organization is Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group Public Sector Special Interest Group (OATUG Public Sector SIG).


a) General Purpose. The general purpose of the organization is to share information and ideas in relation to the use of the Oracle Applications as the primary business system for a public sector entity. 

b) Specific Purposes. Within the context of the general purpose stated above, the organization shall:

i) Facilitate communications and the exchange of information on products, services and technical issues related to the Oracle Public Sector applications; 

ii) Provide an active voice and consolidated channel of communication for the users of the oracle Public Sector applications in expressing public sector related needs, requirements, concerns and enhancements requests to Oracle; 

iii) Facilitate the uses of the Oracle Public Sector Applications throughout the membership;

iv) Coordinate and assist educations endeavors through organized meetings at least once but preferably twice a year at national conferences and through dissemination of information via e-mail and web site; and

v) Coordinate the purposes and actions of the organization and create a forum where the activities and concerns of the regional groups can be communicated to the membership of the organization and other regional groups of the organization. 


a) Structure. The organization shall be made up of the following units:

i) Individual Members.

ii) Regional Groups, as may be established from time to time, which shall be established as set out in these bylaws.

b) Regional Groups. Regional Groups may be established by members within a geographic area. 

i) Each regional group shall prepare a written set of bylaws, which shall be submitted to the chairperson of the OATUG Public Sector SIG.

ii) Regional Group coordinators are required to be members of the OATUG; however, the initial group coordinator may be an Oracle employee for a period not to exceed one year. 

iii) Each Regional Group is acknowledged to exist as a subsidiary of the OATUG Public Sector SIG.

iv) Each Regional Group is responsible for providing a clear channel of communication to the OATUG Public Sector SIG. 


a) The officers of the organization shall be:

i) A Chairperson who shall be responsible for coordinating the activities of the organization and who will endeavor to host meetings at conferences each year and who will approve all disbursements of SIG funds by the Secretary-Treasurer;

ii) A Co-Chairperson who shall assist and support the Chairperson in all capacities and who will assume the responsibilities of the Chairperson when he or she is unavailable.

iii) A Secretary-Treasurer who shall be responsible for keeping the written minutes of the meetings and for the receipt, custodianship and disbursement of OATUG Public Sector SIG funds. 

iv) An Enhancements Chairperson who will conduct the enhancement and Fusion feature request process for the OATUG Public Sector SIG; and

v) A Membership Chairperson who will promote membership in the OATUG Public Sector SIG and maintain the member database and distribution list. 

vi) A Web Master who will design and maintain the OATUG Public Sector SIG web site. 

vii) The most recent Past Chairperson. 

b) Term of Office. The offices of Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, Secretary-Treasurer, Enhancements Chairperson and Membership Chairperson shall be elected to serve a two-year term. Nominations will be taken from the general membership and a vote conducted 30 days prior to election in the fall of odd numbered years. The office of Web Master shall be appointed by the Chairperson. The office of Past Chairperson will be occupied by the most recent past chairperson.

c) Requirements for Officers. At least four of the seven Officers shall be from the User Class.


a) Classes and Qualifications. This organization shall have two classes of members. 

i) The User Class is made up of members of business entities with a bona fide interest in the use of the Oracle Public Sector Applications to conduct their business. 

ii) The Consultant Class is made up of members of business entities engaged in the business of helping others in the use of the Oracle Public Sector Applications.

b) Voting Rights. All members in good standing shall have the right to vote on the election of officers.

c) Term. Membership shall be permanent as long as the member continues to participate in the activities of the organization. 

d) Causes of Termination. A membership shall terminate upon resignation of the member, to be submitted in writing to the Chairperson or the Membership Chairperson.


a) Notice of meetings will be sent via e-mail, announced through OATUG publications and posted on the OATUG Public Sector SIG web site. 


a) Amendment of bylaws may take place at general meetings. Passage of amendments requires favorable vote by a majority of members present and voting.