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HCM Week Community & Session Recordings

  • Connect with presenters and attendees and start discussions in our HCM Week Community.
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HCM Week Community & Session Recordings

Connect with presenters and attendees and start discussions in our HCM Week Community.
Browse through the session slide decks and find all session recordings in the Library.

Monday, Nov. 2: 11 am - 12 pm ET

Close the Employee Life-Cycle Loop with the New PeopleSoft Off-Boarding Tool

Jameson McTaggert, ArcLight Consulting

EBS - HCM Foundation

While EBS excels when it comes to storing employee and enterprise information and running payroll, pairing it with the maturity of HCM Cloud can create an even more dynamic HR experience. With Onboarding, Recruiting, Performance, Learning and Self-Service, HCM can help a company seamlessly track their employees. Edward C Levy, a multinational construction firm, decided HCM modules would more efficiently meet its needs as the company-wide HR system of record, while still relying on EBS for payroll and finance activities. Learn how Levy implemented Oracle HCM and built an application fulfilling their HCM desires and fostering employee growth and engagement.

Oracle Payroll Cloud at Exelon: Beyond the First Year - Optimized Operations & Pay Cycle Alignment

HCM Cloud - Payroll, Time & Labor

Hear about how Exelon successfully aligned 16,000 exempt employees into a standard pay cycle while optimizing payroll operations in our first year in Oracle HCM cloud. Our end state payroll strategy resulted in biweekly payrolls for our hourly employees, absorbing a weekly cycle from merger consolidation requirements, and transitioning all exempt employees to a standard semimonthly cycle. While stabilization in a new system is never easy, we focused on the biggest impact areas. Standing up an offshore support team in less than 3 months, pioneering the use of automated payroll flows within the application to support 24/7 runbook requirements, and Herculean change management within our internal processing team were keys to continue achieving top performer payroll accuracy post implementation.

A Cloud Shift from EBS to HCM Cloud

Tyger Vollrath, PS WebSolution

PeopleSoft - Talent Acquisition & Onboarding/Offboarding

With the most recent PUM 32 release, PeopleSoft has introduced new OffBoarding functionality that works in conjunction with the already delivered OnBoarding. Many organizations neglect the OffBoarding process, but in reality it is critically important. Join this session for a demo of the OffBoarding feature and discussion of what works well and what doesn't and how OffBoarding can be integrated into your processes. We'll also look at the configuration and how organizations can provide different OffBoarding processes within your organization.

Leveraging the Power of Oracle's HCM Platform

Gina Consalvo, Acuity Cloud Solutions

HCM Cloud - Talent Acquisition & Onboarding/Offboarding

Now that you've implemented your HCM application, it’s time to take it to the next level by delivering strategic business value to every person in your organization – from professional users to employees and managers. It's time to evaluate, enhance and leverage the integrated features across the HCM Cloud. Some of the topics this session will cover include:

  • Using Talent Profile to drive Learning initiatives
  • Leveraging checklist to facilitate your internal processes across modules
  • Reporting, Dashboards and Infolets with cross functional data
  • and more…

This will be your guide to enhancing your existing HCM implementation.

Monday, Nov. 2: 1 pm - 2 pm ET

It's All about the 3 C's: Configuration, Configuration, Configuration!

Tyger Vollrath, PS WebSolution

PeopleSoft - HCM Foundation

PeopleSoft has made HUGE investments in configuration features so customers don't have to customize. We'll walk through all the various tools now available to help (re)move your customizations using configuration. From Event Mapping, the Page Configurator, PeopleTools drop zones and the SmartRules PeopleCode Engine, we'll show you how you can now configure PeopleSoft, NOT customize it -- and even help you get ready for the Cloud! We'll share tips on how to utilize these tools to their full potential and how to manage the change management now required. We'll also discuss the future road-map for PeopleTools and share a case study: Learn how one customer removed 93% of their online customizations, and then moved to the OCI Cloud where a vendor now applies their PUM updates automatically within 9 weeks of the PUM's release.

