Amair Mairaj


Title: Project Manager/Sr. Business Analyst
Company: ATI
Membership Type: User

What makes the OATUG mission meaningful to you?

ICE - Influencing, Connecting and Educating, the mission of OATUG synchronizes with my personal core values. I have always wanted to give back to the community in any way I can and what better place to do it than from the hub itself? I go by the premise of leaving things better than I find them.

Please list your previous and current OATUG volunteer roles, COLLABORATE experience, and other volunteer or leadership experience with other organizations:

I've presented at COLLABORATE for the past 3 years. The 2019 topic had a great attendance. I am also a committee member of the 'Emerging Leaders' program. Mentoring a mentee as part of that program and have also presented a webinar. Mentoring, training, sharing, learning and leading as an example has always been my motto. I've won 6 of my 8 Toastmaster speeches. And, I aim to give a Ted Talk someday and may be a Speaker keynote at OATUG (wishful thinking). At work, I lead projects from inception to Go-Live. I manage teams and work directly with the Steering Committee/Program Sponsors.

Why are you running for the board, and what skills, connections, resources, and expertise do you have to offer to the organization?

As stated above, I'm passionate about leading, learning, connecting, sharing and giving back to the community. I'm humble and connect extremely well with people. I enjoy presenting, motivating and encouraging people through my speeches. Having been a consultant for many years before settling down as an employee, I made numerous connections with folks from various industries. I have a lot that I can contribute being in this role given the opportunity.

Tell us about your current professional role and what Oracle products you are using and/or supporting.

I'm a Project Manager/Sr. Business Analyst. I manage projects at my organization from inception to Go-Live. I lead projects not just in the Oracle domain but outside of it as well. We currently use R12.1.3 and are in the process of upgrading to 12.2+ And I support the CRM, Financial and Q2C areas.