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By Deborah Grant posted 08-25-2022 10:35 AM

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“Most everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.”-Jack Canfield, Author

At any stage of professional development, we sometimes need a little push to get out of a well-worn rut – especially as busy as we are in 2022. Forgetting it is up to us to make things happen, we lose sight of our goals and stop investing in ourselves. Work becomes dull or we begin to burn out.

But here is the bold-faced truth: only you can control your level of genuine interest, focus, and commitment to your work. Your own ability to influence your career in a dynamic way is your most effective magical power.

We’ve all seen it. Some workers are afraid of the limelight, lack confidence, or hesitate to try new strategies. Some are overly confident and believe there isn’t a need to learn or lean on the wisdom and experience of others. But the space beyond our comfort zone is exactly where professional development happens.

So here is a challenge to step outside your comfort zone, while investing in yourself and being of help to others at the same time. As an OATUG member, how about writing an article for Insight Magazine? Get your by-line in digital print, hosted on the OATUG website throughout the year. And it doesn’t cost a thing except for some devoted hours of your time.

Say you’re not a good enough writer? Let us be the judge of that, and we are here to offer exceptional editorial support.

Here are the general guidelines for submission, and we will be your personal mentor and writing partner along the way. We invite you to submit your work for the Fall issue of Insight Magazine. The deadline for the Fall Issue is September 20th, and the planned publication date is October 20, 2022.

You are probably already familiar with our publication, but here is a link to our recent and previous issues:

Here are more details and important publication guidelines:

We welcome any topic or case studies of interest to our larger OATUG membership. It can be educational, technical in nature, or inspirational in terms of leadership and professional development. We look forward to working with you with the goal of presenting your work to our circulation of over 50,000!

Here are our guidelines for Insight Magazine articles:

  1.  Original work previously not published in article form, to be published exclusively by OATUG. Previous presentation content may be included, but only    with additional updates, fresh context, and communicated in writing specifically for the OATUG user community audience.
  2. Content must not be a sales pitch. OATUG has many opportunities for advertising in Insight Magazine, on the OATUG website, at conferences, and much more. An article needs to be a genuine knowledge piece, showcasing your challenges and solutions that only you can communicate.
  3. Please tell a cohesive story with an introduction, exposition, and summary, including specific examples. There is some flexibility, but 1,500 - 3,000 words are ideal. Please place graphics within your Word document in the appropriate location, and also attach them separately in your email.
  4. Make the work easy to read and accessible, while remaining technically specific for users who face the same challenges you do. This is because people outside your field may learn something from you, whether they use the same Oracle products or not.
  5. Submissions will be peer reviewed, and the final determination will be up to the OATUG Editorial Advisory Board members and other OATUG member experts.
  6. Polish as much as possible before submitting but remember that OATUG is your partner in this writing project. We can provide editing and notes for you to make your article the best it can be. Please submit early so there is time to give you the best editing support.
  7. Send your article to as a Word doc, with any graphics included in your article also attached separately as good quality .jpeg or .png files.

Again, here is a link to our magazine (both current and previous issues) to give you an idea of what has been published recently:

Contact Deborah Grant, Editor-at-Large of Insight Magazine at to submit your article or discuss further. We are looking forward to your ideas and contributions!