Getting to "GO" on Your Oracle Cloud Transformation Journey

Brad Fisher & Meghan Loomis, Baker Tilly

HCM Cloud, PeopleSoft, EBS, Taleo

When it comes to Cloud applications, it’s not a matter of IF - it’s a matter of WHEN your organization will join the digital transformation.  That said, many organizations struggle to overcome barriers (both real and imagined) to getting started on a journey to Oracle Cloud.  In this session, join other organizations like you, in a casual, facilitated discussion to share challenges and obstacles in beginning a cloud transformation. In addition to sharing amongst peers, Baker Tilly will provide perspective from a decade of successful Oracle Cloud projects and share insights from our “Top 10 Factors when Considering Oracle Cloud” guide.  Join us, and leave empowered and energized to be the catalyst of change for your organization.

Here Comes a "Digital Assistant" to Rescue Us in an HCM World!

Gustavo Gonzalez, IT Convergence

HCM Cloud, EBS - HCM Integration

The growth of the digital assistant is an evolution of a tech world that has a fatigue of apps. In the past, building a chatbot or digital assistant required a tremendous amount of coding, but nowadays, a digital assistant creation uses artificial intelligence to automate engagements. This session will help analyze the impact of the advances towards developing digital assistant solutions for Human Capital Management or tailor those that come prebuilt for Oracle Cloud HCM. We will explore that Digital Assistants are more than just chatbots. We will share key concepts so you can start planning yours. In the session, we will demonstrate how companies have started building a digital assistant for external and internal business processes.

Utilizing TCC and Python for Recruiting Operations

Colleen Irwin, Michael Haight, & Karin Campbell, KinderCare Education

Taleo (TEE) - Talent Acquisition & Onboarding/Offboarding 

Learn how to combine two powerful tools, TCC and Python, to automate recruiting processes and clean up Taleo data. In this session we will walk through how KinderCare Education leveraged TCC import and export scripts, along with Python, to automate moving candidate between Requisitions. This process allows for hiring locations to have multiple Requisitions posted, but allow the hiring manager to manage all candidates on one Requisition. We will also cover how we’ve utilized TCC and Python to perform data analysis and clean data so that it is easily consumed by OBI.

Monday, Nov. 2: 3 pm - 4 pm ET

FLUID Benefits - Open Enrollment and Life Events

Phil Humfleet, Phil Humfleet Consulting

PeopleSoft - Compensation & Benefits

Oracle has been working hard to enhance both the employee's and the benefits staff’s Peoplesoft experience over the last several PUM releases. Open Enrollment, Life Events and Benefits Summary have been completely revised to guide the employee to better understand both the value of their benefits and make it easier to make the necessary changes to meet their needs. We also will be discussing the new delivered Benefits Work Center. Join us for an overview of these exciting changes.

Don't Be Basic: Navigating the Oracle Documentation Web Like a Pro

Gabrielle Ungaro, Samantha Mroczynski, & Saloni Saraf of PwC

HCM Cloud - Professional Development

Navigating Oracle documentation can often seem time-consuming and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be! Presenters will share simple decision workflows that can quickly lead you to the exact document you need, avoiding wasted time looking at outdated materials. Pulling from a combined 14 years of experience with Oracle technology, presenters will provide helpful tips & tricks they keep up their sleeve. Attendees will leave feeling confident and empowered to more easily and quickly locate the most valuable documentation on topics ranging from release readiness to issue resolution to module overviews to reporting how-tos, and more! The material is out there to help -- let us share our methods to effortlessly locate it!

Please visit our sponsors!

De-risk Your Oracle E-Business Suite HCM Transformation to Oracle Cloud Application with Evosys Glide Program

Snehal Chaniyara, Evosys Global

Taleo (TEE), EBS, HCM Cloud

Are you ready for a modern automated system experience? Ready to take advantage of the best practices for HCM, ERP, and SCM? Would you like to reduce the amount of staff you need to support your employees and customers, as well as maintain your back-office systems? Evosys can help you easily complete your digital transformation to the Cloud. We have helped many organizations complete this journey and have developed a comprehensive toolkit to support every aspect of the project:

EBS Assessment Tool – automated tools that will review and assess your current configurations and usage of EBS

Evosys Insights - We create a baseline of your current infrastructure, processes, people, and associated costs. Then we compare the baseline to modern best practices and provide you with the potential ROI for moving to Oracle Cloud

Data Migration Assets - A set of pre-built end to end data migration assets for supporting the Extraction, Transformation & Loading of your EBS data into the Cloud.

