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IT departments are under constant and competing pressures. They must contain and reduce risk on the one hand and reduce costs on the other — all while meeting steep demands of the business units they support.

In recent years, the position of the IT department has become even more challenging. As cloud-based solutions give business units more autonomy, IT is saddled with maintaining an increasingly complex patchwork of disparate technologies and solutions.

We don’t claim to solve all of IT’s challenges, but we can dramatically simplify the support and operation of your classic applications — those deployed on VAX, Alpha, PA-RISC and SPARC machines.

At Stromasys, we’ve built our business by keeping our customers’ mission critical applications running on stable, virtualized platforms. With a customer base that includes many of the largest companies in the world, Stromasys is the global leader in cross-platform virtualization. Our Charon software solutions are engineered solutions that enable businesses to face and overcome IT challenges.

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Solution Areas:

  • Cloud Management
  • Database and IT Infrastructure


  • Hardware
  • Systems Integration

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