Let us show you all the advantages of being in the Cloud and how we can make this an easy project for your organization.

Monday, Nov. 2: 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm ET

Opening Day Meet-Up

Let's connect! Join other HCM Week participants and speakers for this kick-off event. We'll set the stage with ideas to make the most of the week and start connecting you with valuable resources -- each other.

Tuesday, Nov. 3: 1 pm - 2 pm ET

Special Session:
Insights from the 23rd Annual HR Technology Systems Survey

Stacey Harris, CRO & Managing Partner

Teri Zipper, COO & Managing Partner

Sapient Insights Group

Looking for information and data that will help make your organization more successful? Curious about what has changed in the HR world in the past year? Look no further than the Annual HR Systems Survey Findings! Join Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer and Teri Zipper, Chief Operating Officer at Sapient Insights Group to learn about changes in HR affecting the workplace due to COVID-19, with insights into emerging technologies, trends, and voice of the customer with an eye on the future. In this session, presenters will explore data gathered from over 20,000 organizations worldwide and give practical advice on how to achieve the best outcomes for your organization.


Wednesday, Nov. 4: 11 am - 12 pm ET

8 Great Ways to Navigate PeopleSoft in 2020

Bill Gibbard & Dan Kanner, Newbury Consulting Group

PeopleSoft - HCM Foundation

Learn how to quickly leverage delivered functionality to make PeopleSoft more efficient, modern, and engaging for users. In this session, we will explain the following PeopleSoft navigation tools and the benefit you can expect across the organization:

  • Fluid User Interface
  • Home Pages, Dashboards, Tiles
  • Activity Guides
  • WorkCenters
  • Fluid Approvals
  • Related Actions
  • Elastic Search

Customer Case Study: Defining a Global Job & Salary Architecture in Oracle Cloud HCM

Lisa Evou, Natus Medical & Chris Maurio, NorthPoint Group

HCM Cloud - HCM Foundation

In today's business environment, it is more important than ever to effectively manage labor costs while also driving internal equity across the workforce. This is no easy task, and to do so, over the last few months, Natus has developed a global job and salary framework in conjunction with newly released Oracle Cloud HCM functionality. This allows us to approach pay decisions more strategically and provides the capability to develop multi-year budget strategies based on carefully evaluated market data. Learn how we approached undertaking this from all sides, including design, configuration and what it took from a change management perspective.

When the Clock Starts at 10 AM Fridays - A Case Study in OTL & Payroll

Sharon Fischer, Cobham & Mohan Voora, AST Corporation

EBS - Payroll, Time & Labor

Most companies have weekly work schedules that begin Sunday or Monday at 12:00 AM. This is straightforward to implement in Oracle E-Business Suite Time and Labor/Payroll with standard configuration. But what happens when your work schedule starts Fridays at 10:00 AM? We have implemented a solution at two of our locations without customizing the OTL web pages, and would like to share our design and experience in a public forum so others don’t have to re-invent the wheel!

Utilize Taleo Connect Client to Support Year-End Requisition Management Processes

Luc Gagnon, Acuity Cloud Solutions & Colleen Irwin, KinderCare Education

Taleo (TEE) - Talent Acquisition & Onboarding/Offboarding

Companies leverage OTAC in different ways to support different types of recruitment processes and hires. A common practice is leveraging pipeline/evergreen requisitions to support continuous recruitment from one requisition for high volume positions. While this process is very successful, the requisitions need to be closed and reopened on a yearly basis, as the requisitions get too large to manage over an extended period. But how can you do this efficiently and address all the requirements when transitioning to new pipeline requisitions? This session will introduce a successful year-end process developed by Acuity Cloud Solutions and KinderCare Education leveraging TCC to manage everything from creating new requisitions, rejecting old applications, moving active candidates to new requisitions into the proper Steps and Statuses, closing old requisitions, and more. The great thing is this same TCC strategy can be leveraged for many more process needs within OTAC.

Wednesday, Nov. 4: 1 pm - 2 pm ET

PeopleSoft Health & Safety as a Solution for COVID-19

Alan Hayes, Newbury Consulting Group


As this pandemic continues, organizations are leveraging their HR systems in new ways. It is essential that customers have systems in place to track and report COVID-19 within their company, and PeopleSoft has tools included with core HR to help with the following:

  • Track heath and safety incidents
  • Immunization tracking
  • OSHA Reporting; internal policy reporting
  • Return to work precautions

Put Your Brand at the Forefront of the Candidate Experience

Alex Small, CastleBridge Consulting

HCM Cloud - Talent Acquisition & Onboarding/Offboarding

Learn how the new branding tools in Oracle Recruit Cloud can help put your company's brand front and center during the application flow, and in communications with candidates. This session covers how to take advantage of the new onboarding feature and notifications to better engage candidates. We share outcomes of recent usability studies for an improved candidate experience.

Be a Pro at Supporting Your System. Learn Best Practices on Implementing and Support

Tamara Mills, NorthPoint Consulting

EBS - Compensation & Benefits

In this session, we will give you tips and tricks on how to maintain and implement a new setup. We will also review the most common errors with solutions and show you how to troubleshoot more complex error messages.

Interview Questionnaires Using TEE Evaluation Management -- The Key to Interviewing Consistency!

Tami Baak, The Marcus Corporation

Taleo (TEE) - Talent Acquisition & Onboarding/Offboarding

Setting up standard interview guides can ensure that your recruiters and hiring managers are providing a consistent candidate interview experience. In this session we will review the components of an interview questionnaire in TEE, set up a sample questionnaire and review the recruiter / hiring manager experience.

Wednesday, Nov. 4: 3 pm - 4 pm ET

Implementing PeopleSoft ePerformance and eComp Case Study

Brian McIntyre, WorkStrategy

PeopleSoft - Compensation & Benefits

WorkStrategy will provide attendees with ePerformance and eComp implementation tips and best practices, including related Fluid dashboards, analytics, and self-service pages. Learn how to leverage 9.2 ePerformance WorkCenter functionality, template configuration, and integrated compensation cycle administration. Presenters will demonstrate how PeopleSoft customers can support annual merit, bonus, and stock plan administration with intuitive manager worksheets, flexible calculation rules, employee statements, and modeling capabilities.


  1. Review Fluid Employee Snapshot and ePerformance pages and Learn how to configure ePerformance and eComp.
  2. Review delivered analytics, reporting, and statements.
  3. View performance and compensation integration options.

Leverage Analytics to Enhance Delivered Cloud UI

Gaurav Sehgal, The Hackett Group

HCM Cloud - HCM Analytics

Presenters will cover how you can leverage Analytics to make delivered Cloud UI more informative and interactive for employees, managers, and administrators. Attendees will learn how they can embed OTBI and BI Publisher Reports in Cloud Pages for Employee, Manager, and Administrator. The session will provide 3 different ways to accomplish this. A case study will be presented to demonstrate how Customized UI with embedded analytics made a huge difference at Myriad Genetics, a 2500+ employee company, and brought down call volumes for the HR Team by giving employees access to reports with useful and sought-after information.

Flexible Payroll Parallel Validations

Karen Williams & Neil Colstad, Hitachi Vantara

HCM Cloud, EBS, PeopleSoft - Payroll, Time & Labor

Presenter will discuss the use of a custom payroll parallel validation solution resulting in simplified and flexible payroll parallel comparisons. This solution can support large payroll implementations regardless of the legacy or source payroll systems, and can be used to support ongoing quarterly upgrade validations. Attendees will learn how Hitachi Vantara utilized a customized solution to process daily payroll parallel validations, including flexible variance thresholds, skipping acceptable discrepancies, and quickly validating payroll results with each quarterly upgrade.

How to Incorporate HR Service Delivery into Your HR Technology Strategy

Jacqueline Kuhn, HRchitect

Taleo (TEE) - Talent Acquisition & Onboarding/Offboarding

HR Service Delivery has come a long way in the relatively short period of time since self-service has become an expectation of the modern employee. More than ever before, it is vitally important that your organization take a thoughtful approach to HR Service delivery. In this session, you’ll learn how to incorporate HR service delivery into your organization’s HR technology strategy. You’ll learn what questions to ask HR service delivery vendors when you’re in the process of evaluating and selecting new systems. You’ll gain a solid understanding of change management framework to help you make this major organizational switch successful and the new model widely-adopted, as well as tips for creative change communications. Lastly, you’ll get tips and tricks you can use to build a business case for HR service delivery at your organization.

Thursday, Nov. 5: 11 am - 12 pm ET

Position Control Enhancements and Recruiting Integration at a Large Healthcare Org

Dan Kanner, Newbury Consulting

PeopleSoft - Talent Acquisition & Onboarding/Offboarding

This will be a case study in enhanced position control with activity guides, recruiting system integration and budget system integration. 

Payroll Year End, A Guide to the Finish Line

Ravi Patil, National Oilwell Varco

HCM Cloud - Payroll, Time, & Labor

Completing Payroll Year End activities and Balancing W-2 Register against what was Employee truly paid/deducted can be a daunting task. Join us for a practical tour of Year End checklist and Key Oracle Cloud Payroll delivered Reports that can make the job easy and learn some of the key tips & tricks to tweaking seeded reports to make W-2 Register Balancing easy. Presentation will also cover Year Begin activities to get you ready for the first 2021 Payroll!

Access W2 & Payslip for Terminated Employees

Ajith Vijayan, Loudon County

EBS - Payroll, Time & Labor

US Payroll administrators can choose to provide access to online payslips and W-2 forms through self-service to employees after termination or retirement.

LinkedIn RSC Integration for Taleo Enterprise Overview

Reinier Groen in 't Woud, Oracle & Fabrice de Carne Carnavalet, Oracle

Taleo (TEE) - Talent Acquisition & Onboarding/Offboarding

Join LinkedIn & Oracle HCM Cloud product teams to learn about LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) - an integration between LinkedIn Recruiter and Oracle Taleo Enterprise Edition, built to save recruiters time and increase remote collaboration at no cost. Now that all Taleo customers are eligible for this integration, we'll walk you through the seamless activation process and share a demo of how RSC can increase your team's efficiency leading to enhanced candidate experiences and competitive results.

Thursday, Nov. 5: 1 pm - 2 pm ET

8 Great Ways to Report out of Peoplesoft in 2020

BJ Freeze, Newbury Consulting Group

PeopleSoft - HCM Analytic

In this webinar, we will show new and enhanced means to report out of PeopleSoft with recent releases of PeopleSoft and PeopleTools. Some capabilities have new features while other technologies are entirely new to PeopleSoft. All are worthy of exploring today!

  1. BIP
  2. OBIEE tiles
  3. Query enhancements
  4. Thresholds, Notifications
  5. Pivot Grids
  6. Simplified Analytics
  7. Kibana
  8. Chatbots

Use OTBI to Create Real-Time Benefit Reports

Tamara Mills, NorthPoint Consulting

HCM Cloud - Compensation & Benefits

Tired of asking IT to make your benefit reports? Join my session to learn how to create your own real-time benefit reports. This session will walk you through creating your own benefits report using the seeded OTBI analytic reports. We will also review how to best format and filter your reports.

Oracle EBS Benefits: What You Need to Know about the 2020 ACA Reporting Cycle

Oracle's Ian Sterling, Justine Fitzsimmons, Ajith Vijayan, Kitty Tucker, Neil Thatcher & Diana Dmitrowich

EBS - Compensation & Benefits

Are you prepared for the 2020 ACA reporting cycle for 1095Cs and 1094Cs?  Attend this session to learn what is new from the IRS for year 2020 reporting.  We will also review what is needed to report 1094C/1095C information to individual states for their Individual Mandate requirements.  See what steps you should take to prepare for the upcoming reporting cycle.

Onboarding -- After the Offer

Tami Baak, Marcus Corporation

Taleo (TEE) - Talent Acquisition & Onboarding/Offboarding

Your organization’s onboarding experience can set the stage for each new hire.  Taleo onboarding is a powerful tool that enables your new hire to step through forms and documents usually before their first day.  The tasks displayed can vary by your organization structure, requisition details, or even your offers. Whether you have a basic or complex onboarding process, the possibilities are endless!

Thursday, Nov. 5: 3 pm - 4 pm ET

PeopleSoft Payroll for North America Roadmap: Payroll is More Important than Ever

Rick Delaney, Oracle


Come to this session to learn how PeopleSoft Payroll for North America continuously delivers functionality you can use every day. In this session you will learn about expected regulatory and legislative driven changes in upcoming tax updates. You will also see product demos of new functionality that has been delivered recently or currently under development such as Direct Deposit notifications, Chatbots, and Off-Cycle processing.

ACA (Affordable Care Act) -- An Automation Success Story

Gaurav Sehgal, The Hackett Group

HCM Cloud - HCM Analytics

The ACA process includes multiple laborious steps including retrieving hours worked, evaluating eligibility, updating assignment, processing benefits and reviewing compliance reports. In this session attendees will learn how they can completely automate the tedious ACA processing and reporting in HCM Cloud using delivered configuration and technical tools. The presenter will walk through their experience of automating this process and the challenges faced and ultimately overcome at Myriad Genetics, a 2500+ employee company.

Roast My Design

Carrie Hollack, Carrie Hollack Consulting

EBS - HCM Foundation

In this presentation, audience participation is required! We'll discuss real life challenges... EBS offers countless ways to solve problems, using different tools and with different designs. I will present actual business problems and facilitate audience discussion on potential solutions, before sharing ideas that were considered and discarded, as well as the final solution that was chosen and implemented.

How Sourcing Campaigns Can Expand Your Candidate Pool and Accelerate Your Hire

Tami Baak, The Marcus Corporation

Taleo (TEE) - HCM Foundation

Sourcing campaigns are an easy and effective way to reach your employees and talent community. In this session, we will review the types of campaigns available in TEE Sourcing, when and how to use them, and walk through sample campaigns.

Thursday, Nov. 5: 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm ET - Virtual Meetup

Join event participants, speakers, and special guests for our virtual meet-up. Network and dive deeper into topics discussed this week, and bring your questions, insights, and ideas to share!

We will all gather in one Meetup Room for an event celebration. Then, meetup participants will have the opportunity to move into a breakout room, focused on the following topics: PeopleSoft, EBS, HCM Cloud, and Taleo.

Friday, Nov. 6: 11 am - 12 pm ET

PeopleSoft HCM Update and Roadmap

Robbin Velayedam, Oracle


This session will cover the latest product initiatives for the PeopleSoft HCM, ELM, and HR HelpDesk applications. You will see product demos of recently delivered enhancements and updates on key roadmap features under development such as Job Data Modernization. We will also cover updates on new investment areas such as Kibana Analytics and Chatbots, In this session, you will also learn about what is top of mind for our customers and how they are using PeopleSoft to meet important business challenges within HR.

Oracle EBS Payroll Year End 2020 Updates for US & Canada

Oracle's Ian Sterling, Justine Fitzsimmons, Ajith Vijayan, Kitty Tucker, Jatin Goswami, Subbu Kuttetira, Marlon Phillip, Jan Pierce, & Laura Loveless

EBSPayroll, Time, & Labor

2020 has been a very busy year from a legislative standpoint! Please join Oracle E-Business Suite HCM Product Management and Development to learn about the latest Oracle E-Business Suite Payroll product and legislative / year end updates for 2020. The presentation will include updates for both the US and Canada Payroll localizations.

Taleo Enterprise Investment Strategy & Product Roadmap

Samir Khosla, Oracle

Taleo (TEE) - Talent Acquisition & Onboarding/Offboarding

Please join the Oracle Taleo Enterprise product management team as they share information about their investment plans for Taleo Enterprise Edition. In this session, the team will provide an overview on the latest product update, share recent investment areas, and future investment roadmap.

Friday, Nov. 6: 1 pm - 2 pm ET

PeopleSoft Talent Management Overview

Brian McIntyre, WorkStrategy


Come hear about some of the latest PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 enhancements including Fluid Self Service, Employee Snapshot, Dashboards and Activity Guides, Talent Administrator functions, Simplified Analytics, Talent Profiles, and new Activity Guide Composer Tool. Objectives: 1) Review new 9.2 Talent Management suite functionality; 2) Understand Fluid user navigation productivity tools; 3) Review Fluid configuration options (e.g. Tiles, Activity Guides); 4) Learn about new OnBoarding capabilities.

Multiple Jurisdiction Taxation Handling Through Timecard

Shiv Saroj, Deloitte Consulting

HCM Cloud - Payroll, Time & Labor

Any organization with a traveling workforce or employees who work away from their home state has the challenge to capture location information for hours worked for proper tax calculations. Location information can be state value or the combination of state, county, city values. In this session, attendees will learn how to utilize the HCM Cloud Time & Labor application to capture location information on timecard for each hour entry and send that as override to Payroll for proper tax calculations.

Get Your HCM Enterprise Command Center EBS for Free Running in Days!

Gustavo Gonzalez, IT  Convergence

EBS - HCM Integration

Oracle announced at OOW19 the availability of a new V3 of Enterprise Command Centers for E-Business Suite with new rich capabilities. These ECC are “unlocking the value of enterprise data” without any licensing costs to EBS Customers. Yes, it is a product that is “free” for E-Business Suite customers running release 12.2.4 and above and is so simple to install that you can get it to work in “days”. The vision of ECC is to add visibility and optimize the work of E-Business Suite users by enhancing the way they work and accelerating their day-to-day activities. The announcement of ECC for Human Capital Management which adds to more than 20 Enterprise Command Centers for Financials, Procurement & Projects, Order Management & Logistics, Asset Lifecycle Management & Services, and Manufacturing.

Come and Join Us to Learn Top 10 Optimizations for Taleo Enterprise

Calvin Hare, Evosys Global

Taleo (TEE)

Is your Taleo Enterprise system “world-class”? Are you taking advantage of the latest functionality available in the system and is your system configured to the latest best practices? The Talent market is constantly evolving and Talent Acquisition systems must be continuously assessed and updated to keep pace with the latest Talent best practices. As the leading Talent Acquisition application, Taleo Enterprise is regularly updated with new functionality to support the changing needs of customers and of course, is extensively configurable to adapt to changing best practices. This session will present the “Top 10” current optimizations that can be done to your Taleo Enterprise system to leverage the latest functionality and configurations to create a truly “world-class” candidate and user experience.

Friday, Nov. 6: 3 pm - 4 pm ET

Oracle Cloud Time and Labor: Default Payroll Rate, Override Rate and Flat Dollar Amount Time Card Configuration

Karen Settembrino, Alithya

HCM Cloud - Payroll, Time & Labor

Review the configuration required to support showing the default rate on the Responsive UI and the Classic UI time card along with configuring the manager’s ability to override the rate when necessary. In addition, show the setup necessary to support flat dollar amount entries on the time card to pass to payroll.

Your Employees Have Skills - But How Do You Track Them?

Gabrielle Ungaro, Samantha Mroczynski & Tom Giarratano of PwC

HCM Cloud - Performance & Talent Management

Did you know that 79% of CEOs worry about the availability of key skills? With the rapidly evolving technology and business landscape, it’s not a surprise there is increasing concern about what will be expected from employees in the near future. But before any upskilling initiatives can begin, companies will need tools to assess their workforce’s current capabilities and track their skill growth over time. Presenters will speak about how they have seen Oracle HCM Cloud tools help 4 different companies track their employees’ skills and provide actionable data analytics. Having the right data at your fingertips will be key in identifying ROI, employee engagement, and progress on any upskilling initiative. Presenters will cover examples from 4 different industries: healthcare, professional services, utilities, and media/telecom.


Oracle's Ian Sterling, Justine Fitzsimmons, Ajith Vijayan, Kitty Tucker, Jatin Goswami, Subbu Kuttetira, Marlon Phillip, Jan Pierce, Laura Loveless, Neil Thatcher & Diana Dmitrowich


Join Oracle team members and bring your questions!

Talent Management in a Remote Work World

Jacqueline Kuhn, HRchitect

Taleo (TEE)Talent Acquisition & Onboarding/Offboarding

The talent management metrics that matter to your organization in a remote work world are very different than the metrics that matter in an in-office environment. Explore the new metrics and competencies that organizations should consider in the new world of work and learn how you can adjust your current Taleo system to measure these. You’ll leave with actionable insights that you can apply within your organization to bring immediate value.